A Game of Kings

The kingdoms of the Earth are welcoming a new king. Forceye, king of water. King Sampson, king of rock and King balford, king of sand have met to teach and to play a game of Thimbles with young Forceye.

(Although this book may sound stupid-especially if you've seen the video, I have altered it to be funny and action-packed


3. Setting Out

Forceye woke up thinking about the previous day's events, smiling. He sat on the edge of the bed thinking of his new life. What would he wear, what would he would think-how people would think of him. He was anxious about being a king, for he held many lives in his hand and most of all, how people looked up to him.

"Forceye. Pack your bags. You have to set off today, you're going to The Whispering Glade, in the kingdom of trees." Wolfgang stated. Sadness in his voice, for Forceye would be leaving for months.

"Will you be taking my place? Why am I leaving? How come you guys know about this trip and I have know idea what you are talking about? Why aren't you guys telling me what it is?"

"You know about Thimbles, don't you?"

"What the hell i-"

"Everyone knows. Just pack your bags and go. This trip will determine your future as king"

After that last sentence he took Wolfgang seriously and grabbed his saddlebags and packed them full of clothes, his extra quiver and his possessions. To save time he donned his armor, put on his belt and attached his throwing knives, gutting knives, and his axe. He threw on his recurve bow and primary quiver, grabbed his saddlebags and took off to the stables. he found his horse and bridled and saddled her. She was a very loyal horse and never let him out of her sight. When he dismounted he never had to tie her, she was always where he left her. He mounted her and rode her out of the city, Mourning.

"Take me there Mjoll, you always have." He said with anxiety for the upcoming times. Mjoll whinnied in return. She had always liked a good conversation. 

The day wore on boringly, seeing only trees and fields filled with nothing but dry, ugly shrubs. He passed the time by imagining mythical creatures in the fields and forests, totally acting  like the child he was on the inside. He also got tired of that and realized he should stop acting like such a kid, so he started to identify the plants and animals he saw. For him this was as boring as being posted out in front of the city gates, for there was no crime in the water kingdom. A rule had been signed that all wanted people were executed as soon as they were caught, and the guard was always on the move, so no one escaped.

As the sun shone low in the sky, he made camp at the nearby river, which he guessed to be the Phoenix River, according to his map. He left Mjoll near a patch of lush grass to graze, and he never unsaddled her due to the fact of escape. But she didn't complain for the saddle was specially made to be comfortable and she wanted the best of Forceye. He constructed the tent and spread his bed roll, caring to put leaves and grass for a comfortable bed, because he wanted to be as comfortable as possible so he wouldn't be sore when riding. 

As Forceye became bored during the last hour of daylight, he decided to explore the shore of the river. He traveled north on the side of the river, watching as the sun beam its beautiful light on to the mountain. "That must be the mountain kingdom, and past that would be the kingdom of the great trees. A wonderful place." Forceye was fond of talking to himself. He continued for a few minutes when Mjoll called an alarm, and he quickly turned around and unsheathed his axe. A mountain lion was flying through the air, straight towards him, planning for him to be its next meal. Forceye dodged the pounce, and the cat turned to him, growling. As the cat started to run towards him, he brought his axe back and swung a powerful arc to the beast as it got within distance. The axe dug right into the side of the cat's neck, making the beast retreat. The mountain lion dropped to the ground and died even before it reached the forest,which was just meters away. Forceye walked proudly over to the beast, and slit the cat's throat with his gutting knife to let out the blood.

Forceye dragged the beast back to camp, whistling a common tune. His day had truly been a great one, for that was the first major battle he had aver had. Young Forceye was as proud as a puppy with a stolen shoe. 


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