You Saved My Life

Ashley is just another normal teenage girl, the only thing is that she gets bullied. When her favorite band "5sos" become her neighbors will they put a end to this bullying? and will Luke and Ashley fall in love?


1. 1.

Authors note: Hey this is my first movella. Im so exited it probably suck but I really hope you enjoy.

Well,hi my name is Ashley im just a small 16 year old living in Florida. Pretty basic. Let me tell you more about me. I get bullied because of the way I dress, but it doesn't get to me at all. Im obsessed with 5sos ( Im a luke girl) I love singing people think I sing super well on the other hand I dont think so. Yea theres nothing intresting about me that I have discovered.

Ashley's p.o.v

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! "UGH shut up" I say as I pull my pillow over my ear. Without noticing I fell of my bed and smack my head on the wooden floors. "OWW" I screamed as you can tell im not a morning person. I stood up and and turned off my alarm clock it was currently 6:30 a.m. I sighed as I walked to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower and think about life.

When I was finished I walked to my room and got dressed. My outfit was black skinny ripped jeans, my "You Complete Mess"muscle tee, hightop black converse, my hair in a messy bun, and to top it off Im wearing my chocker. When I was finished I went down stairs to find my mom making pancakes. " Goodmorning sweetie" she says as I sit down and start eating the pancakes. "Goodbye mom love you" I said I grabbed my phone pluged my earplugs and put my playlist Only Reason was playing.

(skip walk to school)

When I got to school I saw my worst enemy/my bully Melissa. " Look who,s here the plastic goth bitch" she said joyfully. " Awww you think I care" I said while pouting and just walked away. Not that long after I ran into my best friends Milena, Katherine,and Ariagny. " Hey ash" they all say while hugging me. "Hey guys I missed you so much. How was your summer?" "Well does laying in bed doing nothing all day count?" Katherine questioned. Me and the girls just laughed."What schedule do you guys have?" I asked. Turns out Milena and I have 1 class together, it sucked not having classes with them.

(skip to lunch)

Finally it was lunch I was starving. Luckly the girls and I have the same lunch. We all grabed our lunch and sat at a table. As we were talking Melissa comes walkin towards me and spills milk all over me. "oppps" she said while laughing. " FUCK Melissa " I yell. " Just a suggestion you should go and kill yourself, the world would be so much better without a whore like you" she harshly says. I ran to the bathroom in tears mouthing " Why me, what have I ever done to her. I can' t take it anymore!!!" I cried.

Sorry this chapter is short, and sorry if it sucked. Remember this is my first movella written so im basicly new at this. By the way ny name is Ashley the difference is im not 16 im 11 but im turning 12 in mikey's birthday which is november 20. If you guys liked this movella it would be my pleasure to continue writting this.

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