1. Friday October 7

My alarm clock woke me up pl aying The Hills. I quickly got up and took a shower and do what girls do in the morning. After I finished in the bathroom  I put on my long sleeve camo top, a black skirt, and my Jordan's. " Hurry up Sierra your gonna be late for school and I'm not gonna pay another late to class fee" my dad yells. " Beauty takes time Dad I'll be down in 5,4,3,2,1 I say as I run down the stairs. My dad just laughs and hands me my oatmeal and my water bottle. " Do you have money for your schools homecoming game"? Yeah. After 15 minutes we arrive at my school it's called CrystalMount High school our mascot is a leopard. " Bye Dad I love you I say as I hop out the car".  " Bye sweetie". I quickly walk to my locker and put my bag in it and get my books for homeroom and Science.  I then spot Javion, Lauren, Monica, Kelli, Cameron, and Elliot walking to class, I run up and say hey. " Hey S" they all say in unison. Once we get to class we find a spot in the back. We always sit in the back and still make good grades. After 45 minutes of Science the bell rings for English we all get up and grab our stuff at our locker.

> 4 Hours later<

After lunch my friends and I help get ready for the homecoming game we all signed up for it mostly just to skip those boring elective classes for 3 whole weeks. We really out did ourselves with all the decorations. I am the chair person of the committee. It's rough trying to find people to cater a homecoming game especially since they seem to have them all at the same time. Anyways once we finished we just sat down and talked until it was game time.

>1 hour later<

We lost our game but it's ok. I knew we weren't gonna win PasificVert Academy has the best high school football team in the state. I got a text from my dad saying I was going home with Lauren. When Lauren's mom picked us up we went to Chipotle and then we went to her house and went to sleep 😴😴😴

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