A Game of Kings

The kingdoms of the Earth are welcoming a new king. Forceye, king of water. King Sampson, king of rock and King balford, king of sand have met to teach and to play a game of Thimbles with young Forceye.

(Although this book may sound stupid-especially if you've seen the video, I have altered it to be funny and action-packed


2. Welcoming The New King of Water!!

After a hearty breakfast of steak and eggs, all of the high-status people in the city gathered in the castle courtroom to discuss who to pick for a new king of water. After the commander arrived fifteen minutes late the servant served them all a large glass of cold water. A few minutes passed while people gathered their thoughts and whispered to and fro.  The steward was the first to speak...

"So. First of all, I'm going to hand out slips of paper, and you're going to write down the man you want to be king. We will negotiate from there."

The servant handed out the piece of paper to everyone. it took but a minute for them to figure out who they wanted. So things could stay even you weren't allowed to choose yourself. That's how it works usually in today's world to. The steward started asking who voted for who.

"I voted for the commander." The steward said "How about you, Baron?"

"I voted for you, steward of Archival. You're welcome."

"How about you, Court wizard of Archival?" The steward asked

"I also voted for you, Grant, steward of Archival."

"Scroll writer Mark." The steward said

"I voted for you sir. I figured that everyone else would vote for you so I just decided to go for it."

"Commander of the guard. I guess that you voted fo-"

"I voted for the king's best friend. Even though he wasn't emotional, his journal would likely say who his favorite buddy was. None of us really know. It will be an adventure figuring it out."

"An unusual answer, commander. Now, shall we negotiate?"

The steward had a slight grin on his face, knowing he had a better chance of winning over anyone else. He was a power hungry man, and those are never good for their kingdom. 

"Now, who will back up their answer first?" The commander raised his hand.  The stewards smile turned to a frown"Yes, commander."

"I think that we should stick to my answer because we should have something in memory of the king, and someone that when people think of him, they also think of the king. It would be good to have something we know the king would enjoy."

"Now that is the stupidest answer i have ever heard. Wouldn't you all agree?" The steward said, ending the sentence with a laugh.  Everyone else frowned and looked at each other with faces of disgust.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say this. We like the commanders plan and ain't nothing gonna change that!! You hear? NOTHING!!!" The wizard spoke with anger to the steward. Everyone else nodded their agreement.

"Well then. let us go look for the journal and see if we can figure out his friend." the steward said with anger

"Krex!" The wizard motioned for the guard to come over "make sure the steward doesn't step out of line or beat him. I can sense revolt within the man."

They searched through the king's journals until they found evidence about his best friend. In about three chapters they finally found what they were looking for. The book stated: My best friend Forceye and I went for a sparring match. The guard Forceye was Archival's best friend.

" Well than, steward of Archival. looks like the guard Forceye is the new king of the water kingdom! How does that sound, pretty great, don't it." The commander bragged that his plan worked.

"Forceye will be a horrible king!!" The steward spat as he talked.

"He's the king, and there's nothing you can do about it. Krex! Take him to the keep!" The commander yelled. They watched as Krex dragged the struggling steward down to the dungeons. After he was gone. The commander ordered beer for everyone and they celebrated. after they were done with there mugs they went to the barracks to find Forceye. He was sleeping in his bed.

"Forceye! Get up! Now! We have a surprise for you!" The scroll writer yelled.

"What do you got? A new sword?" He replied in a tired voice.

"No, not at all. Can you even guess. It's great!" The commander said while everyone smiled.

"Does someone want to marry me? That would be great!" He yelled happily.

"Not at all! You have been voted for the new king of water!! Everyone in the city approves! You need to get started right away! I'm sure you're old enough to make good decisions now, what are you, twenty-three?" The commander exclaimed

"Actually I'm twenty-two. Holy cow that's great news! How was I chosen instead of the steward or one of you high status people? I'm just a regular, funny guy." Forceye seemed confused but very happy about the news.

"The idea-the commander's idea-was to look through Archival's journals and figure out who his best friend was. And it clearly stated that you were his best friend. And we all approved of it because we thought we should choose someone in memory of Archival, and someone we knew Archival would like." The wizard said

"What about the steward, where is he?" Forceye asked in wonder.

"When we all agreed to my idea, the steward instantly got mad, and before we could all tell that he wanted to be king. After we went to find the king's books, our court wizard called upon a guard to take the steward to the dungeons because he could sense revolt in the man. He will be down there until you have come back from the match. after the match you will finally be declared king." the commander explained in a much orderly fashion.

"What match?" Forceye asked in the midst of all the happiness and confusion

"Your Thimbles match, Forceye, everyone knows about the game of Thimbles." One of the other guards budged in on the conversation.

"what's Thimbles?" Forceye was becoming much too confused.

"Your opponents-whoever they'll be-will tell you. don't fret it!." The scroll writer stated.

After Forceye went home and his mother and father congratulated him, he went up to his new bedroom and arranged the little belongings that he had, and storing Archival's most memorable pieces in a chest so that they could be forever remembered. He gave himself a tour of the castle, with much to his surprise was not as tidy as he would have first thought. he would have to get himself an new steward and some new servants-these servants weren't doing a very good job. After sitting down on a nearby bench and thinking for a little bit, Forceye realized that he was no ordinary king, he would claim himself to be an Oberjarl, sort of a not-so-tidy, warlike guy. He didn't need any servants, but he would like to have it fairly clean and he needed someone to bring the beer when he wanted some! After thinking a little bit more he thought up who his steward would be. He Thought of Stenvar, but he had been eaten by the murdering sea beast, his next thought was of Wolfgang, his favorite comrade and one of his best friends. He had gone down to the barracks to tell Wolfgang of his new chosen position. 





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