You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


3. 3.

hey guys thx for all your support keep on being awesome and ss comment ideas for my next chapter cause I have no ideas 😐😐 One more thing I lOVE YOU😘😘😘

Ashley's p.o.v

"Ashley wake up" my mom shouts from downstarirs. "Ugh why" I questioned. "Cause you have to help our new neighbors move in" my mom replies. "Finee!" I groaned. I did my usual morning routine. My outfit today was black skinny jeans with my converse and my 5sos muscle tee, since it was chilly outside i put on my 5sos varsity jacket. Once I head out the front door to greet them, I just frooze and gasped.

Luke,s p.o.v

Me and the guys were grabbing boxes from the moving truck and unpacking, we were also waiting for the girl next door to help us since her mother told us that her daughter was going to help. I heard a door opened a few seconds later I heard a huge gasp. The boys and I looked up and stared at a girl. This wasen't no ordinary girl, she was the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. Her black lucious hair, and her dark brown chocolate eyes, her huge lips that I want to kiss so badly, and her cute ass freckels. As I was staring at her I noticed the mucsle tee and varsity jacket she was wearing. It was from our store, so not only is our neighbor beautiful she is part of the 5sos fam.

Ashley's p.o.v

"Umm, hi I didnt mean to scare you guys. My name is Ashley." I said trying to play it cool. " Hi Ashley, what a beautiful name you have" Calum said hugging me. I blused a little while hugging him. I was also paying attention to Luke who seemed to look jelous. "So Ashley when did you join the fam?" Ashton asked. "I joined the fam when you guys started the band." I said proudly while staring at Luke who is scanning my body. "LUKE leave the poor girl alone your scaring her!!" Michael yelled as Luke tried to hide his blushing. I giggle and blushed, seconds later Calum, Ashton, and Michael joined in. "So, Ashley do you want to come in our house?" Luke asked. " Sure." I replied calmly. As I walked in Michael and Ashton both yelled " When is my turn to get a hugg!!" I laughed and hugged them. I hugged Luke last, as I was hugging him he whispered into my ear "Your beautiful"

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