You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


5. 5.

Ashley's p.o.v

When I woke up I noticed I wasn't in my bedroom. I tried to get up but I felt two strong arms holding me. I turned to find a sleepy Luke, I was there looking at him he was so peaceful as he let out soft snores. I wanted to tell him how I loved him, and how I want him to be mine. But I know that if I say that it could ruin our friendship. I slowly got out of bed without him waking up. I ran quickly to my house to grab a couple of things. Clothes, makeup, guitar, and my song book. Yep I write songs and sing, I always wanted to be a famous singer when I grow up. I ran back to Luke's and got the key under his matt. I went imside and took a shower. I was wearing a basic white tee with a red plaid over it some shorts, and my floral vans. I also did some natural makeup, and I put some concealer on my scars. I was still a little uncofterable showing my scars to the boys. I grabbed my guitar and songbook and went quietly to Luke's backyard trying not to wake up the boys. I sat outside and finished the song that I was riding called Love Myself. When I was finished I started playing it.

Luke's p.o.v

I woke up to see Ashley not being in my bed. I got up and woke up the boys. It was currently 1:00 p.m. When I went to go use the bathroom I saw Ashley's makeup bag on the counter. I smiled. I headed down stairs and the boys and I heard a guitar in my backyard. We opened the door to find Ashley playing guitar. We all quietly sneaked outside to hear her play. Not long after she started singing.

Ashley's p.o.v

After playing the intro of my song I started singing it.

When I get chills at night. I feel it deep inside without you,yeah. Know how to satisfy. Keeping that tempo right

without you, yeah

Pictures in my mind on replay. Im gonna touch the pain away. I know how to scream my own name.

Scream my name.

I love me, gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. (hey) Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. (hey) Cant help myself no I dont need anybody else.

Anytime day or night.

I keep it nice and slow. Feeling good on my own, without you, yeah.Got me speaking in tongues. The beauty fully comes

Without you, yeah.

Im gonna put my body first, and love me so hard til it hurts. I know how to scream out the words.

Scream the words.

I love me gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. (hey) Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. (hey) Cant help myself no I dont need anybody else.

Anytime that I like.

Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. ( hey) Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. (hey) Cany help myself no I dont need anybody else.

Anytime day or night.

ah la la la la la la la laa (2x)

Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. Gonna love myself no I dont need anybody else. Cant help myself no I dont need anybody else.

Anytime I like.

Luke's p.o.v

The guys and I smile. I cant believe she never told me that she sings. We all started clapping. Ashley jumps 2 feet up in the air and looks back. " How long have you guys been standing there?" she asked. " Since you started singing your song" Michael replies. "You sing beautiful" Calum and I say at the same time. I blush and start to think about how much I love Ashley. My thought got interupted when Michael shouted " WHO WANTS PIZZA!!!" They all started laughing at me cause of the startled face I had. "Sure" Ashley responds.

Calum's p.o.v

I think I'm starting to like Ashley. I dont know why, but she is different from other girls. My last girlfriend used me for fame and money, which is typical fir every girl. Currently we were watching spiderman. All of a sudden Ashley's phone starts to ring. We all laughed at her ringtone which Gotta Get Out. She said Assholes and answered it and went to the kitchen.

Ashley's p.o.v

My phone started ringing. All the boys laughed at my ringtone. I just simply said assholes, which caused them to laugh more. I answered my phone and went to the kitchen. " Hello" I said. "Good afternoon is this Ashley Rives" a deep voice questioned. "Yes that would be me. And who are you" I questioned. " Well Ms. Ruves we are the police and we have to inform you that your father murdered your mother, and then suicided himself." They said back. My heart was completely torn in a million pieceses. "Oh, okay" I responded in tears. " Do we need to put you up for adoption or do you think you can take care of yourself?" They asked. " I can take care of m-m-myself" I said sobbing. " Okay sorry for your loss, have a goid evening" and just like that they hung up. I threw my phone across the kitchen and collapsed to the ground, and yelled " FUCK MYSELF"

Luke's p.o.v

We were about to finish the movie when we heard something in the kitchen fall. And Ashley screaming fuck myself. Me and the guys looked at eachother and ran to the kitchen. We saw Ashley on tge floor balling her eyes out. I ran to her and hugged her."Ashley what happened" I asked. " M-m-m-my dad killed my m-m-mom then suicided himslef" she responds crying more. Me and the boys hugg her super tight.

(2 hours later)

Ashley's p.o.v

The boys left to get some food, once the close the door I ran to my kitchen grabbed the sharpest knife I had and ran to the bathroom. I locked the door and started cutting till I felt dizzy. I was full of blood. I went to the bathroom cabinet, ate 5 pills. 5seconds later I collaped on the floor and everythin went black.

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