Someone New

When Samantha's mom meets the new love of her life Samantha is forced to move all the way from California to Australia. Samantha does not expect to fall in love with someone new in her life.


5. Chapter 5


Samantha's POV 

The next morning I woke with a massive headache. I checked my phone and went onto snapchat. I looked at my story and saw I had posted a lot. There were pictures of Rachel and I, the boys and I, some random people I don't even know, and then a picture of us going swimming. I then saw some texts from my friends back in Cali saying things like, "Looks like someone is having fun" "Don't get too drunk" "Find a cute Australian for me" 

I eventually walked downstairs to see Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton sitting at the table eating breakfast. They were sitting there shirtless and I couldn't help but notice Michael. He was so cute. Then that moment from last night flashed in my mind when our eyes met. Wait! What was I thinking about I have a boyfriend. Then again my boyfriend is over 7,000 miles away from me. 

"Sam" Luke said interrupting my thoughts. 

"Yeah." I said 

"Here" Luke said throwing me a bottle of Tylenol. I smiled at him and walked over to the counter and got a cup of water, then took two of the pills. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and went and sat down at the table with the boys. 

"So, did you have fun last night?" Calum asked me. 

"I guess" I said. 

"Seriously? Parties in Cali are better?" Ashton said shocked. 

"Well yeah." I said. 

"Explain then." Luke said. 

"Well first of all, all my friends are there. Second of all my boyfriend and I usually spend the whole time making out. " When I said that I couldn't help but see Michael frown a little bit. Did he like him? 

"People do that here." Calum said. "You just have to find someone to do it with." 

"So what are our plans for the day today?" I asked trying to change the subject. 

"All I know is that I need to get rid of this hangover." Ashton said taking a tylenol. 

"We could go to a movie." Michael suggested. 

"Yeah theres this new movie that came out that seems pretty cool." Calum said. "It starts in about two hours so we have time to get ready."  

"Okay. Im going to go take a shower." I said and ran upstairs and showered. After my shower I was going to pick out what to wear. Usually when I went out with the boys I didn't really care how I looked but today I did. For some reason I really wanted to impress Michael. When I got out of the shower I dried my hair and then lightly curled the tips of my hair. I knew we were only going to a movie and it would be dark but I still wanted to wear cute clothes. 

I picked out a pair of acid wash ripped jeans that made my butt look good with a tight white crop top that showed almost by whole stomach. 

Then, I did my makeup. I did some light foundation. I applied mascara and did an eyeliner wing with some light pink eyeshadow. I looked in the mirror and liked my look. 

"Sam ready to go? The movie starts in 30 minutes." Luke screamed from downstairs. I grabbed my phone and wallet and ran downstairs. I couldn't help but notice Michael starring at me. 

"Lets go." I said walking at the front door to Luke's car.

When we got to the movie theater Ashton and Calum went and got the tickets, and Luke, Michael, and I got the popcorn. We went into the theater and got seats. I sat in-between Luke and Michael. The lights in the theater dimmed and the movie began. I then realized that I had no idea what movie we are seeing until I realized that this was a horror movie. I absolutely hate horror movies. Jason and I would always go see them together and he would protect me. I started hoping that Michael would protect me, but my step-brother was sitting right next to us. What would he think about all this? Would he approve of Michael and I dating? 

The movie started and it was pretty scaring. I kept turning my head but I don't think Michael even noticed. The movie ended up getting super bloody and disgusting that I just couldn't even watch anymore. I turned my head, covered my eyes, and let out a little cry of fear. Michael noticed and put his arm around me. I scooted towards him and rested my head on his shoulder. I felt so safe with his arms around me.

The movie eventually ended and we all went back to the car and decided to go back to mine and Luke's house and go swimming.

"That movie was so good." Calum said once we were all into the car. 

"Next time we go to the movies Im picking it." I said. 

"Yeah you were pretty scared." Michael said. 

"Well duh... The movie was scary and I absolutely hate scary movies." I said.

"Okay fine you can pick the movie next time just don't pick a boring love story movie." Ashton said. 

We got back to our house and I ran upstairs to get my bathing suit on while the boys went and changed as well. I was trying on all my different bathing suits looking for one that I think would impress Michael. 

Eventually I narrowed it down to two bikinis. One with black bottoms and a black top and then my other one was blue bottoms and the top was blue, but I liked how this one made me look a little bit more cuter. I decided to go with the blue one. I left my hair down, put on flip flops, grabbed a towel, and went outside. 

When I got outside all the boys were already in the pool swimming. 

"Look who finally decided to join us." Luke said. 

I just gave him a dirty look and jumped into the pool. I was then jumped on by four teenage boys and pushed to the bottom of the pool. I was able to swim away and rise to the surface of the pool.          

"That wasn't funny!" I said pretty pissed off. 

"For you no, but for us, it was." Calum said and all the boys started laughing. I just splashed them all with water. We swam for another 10 minutes and eventually we all got a little hungry. 

"Im gonna go inside and get some chips." I got out of the pool, dried myself with my towel and went inside. 

When I went inside I grabbed a bag of chips and a big bowl and went over to the counter. I heard the door to the back open and Michael walked into the house. 

"Hey." He said 

"Hi" I said and gave him a little smile.  

I started poring the bowl of chips into the bowl. Michael came over to where I was standing and stood above and opened the cabinets above my head and grabbed five glasses. I turned away thinking he was gone but he was still standing right in front of me. 

"Sorry" I said since I bumped right into him. I was looking right up at him. OMG he was so cute. He was looking right down at me and then I couldn't help myself any longer. I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed me back. The kiss deepened and he lifted me up and sat me on the counter. He wrapped his arms around my body and I ran my hands through his hair. I felt sparks. I knew this was wrong though. I had a boyfriend, and I loved him but I have feelings for Michael now too. 

I couldn't stop kissing Michael. It just felt so right to be with him. 

"Hey guys- Woah sorry didn't mean to interrupt anything." Ashton said walking back outside. 

Michael and I immediately pulled out of the kiss. I just looked at him, jumped off the counter, grabbed the chips and walked outside. Michael followed right behind me. 

"There you guys are. What took so long?" Calum asked. 

"Umm.. Umm..." I said looking at Michael. 

"We were looking for clean glasses." Michael said. 

"Yeah." I said agreeing. I walked over to the patio table and put the chips down and sat down in one of the chairs and ate some chips. I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened. 





.................................I kissed Michael

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