A Game of Kings

The kingdoms of the Earth are welcoming a new king. Forceye, king of water. King Sampson, king of rock and King balford, king of sand have met to teach and to play a game of Thimbles with young Forceye.

(Although this book may sound stupid-especially if you've seen the video, I have altered it to be funny and action-packed


1. Prologue

king Archival had enjoyed his evening strolls on the beach, but the townsfolk thought it as foolish due to the thought of rebels assassinating him. But the king knew he could handle himself against any man, because he had many awards in melee battles, and even more in the game of Thimbles. Archival always carried his axe, his bow... and his smasher, the weapon of Thimbles. Archival pulled the smasher out of his pocket and smiled. Old Archival wished to play at least one more game of Thimbles, with his hardest matches, Sampson and Balford. He paused for a quick breather on a nearby rock, thinking exploring the tide pools before heading back to the city. 

Archival was heading into the caves, Looking at the starfish and the urchins and the Jellyfish washed up on shore.  He came across a very large tide pool that was unusually big and very deep.  He stuck his finger into the water, it was cold, very cold.  That meant that the tide pool was not any tide pool, but a pond or a lake.  He wondered were such a big lake could appear within the spans of a day.  He saw some blinking lights down deep into the water and some fish leaped out of the water and quickly swam away.  About ten feet down into the almost clear water a huge tail was flailing around, Disappearing as soon as it had appeared.  He turned around, ready to go back to the warmth of the castle.  A splash sounded, Archival turned around to the sight of an orca whale launching itself toward him.  The whale opened its jaws and bit Archival's legs, ripping them off and dragging them back into the lake.  Archival lied there writhing and convulsing in pain, for he had obviously not felt pain as much as this.  He wish the pain would all end and the whale had granted it. It had come out again to take the rest of him under, Archival never thinking his death would be from an animal, let alone a whale.  That was his last thought before his wish had been granted.  At least he was killed by something from the water.

"Where is Archival!" The steward asked "He always says to send a search party out if he isn't back by ten of the clock!" He was very worried "Send a search party at once!" He commanded.

"We shall go before the sand dries so we can see his footsteps!" The commander of the guard said

"Well stop standing around get a move on!" The steward was furious.

The commander gathered five other men and set off at full speed  through the grove of thick Douglas Fir, not caring about bloody faces from being whipped by stick in the face.  As soon as they made there way onto the beach they lit torches and posted two men at the entrance to the forest.  They found Archival's footsteps fast enough in the cold, wet sand.  They had followed the prints for about fifteen minutes when off in the distance a few acorns were found.  

"Archival was here all right!" The commander sounded "See the acorns there!" He pointed off in the distance "He has been practicing Thimbles, the game of kings.  He probably does this every night in order to be as good at the game as he was.  I sure hope he is all right."

They walked another half hour until they found the rock were he rested. 

"Sir!  Smasher and arrows spotted by the tide pool.  I see lots of blood captain!" One of the men stated

"Good job . Let's go see if he's Okay."

As soon as they got over to the large tide pool the whale jumped up and took the man that had spotted the wreckage, but this time all in one piece.  The men ran a couple feet away from the waters edge, but the commander slowly bent down, picked up the smasher and the arrows, and walked past the men and started home.  In there slow pace, they made it back to the post at the forest's edge in just over an hour.

"Come on guys.  Our day has ended most unfortunately." The commander mourned

"what happened?  Stenvar's missing.  What happened to him?" Forceye asked in a worried tone

"Later.  You can probably guess what happened, Forceye." Jason said in part of the commander.

They all walked home, silent, save from the occasional "Ouch!" from the men when they were hit in the face of a branch.  When they exited the forest and saw the city lights, all the men started crying at the same time.  They walked, heads down, into the city and into the castle.  People knew the news as soon as the men walked into the building, crying.  they avoided everyone that came by for answers, especially those who continued to prod them for answers.  When they finally made it to the stewards quarters they had gathered the courage to tell at least one person.   

"Wolfgang spotted these items along with a lot of blood near a small lake on the Oceanside. We walked down to the lake and then an Orca  whale shot out of the lake, grabbed Stenvar, and dragged him under. We have figured that is how Archival died." The commander explained.

"Go get a good nights rest and we can discuss this in the morning. You've done well." The steward pronounced.



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