Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


5. Continuation part 3

jade's point of view 

Ariel-" I swear you two are meant to be " 

Jade-" woah I don't think me and him are gonna go that far " 

Amy-" why not " 

Jade-" I don't know I have a mixed feeling about him " 

Luke-" after all of these stupid conversations now you say that " 

Ariel-" it's probably a fling " 

Michael-" I don't know Cecilia seemed pretty interested in him still " 

Amy-" I thought they broke up " 

Calum-" they did but Cecilia still wants him " 

Ariel-" well he's jade's now " 

Is not anything bad but I still have a mixed feeling about Ashton like one of those love but not alright feeling.

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