Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


4. Life changes part 3

Jade's point of view 

*alarm * 

Michael-" * groans * don't you ever put that on snooze " 

Jade-" sometimes " 

I go into the bathroom and put on a punk top, white shorts that are a little bit ripped , white high tops , and a red , blue , and white bandanna apply some mascara , eyeshadow , and light pink lipstick after I'm done in the bathroom Michael is already dressed and ready to go 

Michael-" ready " 

Jade-" I guess " 

We drive to school and go to homeroom with Michael and Ariel 

Ariel-" so how was the note giving " 

Jade-" I wasn't hoping that he was gonna ask me out " 

Ariel-" are u sure " 

Jade-" maybe " 

Michael-" I've seen that look before you was hoping " 

Jade-" shut up " 

Ariel-" he's right just admit it "

Jade-" fine I was hoping " 

Ariel-" I KNEW IT!!!!!!!" 

After that Ashton walked in he looked cute as ever he sits in the seat right in front of me my heart beats faster 

Ashton-" thanks for the notes " 

Jade-" um no problem " 

Ashton-" so you wanna hangout after school" 

I look at Ariel and Michael they try not to laugh 

Jade-" sure " 

With that I've been wanting the day to end already. 

* after school* 

I see Ashton waiting for me god I hope this goes well we drive to the beach and walk down the beach 

Ashton-" so tell me about yourself " 

Jade-" uh what do you want to know " 

Ashton-" anything " 

Jade-" let's see I'm an only child , love pizza , play gutair , sing , and does dance " 

Ashton-" interesting " 

Jade-" what about you " 

Ashton-" plays drums , a brother and sister , and in a band " 

Jade-" cool " 

He  takes my hand in his and pulls me to him we both lean in and he kisses me pasionately.


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