Someone New

When Samantha's mom meets the new love of her life Samantha is forced to move all the way from California to Australia. Samantha does not expect to fall in love with someone new in her life.


1. Chapter 1


Samantha's POV

"I'm going to miss you so much." I cried into my boyfriend Jason's shoulder. 

"I know I am going to miss you too." He said giving me one of his warm hugs. 

"I promise you that I will come and visit you soon." He then gave me a kiss on my forehead. My phone then buzzed in my pocket. I quickly grabbed it and saw that my mom had texted me that I needed to be home because we were going to miss our flight. 

"I have to go." I said breaking out of the hug. 

"Look Samantha, I don't know any other way to say this so I am just going to come out. I love you. I have never loved another girl the way I love you. You make me feel something that I don't feel with another girl and honestly I don't know what I would do without you."  I just stood there breaking down into tears.

"I love you too Jason." He cupped my face and gave me the most passionate kiss that I have ever gotten. I am going to miss him so much. We pulled out of the kiss. 

"I will call you as soon as I land." I said making my way over to my car. 

"I love you Samantha" 

"I love you too Jason" 

With that I drove away not knowing when the next time would be when I would get to see him. When I got back to what used to be my home my mom was waiting for me outside in a cab. Our cars were going to be shipped over to our new home. When I got into the cab my mom turned to me and said, 

"Ready?" I just smiled even though I was breaking inside. 


My name is Samantha Brown. I am 17 years old and I was born and raised in California. I am short with blond hair and blue eyes. You can say that I am you average California girl. Today was the day when I am moving all the way around the world to Australia. See my mom met this guy who was on a business trip in California. They fell madly in love and now I am forced to move to Australia and live with him and his son. My dad died when I was very little and I can't remember anything about him. I am just so lucky to have the friends that I have. That is the hardest part leaving my friends and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years now and he has helped me get through so much in my life. I was snapped out of my thoughts by my mom saying that we were at the airport. We got our bags, well the ones that we were taking on the plane, the other bags are being shipped. 

We went through security and finally got on the plane. As soon as the plane took off I fell asleep. I woke up a little later and just listened to music the rest of the way there. When we landed we got our bags and went outside to where we are supposed to be meeting my mom's new finance. See there wedding is in two weeks. 

"Look sweetie." My mom said turning to me as we were waiting "I know this must be really hard on you but I just want to say thank you. Thank you for not picking any huge fights with me about moving. I love you so much." I then gave her a hug. 

"Melissa!"(Samantha's mom) We heard a man's voice say. We turn around to see my moms new finance. My mom ran up to him and gave him a giant hug and kiss. When they pulled out he gave me a giant hug. We walked to his car and we got in. The whole ride my mom and him were just talking about the wedding and was looking outside of the window at all the beautiful scenery. If only Jason was here to share this with me. 

We finally arrived at his house and he helped us with our bags. The house was huge just from looking at it from the outside. When we walked in you enter into the giant living room. A boy who looked about my age entered the living room. He was tall, had blond hair, blue eyes, and a lip piercing. 

"Hi, Im Luke." He said introducing himself. My mom gave him and big hug and said, "Im Melissa and this is Samantha." I just smiled at him and he smiled back. 

"Here, um.. let me show you to your room. " Luke said. I followed up the spiral staircase. The first door on my left was the master bedroom and the master bathroom. The second room was what I was assuming a spare room. The third room was Luke's and the last room was mine. I walked in to find it painted my favorite color, light purple. The walls were still plain and only a little furniture was in it. But compared to my old room this was huge. It had a walk in closet, its own bathroom, and a balcony. 

"Do you like it?" Luke asks. 

"Yeah I love it. " I said. 

"Luke, Samantha can you please come down?" I heard Andrew scream from downstairs. Luke and I hurried down in silence. My mom and my new step-dad were siting around in the living and we went and joined them. 

"So, I was thinking we could do a little bonding?" My mom said. Luke and I both just smiled. 

"My two other sons Ben and Jack are coming over a little later."Andrew said to me. 

"Great." I said smiling. 

"So -" my mom began to say but then my phone began ringing. I looked down at the caller ID to see that it was Jason calling. 

"Samantha please put your phone away." My mom said. 

"Please mom, can I take this its Jason. " I said hoping I could disappear and talk to him. 

"Okay but only two minutes."  I got up and walked into the huge kitchen and answered my phone. 

Phone call (S-Samantha: J-Jason)  

S- Hello?

J- Hey. 

S- Hi! I miss you so much. 

J- I miss you too. So how is Australia? 

S- Okay, so far. I literally got in like two minutes ago.

J- I know I just want to make sure your okay. 

S- Im fine. I have to go but I will call you later.

J- Okay. I love you. 

S- I love you too. 

End of phone call. 

Saying the 'I love you's' made me realize how much I miss being in his arms. Little tears started rolling down my cheeks. I promised myself that I would stay strong. I sucked it up and walked back into the living room and saw my mom, Andrew and Luke sitting there talking. 

"Hey sweetie. You okay?" I think she could see the hurt in my eyes. 

"Yeah. Do you mind if I go lie down I am kinda jet lagged." I asked. 

"Yes. of course go sweetie." Andrew said. 

"Thank you." I then walked back up to my room and just collapsed on my bed. I thought about how school was going to go on Monday and if anyone would like me. I don't want to be known as that weird American chick. I wonder what school is going to be like without having my girls with me or Jason. I wonder if I will even get along with Luke. I just need to breath and think. I closed my eyes for a while and I didnt even realize I had fallen into a deep sleep. 

"SAMANTHA! Its dinner time." I heard someone scream from downstairs. I quickly got out of bed looked in the mirror and tried to make myself look at least a little bit presentable. I walked downstairs to see two new unfamiliar faces. 

"Samantha this is Ben and Jack your two other step-brothers." Andrew said. 

"Hi" I said taking a seat at the dinner table next to my mom. Dinner was served. Everyone was talking expect me I just sat there eating. When dinner was over I excused myself from the table and went back upstairs to my room to see that I had like 50 texts from Jason, my friend Rose, CeCe, Blair, Shane, Noah, and Alyssa. I started texting them back and we ended up all doing an 8 way chat. About 30 minutes into our chat there was knock on the door. 

"Come in" I said. Luke then came in. 

"Hey Samantha some of my friends are here and I wanted to know if you wanted to come hang out with us?" 

"OO... Who's that Australian cutie?" I head my friend Alyssa say. 

"Thats my step brother. " I could see Luke blush. "Yeah I will be down in a few minutes. " Luke left my room. 

"So, its time to meet new people." I said to my friends. 

"Come on Samantha you'll have fun" Shane said. 

"Yeah, Australian boys are so cute." Rose said. 

"Um hello?" Jason said. 

"Yeah Australian boys are cute but they are not as cute as Jason!" I said.

"Very true." Jason said and we all began to laugh. 

"We'll I got to go. Talk to you guys later. Love you!" And with that our chat was over. I changed out of my leggings into jean shorts and out of my plain pink shirt into a black crop top and I put on Jason's sweatshirt that he gave to me that says our High Schools name, Well my old high school. I walked downstairs into the living room to see three boys sitting with Luke. 

"Hi." I said as I entered the room.    

"Guys this is my step-sister Samantha. Samantha this is Calum, Ashton and Michael." Luke said pointing out each guy to me.  

I couldn't help notice that Calum and Michael were checking me out.  

"So I was thinking that maybe we could all just hang out tonight?" Luke said. 

"Okay." I said. We all started talking and they were telling me about the school that I will be attending it is where they go to. After, we decided to go up to Luke's room. 

"So lets play truth or dare." Michael said. We all agreed and started playing. 

"Samantha, Truth or Dare?" Calum asked. 

"Um... Truth." I said. 

"Are you single." He just burst out. 

"No. " I said and I could see the hurt look on his eyes. 

"You didn't have a chance with her anyway Cal." Luke said and we all started laughing well expect for Calum. 

"Wait, so tell us about this boyfriend of yours." Ashton said. 

"Well, his name is Jason he is on the Football team at school."  I began saying. 

"So you are in to footballers. I play football. " Calum said. 

"What position?" I asked. 

"Mainly Forward." He responded.

"I am not to good with sport terms but Jason is the Quarterback." 

"Um.. There are no quarterbacks in football." Calum said. 

"Yes there are." I said starting a fight with him. 

"NO!" Calum said. 


"WAIT!" Ashton said. "I think that Samantha is talking about American Football." 

"Oh okay." Calum said. I went on telling more about Jacob until I started getting tired. 

"WOW this jet lag is really something. I think I am gonna go to bed. " I got up said goodnight to the boys and went to my room. I fell into a deep sleep thinking maybe it won't be so bad here.





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