The Sex Project

"Do you think... You could maybe..." I struggled. I didn't want to have to do this, but this is the only way I'll lose it (my virginity) before graduation. "Spit it out, Bryn." Harry said aggressively. I pretty much think this is hopeless. He hates me, he doesn't find me attractive at all. What's the point of this? "Do you think you can do me a favor?" He rolls his eyes. As if he would ever do anything for me. He nods his head, signaling me to proceed. "Can you teach me how to have sex?" I ask.


1. 1

"You bore me, Bryn." Meghan says as I close my locker. Meghan is one of the only friends I have, but I wouldn't consider her my best friend. Hell, how would I even know?

"What? Just because I actually care about my future other than Friday night parties I'm suddenly boring?" I ask.

"Yes!" She says, "that's exactly what makes you boring! You're a senior for Christ's sake. And you're still a virgin." She says whispering the last part.

"What's so wrong with being a virgin?" I ask. I find absolutely nothing wrong with having self respect. Or not opening my legs to the first guy who offers... Whichever is more important.

"There's nothing wrong. It's just you're so hot! No one wants to try to get with you because they know you'll start breaking out mathematical equations." She says. I snort. Do people really think of me that way?

"All I'm saying is what girl here do you know hasn't lost her virginity and is a senior?" Meghan asks.

I look around the crowded hallways. I remember the rumors of every girl's sex story... Except mine. Because of course that's non-existent.

I sigh. Sex isn't that important. Getting into a good college and having a good job is. Not partying on weekends and getting high. Right? Then why do I find myself wanting, needing to be normal.

"I'm sure if we give you a makeover, and send you to some parties, you'll get a guy in a blink of an eye." She winks.

"I don't know about that, Meg. I'm fine with who I am now." I say.

She shrugs and we talking about the most random things as we make our way to our first class.

I can't help but wonder if she's right, and I'm just a...a prude.

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