Someone New

When Samantha's mom meets the new love of her life Samantha is forced to move all the way from California to Australia. Samantha does not expect to fall in love with someone new in her life.


3. Chapter 3

 Samantha's POV

"So Samantha tell us about this great boyfriend of yours?" Andrew said just as we had finished dinner. 

"What do you want to know?" I asked. 

"I don't think this is a good idea." My mom said. "When she gets talking about Jason she can go on and on for hours." 

Everyone started laughing... well except for me. 

"Fine then tell us about some of things you like to do." Andrew said. 

"I love to hang out at the beach, penny board, shop, and hang out with my friends." 

"The typical Cali girl" Luke said. I just threw a pillow at him. 

"Well, what do you like to do then?" I asked Luke.

"Video games." Is all he said. 

"Luke can sing." Andrew added. 

"Oo.. You're going to have to sing for us sometime." My mom said. Then my phone starting buzzing.

"I guess my friends in Cali just got up" I said looking at my phone. 

"Its fine go talk to them your mom and I will clean up." Andrew said. 

"Thank you." I ran upstairs and told all my friends about my new school and how I miss them so much and its not the same without them. They all eventually had to go to school so we hung up and I told them I would talk to them tomorrow. I didn't have any homework and it was about 9:00 so I decided to go see what Luke does around here for fun. I walked into his room to see Calum, Ashton, and Michael sitting with Luke in his room. 

"Do you guys like come over every night or something?" I said standing in the doorway. 

"Good to see you to Samantha." Ashton said. 

"I was just coming to ask Luke what girls my age do for fun around here." I said talking back to Ashton. 

"I could show you a good time..." Calum said smirking. 

"NOT LIKE THAT!" I said and walked over and sat on Luke's bed next to him. All the other guys were on the floor. 

"you're disgusting." Luke said looking down at Calum. 

"No but seriously Im freaking bored." I said taking a handful of popcorn from a bowl on Luke's bed.

"Um.. thats my popcorn" Luke said offend. 

"Well you have a sister now learn to share!" I said and threw a piece of popcorn at his face. We all just started talking about things that they do on the weekends and different people at my new school when it started getting really late.

"Im gonna go to bed." I said and said goodnight to the boys and then went and said goodnight to my mom and Andrew before I dozed off into a peaceful sleep. 

I woke up the next morning by my alarm clock going off. I got ready for school. Did my usual routine, shower, blow dry  my hair, did my makeup and then picked out an outfit. Todays outfit consisted of leggings, a pink sweater and uggs. I went downstairs to see Luke waiting for me with an apple in his hands. 

"Your mom already left for a job interview but she told me to give this too." He said handing me an apple and a note that said 'have a good day today, love you' Luke and I walked to his car and headed to school. The day went on by, me trying still to fit in as the new kid. During lunch I was walking over to Luke and the guys when Rachel found me and told me to come sit with her. I went and sat with her, Lauren, Emily, and Ivy. 

"So tell me about yourself" Rachel said. I told her what she needed to know..the basics. The things I like to do, about where Im from, why I moved here, and about my old life, my friends, and boyfriend. 

"So are you going to the party at Jake's this weekend?" Ivy asked me. 

"Who's Jake?" I asked. 

"Oh it dosent matter who Jake is all it matters is that were gonna go and that this is going to be great." Rachel said. Before I knew it Lunch was over and went by the rest of the day. 

The week went by fast. The guys came over every night and hung out with me and Luke, I talked to my friends back home every night. On friday after school as I was walking to my locker Rachel came up to me and said "So after shopping on Saturday I was thinking that you could just come back to my place and we could go to the party from there. Sound good?" 

"Great" I said. 

Michael, Ashton, and Calum just came home with me and Luke and when we were in the car Luke said, "So were going to this party this weekend at Jakes house if you want to come with. Everyone from school will be there." 

"Oh I'm already going. Yeah, I'm going shopping with Rachel on Saturday and we are just going to go to the party from her house." I said. 

"Wow look at you already getting in with the popular crowd." Ashton said from the back seat. I just responded with a smile. We then pulled into the driveway of our house and I got out and ran upstairs to my room, to see I had like 50 missed calls from my friends on my laptop. It was some holiday in the States so they had the day off. I finally logged on and we did our 8 way call, it was so great to see everyone. 

"Sam!" They all screamed when they saw my face on the screen.

"How was school?" Noah asked. 

"You know it was school." I said. 

"Wow! Its almost been a week since you moved!" Rose said. 

"I know" Alyssa agreed with her. 

"So what are your plans for this weekend?" Jason asked me. 

"Im going shopping with this girl I met and then going to my first party!" I said all happy like. 

"OMG!" Blair said. 

"Im so excited!" I said. We continued talking for a while until there was a knock on my door. Luke then entered my room. 

"Hey, what are you doing?" He asked me. 

"Talking to my friends back home" I said. Luke then walked over to where I was lying down on my bed and sat down next to me. 

"Hi!" He said to all my friends. 

"Hey." They all said back. 

"Me and the guys were wondering if you wanted us to go show you around town. Like where the movies are, the mall, and stuff like that. " Luke said. Before I could answer Michael, Calum, and Ashton come barging into my room. 

"So are we going?" Michael asks. 

"Yeah. Im just talking to my friends back home." I said to them. They all come over to where Luke and I were and sit down with us on my bed. 

"So are you like even friends with any girls? Or are they just all guys?" Jason asks. 

"Oh.. So you must be the boyfriend?" Luke says to Jason. 

"Don't worry she talks about you all the time, in fact she won't  shut up about you." Luke said. I just smacked him and  everybody started laughing.

"I told you Im going shopping with these girls I became friends with tomorrow." I said. 

"Don't worry we are taking good care of her." Ashton said and they all piled on top of me. 

"Hey so I will talk to you guys later. Bye!" I said and with that I hung up with them. 

"So are we going?" Calum asked. 

"Lets go." I said and we all walked downstairs and to Luke's car.


A couple hours later we all walked back into the house laughing our asses off. When we walked in my mom and Andrew were sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Look who's finally home." Andrew said. 

"We were showing Sam around town and everything." Luke said going into the kitchen. Me and the rest of the boys all sat down where ever we could find room. 

"I have a question." My mom said. "Do you boys like live here or something?" Everyone started laughing. 

"I asked the same question." I said. Luke then came back out with a bag of chips and five sodas. 

"It feels like it." Luke said. 

"Don't worry sweetie you will get used to them." Andrew said. 

"So we will be outside, try not to need us." Luke said and we all followed him outside to the backyard. I hadn't officially seen the backyard yet but it was huge just like I thought. A giant pool in the middle, with a large grass area off to the side. We all hung out with our feet into the pool. 

"Do you guys want to go swimming?" I asked. 

"Sure." They all said. 

"YAY! Im going to go get my bathing suit on." But before I could even stand up all four of them had pushed me into the pool. When I finally came back up they were all sitting there laughing. 

"THAT WASINT FUNNY!" I screamed. 

"For you no but for us it was hysterical." Calum said in-between laughs. I then began splashing all of them. It started actually getting really cold so I got out of the pool. 

"This wasint funny" I said shivering. Luke came up to me and tried giving me a hug but instead I ended up pushing him into the pool. 

"But this, this is funny." I said and began laughing with the rest of the guys. 

"So who's next?" I said turning to Ashton, Calum, and Michael. They all just ran into the house. Luke got out of the pool and we went inside two. Luke went to his room and I went to my room to see Ashton, Calum, and Michael sitting there. 

"Why are you guys in my room?"I asked. 

"We thought that we could hang out in here tonight." Michael said. 

"Okay." Is all I said. I began going through my dresser and pulling out some comfortable clothes. I walked into my bathroom and changed. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a sports war and put my hair up into a bun. When I waked out of the bathroom Luke had now joined the group of guys. 

"So I was thinking we could marathon a netflix show?" Luke said. 

"Okay." I said sitting in-between Luke and Calum on my bed. 

"We should watch friends" Ashton said. 

"We always do that show." Michael said. 

"How about How I met your mother." I suggested. 

"I love that show!" Luke said and with that we started watching. Before I knew it we had all fallen asleep. 



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