You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


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Katherine's p.o.v

Ugh I dread that Melissa, she always has to make my best friend feel bad. Anyways I rapidly chase after her, but no luck she is too fast of a runner!!! I try looking every where I searched the whole school. A few seconds later the girls and Ashley's best friend since pre-k Yaelis, came running up to me. " Have you found her!!" Yaelis asked worried. " No I havent foung her yet I have searched everywhere but the bathroom." I responded " Well what are we waiting for lets go!!" Milena shouted as we all dashed across the hallway, when we finally reached the bathroom Ariagny quickly opened the door. All of our eyes widened and our jaws droped we were all terrified of the view infront of us...

Ashley's p.o.v

"I cant take this anymore!" I cried into the mirror. I started to search around the bathroom looking for supply. All i found was a rope. "Perfect" I mouthed, I put the rope on the hook made a knot. I took the bathroom stool, I got on top of it and put my neck through the hole. When I was about to put my feet off the stool, I see Ariagny and the girls with their eyes wide open and the jaws dropped. " ASHLEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!" Katherine yelled. My long life best friend Yaelis was just in tears looking at me. " What do you think im doing" I replied 1 minute later. "Why the FUCK were you trying to commit suicide Ashley WHY!" Milrna said a little bit more calmer than Katherine."No one needs me in this world, everyone hates me and wants me to die." I said in sorrow. " What do you mean no one cares for you, god knows what you're family would do if you were dead. Another reason to stay ME AND THE GIRLS!!!!! We would all go INSANE if we found you dead you know I wouldn' t leave you in the bathroom dead." Yaelis sobed. I'm older than all of them accept... " OK IM DONE WITH THIS FOOLISHNESS YOU GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY OR I WILL SLAP THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! " If you guys guessed Milena you are completly right. "Ok, ok, ok" I said to Milena as I put my hands up. I put away everything so no evidence would be seen. When I was done Milena said to me " Never do that again understand" " Yes mother, you do now your older than me by one month so why are you acting like my mother?" I questioned sarcasticly. " OH SHUT UP" Milena said laughing while punching me in the shoulder. Which causes the girls to laugh. School was finally finished all I did was run to the dollor store. I went to buy a blade.. to cut... I paid the man and went dashing home. When I got home, I ipened the door thank god my mom wasnt there. I went to the bathroom upstairs locked it and started cutting, I grabbed a paper towel and washed out the blood. The last thing I did was take a shower.

A week later

Ashley's p.o.v

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, Im currently jamming to Nirvana while im on pintrest. A few seconds later my mom comes in my room with a smirk on her face. " Um mom are you okay?" I question. "Yes I'm awesome, so I have news. We are having new neighbors tommorow!!! They are four young men around your age, maybe you can hit it iff with one of them if you know what I mean." she answered. " Ok I'll meet your friends sons later... WAIT WHAT we are having new neighbors!!!!" I said with my eyes wide open.

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