Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


9. Life changes part 6

jade's point of view 

I called Ashton over to talk i knew it was hopeless for me to be with him 

* the doorbell rings * 

Ashton-" what did you want to talk about " 

Jade-" I think we should break up " 

Ashton-" you know " 

Jade-" yes but it's not only for that reason " 

Ashton-" what's the other reason " 

Jade-" we weren't gonna really last long and I was already losing you to Cecilia so I give up " 

Ashton-" then why didn't you do this before " 

Jade-" at least I had hope in our relationship " 

Ashton-" yeah but I knew it wouldn't last long form the first date " 

Jade-" why didn't you break up with me then " 

Ashton-" cause I thought you would be my type" 

Jade-" that's a lie you and I both know it " 

Ashton-" was it a lie that you and Michael were dating " 

Jade-" me and him are just friends "

Ashton-" not to everyone else " 

Jade-" what did that have to do with you " 

Ashton-" to see if it was true "

Jade-" oh like you told me the truth on our dates " 

Ashton-" at least I know not to push people away " 

Jade-" go " 

Ashton-" what " 

Jade-" go " 

Ashton-" fine " 

Ashton left I just whisper to my self " turn your face walk away and stay".





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