A Game of Kings

The kingdoms of the Earth are welcoming a new king. Forceye, king of water. King Sampson, king of rock and King balford, king of sand have met to teach and to play a game of Thimbles with young Forceye.

(Although this book may sound stupid-especially if you've seen the video, I have altered it to be funny and action-packed


4. A Need for a Creative Mind

Mjoll neighed in distress as Forceye dragged the creature into camp. After telling her that it was dead, and Mjoll seemed to understand him, she finally calmed down. Forceye turned the fire into a raging inferno to scare off any creatures who might want to scavenge from the corpse. The first thing he did when he was settled in was sharpen his gutting knife an slice the cat down the middle. He knew he could properly gut it but was overall inexperienced in this field. As the process of 'gutting' is called he sliced out all of the organs and set them in a pile about a meter away from the kill. He carefully sliced all the meat from the hide, which he would cure for some leather or a blanket. He still had to think of what he would do with it. On a bed of rocks, he set the meat down while he scraped the hide and stretched it on a tanning board.

After constructing a drying rack, He lied the meat down and set it to smoke and dry. He fried a piece on a stick, and gnarled on it-it was really tough. Although it was relatively tasty, he cringed at the chewiness of the meat. He walked over to Mjoll and bonded with her, for she got depressed with even short periods of loneliness. Forceye was sure that she was a werehorse, turning to human only when he wasn't around.

Forceye did absolutely nothing for a day and a half while he waited for the hide to finish curing. He mostly fished, catch and release style, only keeping the biggest ones and ones with the prettiest scales because he wanted to make a sort of a cape out them once he had enough. He could probably get enough scales with his time being there, for the river was teeming with trout, bass, and salmon. He sat on a large rock and continued. He finally determined that the hide was done, so he sat thinking of what he could do with it. Hours he sat, thinking with his dull, unimaginable mind. Suddenly a burst of flames appeared in the middle of the sky, sending Mjoll bellowing and Forceye jumping up from his seat. After a few seconds of continuous flame a huge red-orange falcon soared down from above.

"Phoenix!!" Forceye shouted.

The bird came down and landed on a low branch, making chirping noises.

"Forceye!" the bird spoke "I have heard your troubled thoughts, I am here to help."

"Um... Ah...Uh... Can you help me figure out what to do with this hide?"

"Of course, and I have an idea right now. You have the head still attached and you still have the front legs. put the front legs around your neck and hold it there for now. Remove the bottom jaw from the skull and clean it out."

Forceye ripped off the jaw and cleaned out the skull until it was pearly white. The eyes were already removed along with the brain, which was used in the tanning process. He attached a button to one front paw and a small string loop in the other. He attached the paws in front of him and used the head as a hood, the attached skull, teeth, and ears giving him a menacing look. He let the legs fall, just inches from the ground. The hide provided for a flexible cloak that could wrap around him to protect himself from the mountain snow. He felt very accomplished with his new clothing item.

"Is this what you envisioned, phoenix?" He asked happily.

"It looks great. But you're still not done. You have yet to get some more scales, but put the ones you have on the inside. First, please wash that fishy smell away." the phoenix replied with a wise tone.

It took the rest of the day for Forceye to wash and sew the scales on to the inside of the cloak, giving it a shiny and metallic look. he thought it made the cloak pretty instead of just rough. It also made Forceye look rich, instead of just a traveler with hides for clothing. He had to stay with the river to get to his destination, so he decided to fish every night to get the rest of the scales he needed. He lit a fire as the sun was going down and bid the phoenix farewell.

"Will I ever see you again?" He asked the elegant creature as it took off.

"Most definitely, as long as you stay on the river, for that is where I live, hence the name phoenix river."

Forceye ate a dinner of fresh fish and stale bread. He went to sleep with happy thoughts for the rest of the journey, the cloak seeming to give off happiness as if it had a special enchantment to give the wearer happiness. His dreams were happy along with the night.


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