Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


6. Life changes part 4

Jade's point of view 

Me and Ashton just walk down the halls while people are staring at us I keep my head down after that awkward moment Cecilia comes up 

Cecilia-" you bitch!" 

Jade-" what did I do " 

Cecilia-" you stole Ashton away from me and now I stole your friends away from you " 

Jade-" what " 

Cecilia-" think about why the have been ingnoring you and doesn't go near you " 

Jade-" this wasn't my choice " 

Cecilia-" we'll see about that and how long your relationship lasts with Ashton " 

I run over to Michael 

Jade-" is this true " 

Michael-" kind of but ja-" 

Jade-" stop " 

I walk out of the school and walk along the road with tears streaming down my face why would my friends go along with Cecilia especially Michael the one who has been best friends with me since forever I go into my house seeing that my parents aren't home yet I go up to my room slam the door shut and slid down the door and cry Someone knocks 

Jade-" go away" 

Michael-" Jade please open this door " 

Jade-" why did you guys do this to me " 

Michael-" is wasn't my choice Jade you still have me " 

Jade-" why would you come after me " 

Michael-" cause I can't leave the person I knew my whole life drift away " 

Jade-" it's too late for that just go before you your new friends see you here " 

Michael-" don't do this " 

Jade-" go "

Michael-" not until you come out " 

Jade-" just go please just go " 

Michael-" I'll always be there for you just so yoy


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