Someone New

When Samantha's mom meets the new love of her life Samantha is forced to move all the way from California to Australia. Samantha does not expect to fall in love with someone new in her life.


4. Chapter 4

Samantha's POV 

I woke up on my bed with Luke and Ashton, Calum, and Michael on the floor. I looked at my phone to see that it was 11 and I was meeting the girls where picking me up at 12. I went and showered. I forgot to bring my clothes into the bathroom with me so I put my towel over me and went into my room. I quietly opened my doors to pull out my clothes and went back into the bathroom and changed. I put on these light blue jean booty shirts with a plain white t-shirt and my white converse. I then decided to have a little fun considering that the boys were still asleep. I grabbed a pen and began. On Luke I drew a mustache, Calum I drew classes, I gave Ashton a Uni-brow, and I gave Michael Freckles. Then I took a picture of them. 

I got a text from Rachel saying that they were out front so I quietly left my room. 

"Hey Girl" Rachel said as I got in the front seat of her car. Lauren, Emily, and Ivy were in the backseat.

"Hi" I said. "So what kind of party is this tonight? Like is there a theme?" 

"No theme just every having a good time. Dancing, drinking, making out, and playing games." Ivy said. 

We arrived at the mall and we went into every store. We each bought a couple things. We were all looking for stuff to wear to the party when emily came across something, 


"Really? Its not really me" I said as I look at the tight, strapless, black dress. 

"This would be perfect for tonight. Go try it on." Rachel said and pushed me towards the fitting rooms. I tried it on and it was very short. I think my booty shorts are longer then this dress. 

"Samantha we want to see how it looks." Lauren said.  I walked out and all the girls starred at me in awe.

"OMG. That looks amazing. you have to wear it tonight. " Rachel said.

"No. Its a little too short for me an-" Before I could finish my sentence Rachel cut me off.

"Samantha your new here. Its good to be a little slutty. Don't you want to get all the boys tonight?" 

"I have a boyfriend." I said 

"Yeah but isn't he all the way back in California?" Emily said. I mean I guess they did have point. It might be new to start from scratch with a new wardrobe. 

"Okay Ill get it!" I said and the girls started jumping up and down in excitement. I went back and changed and then went to pay for my dress. We then went and got lunch and all want back to Rachels house. 

Lauren curled my hair, and I curled hers. Then Rachel and Emily did my makeup, a little more heavy then I usually do. I borrowed a pair of Rachels black heels and then we left. Rachel was wearing white tight dress that was very see through, Lauren was wearing a tight skirt with a black tight crop top, and Emily was wearing tight black skinny jeans with a white crop tight. 

When we arrived at the party it was packed. The music was so loud and the front lawn had already been trashed. We walked in to the dark lighting to find exactly what Rachel described. People making out, drinking, and playing games. The four of us walked in together and walked to the kitchen and we got beers. 

"Samantha?" I turned around to see Michael. "Wow! You look great" 

I just blushed.." Come with me" He grabbed my hand and took me the where the rest of the boys are. 

"Thank you for this morning." Ashton said very sarcastically. " It took us like an hour to get the pen off" 

" Your very welcome." I said 

"DUDE! Stop checking out my sister." Luke said to Calum. 

"What I can't help it." He said winking at me. 

"But seriously what are you wearing?" Luke said 

"A dress" 

"Thats not a dress." Luke said arguing with me. 

"yes it is." I said fighting back. 

"No its not! Australian boys are different. They will go for any girl and that dress thing is just going to make them want you more." Luke said. 

"But I have a boyfriend." 

"They don't care about that." Ashton said. 

"Rachel told me to get it." I said. 

"That explains it." Calum said. 

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and just drank my beer. The party went on and I danced with the girls and It was really fun. Later on after everyone has had more than enough to drink we decided to play truth or dare. 

"Luke truth or dare?" Emily asked. 


"I dare you to kiss Rachel" Luke looked pissed but Rachel looked happy. They kissed and the game went on. 

"Calum Truth or dare?" Luke said. 


"On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to make out with Emily right now?" 

"10!" Everyone just started laughing considering that Calum didn't even have to think about that question. The game went on and ended up getting a little boring after. 

"This game is getting boring." Ivy complained. 

"How about we play 7 minutes in heaven." Rachel slurred considering she was so drunk. Everyone agreed. 

"Okay so the first two names are" Jake paused while pulling the names, one from the girls and one from the boys, Emily and Calum. 

"ooooo....." Everyone screamed. Calum and Emily walked into the closet and Jake started the timer for 7 minutes. Everyone was pressing there ear up against the door wandering where they were doing. 

"Time" Jake screamed and Calum and Emily both walked out of the closet with smirks on the face. The game went on and I walked out of the room into the kitchen to get another drink.  

"hey" Michael said. 

"Hi" I said taking a sip of my drink. 

"So you enjoying your first party here?" 

"yeah I guess." I tried walking but tripped over my own feet. 

"Woah." Michael said and caught me before I fell. My eyes locked with his and I could help realize how beautiful his eyes were.

"Thanks." I said still looking into his eye. 

"Looks like someone has had a little too much good drink. " He said. We were then interrupted by everyone screaming and running outside. 

"Guys are you coming were turning this into a pool party." Ashton yelled while running outside. 

Michael and I walked outside to see everyone taking off there clothes and jumping into the pool. I mean they weren't getting completely naked, the girls left there bras and underwear on and the guys left there boxers on. 

"So wanna go swimming?" Michael asked me. 

"Yeah lets go." I said feeling a little awkward about this but before we walked outside I took another sip of my drink. 


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