Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


1. Life changes

Jade's point of view 

*alarm * 

I roll out of bed and pick out a Coldplay shirt , ripped dark blue jeans , high tops , and a hugs bracelet brush ,curl my hair , and apply some Chapstick once I'm done I go downstairs grab a apple get my backpack, keys, and head out the door I drive to school instead of taking the bus once I go into the school I go to my locker get my books and walk into homeroom my best friend Ariel sits next to me 

Ariel-" guess who I ran into " 

Jade-" somebody I don't care about " 

Ariel-" Calum hood " 

Jade-" I was correct " 

Ariel-" c'mon you have a crush on Ashton " 

Jade-" shhhh not so loud " 

Ariel-" your crazy " 

Jade-" what else is new " 

Just 2 minutes after  that talk Calum and Ashton walk in 

Calum-" hey Ariel " 

Ariel-" hey Calum " 

I ignore the conversation and daydream about Ashton God I wish I can have a chance.


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