You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


4. 4.

Thank you all for all of the support. I love youuu😘😘😭

Luke's p.o.v

Its been about a week since me snd the boys meet Ashley. I could say that we are a tight group, although I like her alot. She is like the most beautiful girl Ive ever meet, besides that lately she has been telling me that she is sad, she has also called me in tears. I really dont know whats wrong she not being herself anymore. I can officially say I am really worried about her. In a couple hours Ashley is comming over to hang out with the guys and I. I really hope Ashley tells me whats wrong.

Ashley's p.o.v

School has gotten worse everyday, Mellissa beats me up everyday with her little gang, I get about 5 new bruises everyday. I cut more now I just wanna give up. For some reason my dad has turned into an abusive father he keeps on slapping me and punching me. My life is just the worst. Luke an the guys are the ones that actually cheer me up, and make me not want to give up. I try so hard to not show my emotions to them, but I just cant be myself around them. Suddenly my phone vibrates, I grabbed it. It was from imstagram " Go die, you dont deserve to live, you ugly slut." I was in tears I ran to the bathroom and started to cut. I realized that I was going to be late to Luke's house. So I packed my blade in my purse and ran to Luke's.

Calum's p.o.v

"Ding dong" " Calum can you get te door for me." Luke yelled. " Yea mate" I replied. When I opened the door it was Ashley. " You finally ca..." my attention was completly on her wrist it was dripping blood. " Is everything ok" she asked. " Yea im fine come in" I replied.

Luke's p.o.v

I went out of the kitchen to greet Ashley, all of the guys were staring at her wrist which was dripping blood. " Ashley um whats wrong with your wrist" I asked. She looked at her wrist and her eyes went wide, and she just broke doen in front of us in tears saying she wants to die. The guys and I ran over to her to confort her. "Whats wrong please tell me I hate to see you like this" I asked. She simply just raised her wrist. I unrolled the sleeve. All of our eyes webt wide open. Mine was filled with tears. Her entire wrist is filled with cuts. " Why" is all I managed to get out. " I get bullied everyday beaten up, I put on a bunch of makeup for you guys dont see it. Also I have an abusive gather that slaps me and punches me" she replied. I just there in tears. I suddenly grab her and hug her really tightly, not long after the rest of the guys joined the hug. " Can I stay here please I dont want to go home." she said " Of course whenever you want your always welcomed" I said as I kissed her forehead.

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