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what is like to date a 5sos member?


4. luke


~you and Luke have been best friends since 3rd grade and today was the day he was going to express his love for you~


Luke pulls up to your house, he looks over at the passenger seat & picks up the rose the he had brought for you.

he heads towards the door and without thinking twice he knocks on your front door, he holds his breath as you open it, surprised to see him there.

"would you like to go for a walk?" he asked shyly 

"sure" you say as you grab your shoes

you both head towards the sidewalk and start towards a nearby lake. you notice Luke seems a bit tense so to lighten the mood you take his beanie and start to run off wit it,you make a straight B line to the old willow wear you and luke spend most of your time together. All the sudden you feel two strong hands around your waist and your being lifted and thrown over a shoulder.you giggle as you squeal for Luke to put you down.

After a few minutes of Luke refusing to put you down. he does & you both lye under the tree and stare up at the sky

Luke than sits up and you do the same, you look at him concerned 

"Are you o..." " can you tell me something?" he cuts you off "sure whats up?"you say "Am i good enough?" he says You stare into his ocean blue eyes they seem a little redder than usual "what do you mea..."You start to say "Y/n i love you so much, you have no idea how long I've had to keep that to myself. i..i its.....lately i haven't been able to stop thinking about you and...i just need to know if this is real...y/n i just......"

You press your lips onto his

He waste no time to kiss back, he disconnects his lips from yours and moves to your ear only to whisper 

" i guess that's a yes" you giggle and kiss his nose "yes,Luke that's a yes" he laughs and says "i love you y/n" "i love you too Luke" 

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