Seattle is a place where daily borrowing things happen.

Fortunately for the nurse called, Sandy Lee. It seems, being working twenty-seven in the hospital as a rehabilitation instructor, take off her mind about the world. But, finally there's a bit of an adventure coming her way as she encounters a black and white cat with a bandage around it's body limping in garden where she normally take the patients to do exercises. She felt heartbroken and decides to help the poor animal. Oh, so she thought it was. When she brought it home and overnight treat it injuries, next morning she wakes up to find a young handsome man with cat tail in her bed.

How will she react, when the guy explains that he was the cat she take care of?


1. Bandage


Seattle is a place where daily borrowing things happen.

I sigh, my sight still on glued on my computer screen and extra documents.

I will, I ever get a break and have some fun or an adventure; where I don't have to work anymore. But, run at free will.

"Sandy Lee!"

I turn, behind there stood one of my patients, Carly Simpson. The sixteen year old, who's diagnosis with leukemia for three years and still in a wheelchair cause of her bone marrow has grown weaker every day. Her personality is a full burst of happiness and courage.

"Hi Carly," I beam, "What brings you here?"

Carly frowns, "You forget didn't you?" She laughs, "Our play date, with Pumpkin and Vanilla."

"Oh!" I embarrassingly chuckle, "I guess, got tie up with so many of these patient files that needs to be fill up."

Carly's cheerful expression saddens, "I see, I'm sorry that I came at the wrong time."

"No, no. You came at the right time, trust me Carly," I smile with assurance, "I'm also done here. Just wait outside in the garden for me, I'll be there soon."

Carly smiles, "Really! Are you sure?"

"Of course, I am. Cookie Carly," I teased her, playfully ruffling her hair, as she whines, "I'm not a kid, I do have a boyfriend, you know."

She has a boyfriend and I don't, life is just full of surprises.

"Yeah, yeah, just get going. I'll be there in a second." I laugh.

Carly smiles giggling at me, "Alright," once she left exiting through the back entrance to the hospital's garden, I went back to typing and storing the patients that were already check on into the medical system. After, I was completely finished. I sign out, of the computer and went to the pet locker room to get Pumpkin and Vanilla; which were mainly Carly's male puppies.

"Hi there Pumpkin and Vanilla," I wave at them, as they bark at me excitedly, "Today, you're going to spend some time with Carly and I, Aunt Sandy."

I unlocked the cage doors, letting them as they throw themselves onto me-licking my face, "Ew, drool," I laugh, "I'm glad, you guys seem pretty much happier."

They bark at me, with their cute eyes smiling which I adore very much. I got up, dusting myself off attaching their leases on and open the door and left the room locking in it from behind, I could tell just being the only two puppies here can be quite lonely for them.

Maybe I could, get Mr. Charlie to adopt some more puppies, so Pumpkin and Vanilla won't be so gloomy during the weekends.

My thoughts, were defiantly concern for the puppies. However, my time is literally being consume by patient appointments no wonder, I don't have enough with Carly and the puppies to hang out. As soon as step outside into the hall, the welcoming fresh breezes carried a cherry blossom scent which was really nice.

"I love this," I sigh, in relaxation shrugging my shoulders downwards.

I began approaching the garden, where I saw Carly talking with Max; other patient who had type two diabetes, would normally collapse anywhere if his blood sugar is to high.

"I told you already, it wasn't just a dream there was really a guy with a cat tail at my window glaring at me," Max explains.

Carly roll her eyes, "I won't believe that Max. You're always coming up with weird stuff to try and freak me out," she folds her arms, "Remember, what you need last summer with the toilet saying that there was a ghost in the east hall."

"That was gold," Max laughs in approval of his own prang that also gave the rest of the nurses and I a freaking heart attack, I lied calling in sick just because of that stupid scheme.

I'm going to get him back for this. I thought to myself and clear my throat, settling the both of them, "What the! Sandy!"

I chuckle, "Hi guys," smiling deviously at Max; who scratches the behind his neck awkwardly, "Guess who's here to see you two?"

"Pumpkin, Vanilla! You're here, finally," Carly beams, snooping to their level hugging both of them like they were her beloved new born babies, "I love you both." She says, as they drool all over her cheeks with warm kisses more like sloppy licks.

Max frowns, "Why don't they like me?"

"Because you turn them down, when they wanted played catch with you last time," Carly smirks, "But they prefer me better than you, I think."

Max complains, "You traitors just love girls more," he glares at Vanilla which smile, barking at him in agreement.

"While you two play with them, I'll head for a walk," I said.

Carly scoffs, "What about our play date, Sandy? You promise, last time they we dress them and make them wed."

Both the puppies glare at me, growling, "Okay, sorry about that guys. Maybe other time," I jokingly laugh, Carly chuckles as I left off walking head into the garden there I saw an empty bench. I sat down on it, when a sigh escapes my lips.

"I need to relax, more often," I mutter to myself.

Suddenly, I need a rustle within the brushes besides the fence, What's going on? I thought, sliding a little further away on the bench to the right end, soon a black cat with a white spot on its ear appears with a bandage around it's body, it seem pretty badly hurt and limping.

"What happen to you?" I question.

Immediately, I stood up from the bench and approach it slowly as it kept on limping backwards as resting itself tiredly onto the fence and meow with a shaky voice. When I thought, This cat has seem misery. What kind of person, dose this to such an animal? I felt my heart broken to in two, as I frown sadly at it.

"Hey, I won't hurt you," I told it, "Let me help you, Mr. White Spot." I smile at the nickname, I gave it.

The cat was hesitant at first hissing loud meows, twitching it ears, staring at me as I came closer it a clash of the claw cuts my hand's skin as blood drops, "Ouch, what's that for? I'm just trying and help, you know." I groan in pain, biting my lips trying to bare the pain.

It meows, chatting again, licking its paw. I even swear, it was mischievously smiling at me. What's up with this cat? I frown and fish out a handkerchief out my coat pocket about to wipe the bruise when I find Mr. White Spot was exactly licking it, stopping the bleeding. This caught by surprise, as I fell down on my butt, "Ouch? It just had to be the ground," I sneered, grumpily rubbing my bottom, hoping that the pain would stop. But then again, I realize that Mr. White Spot had exactly crawling and began rubbing into my chest and snuggles itself comfortably resting.

"You're tire; you must have been through a lot. Didn't you?" I gaze downwards at it, gently caressing it back as it purrs, out of blue it ears when it up like, it was being destructed or alert by something, "Hey, what's wrong with you?" It begin, clawing my coat pulling it like wanted to go somewhere else.

"Okay, okay. I'm getting up. I hope you like to drink milk. You seem like a stray cat from the woods," I uttered, it began shaking his head.

Dose this cat understands me? Maybe I'm losing my mind.

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