Someone New

When Samantha's mom meets the new love of her life Samantha is forced to move all the way from California to Australia. Samantha does not expect to fall in love with someone new in her life.


6. Chapter 6

Samantha's POV  

His lips were soft, his eyes were so beautiful, and I felt so safe when I was with him. 

"Michael what are we doing?" I said pulling away from his soft warm lips. 

"Sam, I like you. I like you alot." Michael said. I got up from my bed and started pacing back and forth in my room. 

"I have a boyfriend Michael!" I said knowing that I just cheated on the boy that I loved. Michael got up from my bed and walked over to me. He grabbed my hands, and looked me in the eyes. 

"Look I know we have only known each other for a little while, but I really like you and I feel something when Im with you and I know you feel it too." Michael said. 

"Sam-" Luke said walking into the door. Michael and I immediately let our hands go from each others. 

"Hey Michael, whats going on in here?" Luke asked.

"Oh nothing we were just hanging out." I said. 

"Well I wanted to know, Sam if you wanted to do some brother, sister bonding time. But I guess we can do it later." Luke said. 

"No, its okay you guys hang out I was just about to leave." Michael said but before he left he whispered in my ear "Just remember I know you felt it too." 

After Michael left the room Luke said "So what do you wanna do?" 

"I don't know we can just talk and stuff." I said. 

"Okay sure." Luke said and we both sat down on my bed. 

"So do you miss California?" Luke asked me. 

"Yeah." I said. "But I love it here and have already made some great friends." I then started thinking about Michael. 

Luke and I continued our conversation and we just got to know each other a little bit better. We talked for a long time until our parents called us down for dinner. 

When we were eating dinner our parents tried to make small talk with us. 

"So Michael was here most of the day today. " Andrew said. "Luke I hope you guys were studying and not playing video games the whole time." 

"I wasn't hanging out with Michael." Luke said taking a bite of his food. Oh no I hope no one suspects that Michael and I have been sneaking around but I needed to say something without giving it away. 

"Michael and I were actually hanging out." I said. Everyone seemed so surprised. 

"And what were you two doing?" My mom asked. 

"Oh we were just watching some tv and playing some video games." I actually wasn't lying cause we did do that. 

"Okay, Im happy your making friends." My mom said. We continued eating dinner and then my phone started buzzing in my pocket and I looked down to see Jason calling. I decided to press decline, I didn't feel like talking to him right now. 

"Not answering the boyfriends phone call's." Luke just had to point out. 

"Sweetie is everything okay with you and Jason?" my mom asked. 

"Yeah everything's fine." I said. 

"Okay just know you can talk to me if there is a problem." My mom responded.

We all finished eating dinner and I went up to my room and saw I had three missed calls from Jason, one from Shane, texts from Alyssa, Blair, and Rose. I decided to make a giant group video chat them. They all answered. 

"SAM!" Blair said when I came online.  

"We haven't heard from you in so long." Rose said. 

"You haven't been answering my texts or phone calls." Jason said.

"Guys Im fine you just have to remember that the time is different here, Im discovering new things, making some new friends." I can tell that when I said new friends they all got sort of upset. 

"I love you all so much still but I can't just go to school all day without talking to someone." 
"Yeah we knew that was going to happen, we just really miss you." Alyssa said. 

"I know and I miss you guys too." I said in response. Just when I needed saving from this moment Michael and Ashton come into my room. 

"The three us need to talk about what happened the other day." Ashton said not even seeing I was on the phone.

"Ashton I told you nothing happened." Michael said. 

"I know what I saw, and I saw the two of you-" I cut him off right before he could say anything else. I did not want Jason finding out this way. 

"Guys I'm on the phone with my friends back in California." I said. 

"Sam what happened?" Jason asked sounding a bit nervous. "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah I'm fine." I said. 

"Sam, Michael, Ashton are you guys coming?" Luke screamed from downstairs. 

"We will be down soon. You and Calum can pick the movie!" Ashton screamed back to Luke. 

My friends that I was video chatting with just kept asking me a bunch of questions about why I was just hanging out with a bunch of guys. If Im sure I'm okay and what happened between Michael, Ashton and I. 

Tears started forming in my eyes and I could tell that Ashton and Michael new that I wasn't okay but didn't want my friends knowing that. Michael came and sat down next to me on my bed and said to my friends, 

"Im sorry she is gonna have to call you back. " then he ended the video call. Once the call was over he wrapped his arms around me and I cried. 

"Seriously whats going on with the two of you?" Ashton said. 

"We have been sneaking around, but its not just that, we actually really like each other." Michael said still having his arms around me. 

I looked up at Ashton and said, "Please don't tell Luke." 

"I won't" Ashton said. "but you guys need to figure this out. " Ashton walked downstairs and Michael and I were just sitting in my bed in a silence.

"We have to go downstairs everyone's waiting" I said getting up from the bed. Michael got up to and we both walked downstairs to see Luke, Ashton and Calum sitting around the TV about to start a movie. 

"We were waiting for you." Calum said. Michael and I went and sat down next to each other. I wasn't even paying attention to the movie I just kept thinking about what had happened tonight. Ashton found out about Michael and I, I guess Michael and I are a thing now, my friends in California are mad at me, and I think my boyfriend knows Im cheating on him. 


 I woke up to find myself lying down on Michaels chest. I looked around to see Luke asleep on the couch, Calum asleep on a recliner chair, and Ashton asleep on the floor right under the couch. I picked my head up from Michael's chest and I guess he knew because he woke up. 

"Are you okay?" Michael said. 

"Yeah Im fine." I said. "Im just going to go get some water." When I went into the kitchen I saw Andrew and my mom sitting around the kitchen table. 

"You and Michael looked pretty comfy all cuddled up on the floor this morning." My mom said. I just ignored that and got some water, then left the kitchen. 

Ashton was awake when I got back into the living room. I went and sat back down on the floor next to Michael. 

"So how is the new couple this morning." Ashton whispered. 

"You know he's not going to let this go." Michael said. 

"I don't care." I said and let in and pecked Michael on the lips. 

"What time is it?" I asked Michael. He checked his phone. 

"7:30." Michael said. 

"Okay I'm going to go get ready for school." I said and got up and went to my room. I was really tired this morning so I decided just to wear leggings and a oversized flannel and combat boots. I put on a little bit of foundation on with some light mascara and did an eyeliner wing. When I walked downstairs all the boys were dressed and ready to go. 

"I don't want to go to school!" I complained to the boys as we got into the car on the way to school. We got to school and I went to my locker and the boys went to theres. 

"So how was your weekend?" Rachel said to me all cheery. 

"Okay I guess." I said closing my locker and then hearing the bell ring.

"Well I better go to class." I said then walked away from Rachel. I honestly did not feel like talking to anyone right now unless it was Michael. Thankfully he was in my first class of the day. When I got there I saw him sitting in the classroom. His eyes were sparkling, his smile lit up the room, his hair, well his colorful hair was just amazing, his arms well no words could describe them, they were so perfect and he had the best personality ever. 

I went and sat down at the desk next to him.   

"Hey." He said. 

"Good Morning everyone." The teacher said walking in. I really didn't pay attention to what he was saying. I was just thinking of Michael and how perfect he was. My thoughts were interrupted by his foot touching mine. We then began playfully kicking each others feet back and forth. He then placed his hand and on my thigh and I placed my hand on his hand and we just sat like that for the rest of class. 

The bell rang for class to end and we got up and he walked to my next class and then he went to his. Class moved by slowly and finally lunch came and I went to the cafeteria, got my lunch, and sat down with Luke, Calum, and Ashton at the table. 

"Wheres Mikey?" I asked when I sat down.

"last time I saw him was in the lunch line." Calum said. I turned my head toward the lunch line to see Rachel with him. They were talking and I couldn't help but notice Rachel kept laughing, twirling her hair, and she kept touching his arms. I got really mad at Rachel for flirting with Michael, she was my friend, how could she do this for me? I then remembered that Rachel didnt know that Mikey and I had a thing. Ashton saw the look in my eyes and he got up and walked over to Mikey, whispered something in his ear and then the two of them both walked back to the lunch table. I mouthed at Ashton the words 'thank you' and he just smiled. 

After lunch the day went by slowly but finally the day ended. I went to my locker to see Michael standing there. 

"Hi." I said a little confused as to why he was at my locker. 

"So, I know what your going to say but just remember Jason is all the way in California and your in Australia and since we have a thing going I think its about time I take you out on a proper date. So what do you say, Samantha will you go on a date with me?" Michael said. 

"Michael?" I said "Of course I will go on a date with you." 


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