Turn your face

Jade is the girl no one would talk to until Ashton Irwin meets her everything changes he learns almost everything about her until the one day they push each other away.
" turn your face walk away and stay "


3. Continuation of part 2

the next day me and Ariel walk to lunch when Calum , our best friend Luke , other best friend Michael , and our girl bestie Amy 

Amy-" thank god you finally showed up " 

Jade-" what happened " 

Luke-" Michael stole all the pizza " 

Michael-" five slices " 

Ariel-" dumbass why would you steal five slices" 

Michael-" if there's free pizza then why not " 

Calum-" except you had to pay for it " 

Michael-" oh well " 

Jade-" so there's no more pizza left "

Luke-" nope " 

Jade-" damit " 

Ariel-" oh Jade Ashton is walking this way " 

I turn around and see Ariel was right so I just turn into the position I was in before 

Ashton-" hi Jade " 

Jade-" hi Ashton " 

Ashton-" can I borrow the notes from history " 

Jade-" um sure I'll give the to when I get them out of my locker " 

Ashton-" great thanks " 

Luke, Amy , Calum , and Michael all laugh 

Luke-" wow " 

Jade-" shut up " 

Ariel-" does he ever pay attention in class "

Calum-" not with Cecilia around him all the time" 

Amy-" oh yeah aren't they dating "

Luke-" yep "

Michael-" * mouth full with pizza * that sucks for Jade "

Jade-" shut up and you got sauce all over face "

I wipe his face off mostly people think me and Michael should date or me and Luke but I like Ashton and Luke likes Amy but Amy likes Michael trust me it's very confusing

* after school *

Me and Michael hang out at a arcade and play video games I won every round

Michael-" I hate you "

Jade-" no ya don't you loooveeee meeeeee!"

Michael-* laughs * yeah I do ohhhhhh video games "

After we buy a couple of video games we crash at my house my parents love Michael me and him are very close.


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