You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


6. 6.

Im really happy that you guys are enjoying the movella. Thank you so much for all the support. I really mean it when I say I love you💖💖💕💕😘😘


I ran to the bathroom locked the door and started cutting till I was dizzy. I was full of blood. I went to the bathroom cabinet, and ate 5 pills. 5 seconds later I collapsed on the floor. Everything went black.

(End of recap)

15 minutes later...

Luke's p.o.v

We finally arrived to Ashley's. Michael carried the food to the door, while Calum opened the door. " Umm... Luke Ashley is not in the living room." Ashton said. Calum and I looked at each other and ran upstairs. " She is probably in her room." I shouted to Ashton. "Um... Luke she is not in her room." Calum said. I looked across the hallway and saw the bathroom light on. I ran to the door Ashton and Michael ran upstairs to follow me. I tried to open the door but it was locked. "Ashley are you in here" I said. I got no response. I looked at the guys and Michael ran to the fake plant next to the door and got the key to the bathroom. Michael gave the key to me, when the doir was open all of our eyes were wide open and our jaws dropped to the floor. There she was on the floor with bloody wrists and the mirror filled with blood marks. A knife not to far away from her, and a bottle of phills dropped on the floor. She was so pale, and her lips were so chapped. " LETS GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOWWW" I yelled in tears. I carried Ashley bridal style. Calum bought some water and towels. We were all in the car, Ashton was driving, and I was carring Ashley. I filled with blood. All of the guys and I were sobbing quietly. When we arrived to the emergency room I yelled. " WE NEED NURSES LIKE RIGHT NOWWW"! Nurses started comming and took Ashley away from me. I ran after them. " Sorry sir but you have to wait." one of the nurses said. I was about to say something when Michael and Ashton pushed me back. I collapsed and started screaming and crying. Calum came to me and started hugging me and trying to calm me down. He took me to a seat. "I'll call the girls dont worry everything is going to be okay." he said, and walked away. I looked out the window and thought how about if I loose her, I cant loose her I love her.

(5 hours later)

Ashton's p.o.v (finally)

Everything was quiet, Ashley's friends were sleeping. Calum was on his phone he was tapoing his foot constantly, he always does that when he is nervousd. Michael is looking at the window. Luke... was walking back and fourth for the past hour and still is, he still has tears rolling down his checks, and his eyes weren' t as bright as always. I was currently thinking about how much I love Ashley and that she is like a sister to me. I got distracted by Luke who was tapping his foot and running his fingers through his hair. "How long is this shit gonna take?" he asks in frustration. All of a sudden a nurse comes out and says Ashley Rives. We all stood up and walked to the nurse." Ashley's okay only that she lost alot of blood, so its up to her body if it desides to wake her up" the nurse said.

(3 months later)

Luke's p.o.v

Its been three months since Ashley is in her coma. I havent brushed my teeth or showers since that night 3 months ago. Im starting to loose hope that Ashley will wake up. I have brought her flowers ever since that night and I change the flowers every week. I also prey every night that she will wake up and I would be able to hear her voice again. I will still keep doing that as long as she is asleep. In my mind I know I will never find someone that can replace Ashley. Maybe one day I will hear her voice again and maybe one day she will wake up. All of the boys have already move on, well of course they still miss her but they accepted it. I havent benn to practice or recording new music, and I dont plan to anymore. Righnt now its 12:00 in the morning. I sighed and turned if the lights. Ashley please wake up.

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