The Sex Project

"Do you think... You could maybe..." I struggled. I didn't want to have to do this, but this is the only way I'll lose it (my virginity) before graduation. "Spit it out, Bryn." Harry said aggressively. I pretty much think this is hopeless. He hates me, he doesn't find me attractive at all. What's the point of this? "Do you think you can do me a favor?" He rolls his eyes. As if he would ever do anything for me. He nods his head, signaling me to proceed. "Can you teach me how to have sex?" I ask.


2. 2

"In conclusion the value of x would come from?" Mr. Mariano asked. Finally the last period would was here.

"The set from y." I answer. Everyone in the class groans.

"Know it all." Harry, the schools 'punk' says. In my opinion, he's just a popular kid who thinks he better than everyone else.

"Excuse me?" I say. I mean yes, I'm smart but I do not 'know it all.' No one does.

"You heard me." He smirks. God bless his poor mother for having such a devil child.

"I'm sorry I'm not worried about having sex with the entire school." I say. His face reddens with embarrassment as the whole class shouts "oooh" like a bunch of five year olds. You'd find it hard to believe we're seniors at this point.

"That's because no one wants to have sex with you." Harry retaliated. I crossed my arms in anger, biting my lip before I said something I would regret.

"Mr. Styles, Miss. Henderson, are you finished? I'd like to teach my class." Mr. Mariano says.

I apologize quietly, shutting up for the rest of the lesson.

I'm sick of these stupid 'virgin jokes.' Why should I be held accountable for respecting myself? But, on the other hand, what senior is still a virgin. I mean yeah there's your Christians, but I'm Atheist. There's the people who's moms won't let them, but my mom expects me to. She had me at fifteen and said specifically. "I won't judge you, Brynnie, if you want to."

So what makes me different from all the others? My grades. Of course. I don't wanna ruin my squeaky clean reputation with one Saturday night party. I want to go somewhere, be somebody.... I also want to be experienced before college.


Thank you for reading. P.s. If no ones told you, you're beautiful! xx -Jayda

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