5sos imagines

what is like to date a 5sos member?


3. ashton



you were in the bathroom finishing up your makeup

suddenly your phone goes off as you look down you see its a text from ashton

ash: ill be there in 5 ^.^

you: ill see you when you get here


you put your phone down a you adjust our skirt

you normally would never wear a skirt but tonight was special

(considering its your 1 year with ash)

and you wanted to look decent

you go over to the full length mirror to makes sure everything looks perfect

your wearing a white cropped shirt ,and a black skater skirt, and for my socks and shoes you have on knee high cat socks with your black converse and to top everything off you have a chocker with alien charm on it

as for hair and what not you just straightened it

you sigh as you think to yourself

'this is as "fancy" as it gets'

you giggle to yourself

all of the sudden you hear a knock at the door

you grab your phone as you rush down stairs, and happily skip to the door to open it

and when you open it in the frame of the door you see ashton standing there

he's wearing a black button down (which could barely contain his muscles) your eyes roam his upper body

suddenly you here a giggle, you than quickly look up

"its only been 3 minutes and your already having thoughts...." Ashton says smirking

you just roll your eyes

"whatever lets go" you say grabbing your phone and wallet

Ashton runs ahead of you only to open the car door for you "why thank you, kind sir" you say

He closes the door than walks around to his side and gets in

He than hands you a blind fold "here put this on" he says handing you a bandana "wait..what..why" you say uncertain "jus do it please" he whines "fine"

you place the blindfold over your eyes


- after about 30 minutes-

you than here the car come to a stop "you can take off the blindfold now" you here ashton say cheerfully. you do as he says and when you do your face instantly lights up, your on a cliff over looking the city, but this wasn't just any cliff this was the cliff were ashton first asked you out, and were you had your first kiss, and your first exchange of i love yous.

as you get out of the car ashton gets on the hood, you join him. After a few minutes of silence you turn to ashton, he's already looking at you and smiling, you feel a blush rise onto your cheeks.

"i have something for you babe"

he says excitedly.

as you both sit up he pulls a little velvet box out of his pocket

you gasp as he opens it revealing a silver ring with both of your names engraved on it

you smile as he puts it on your finger and says

"this is a promise ring, it represents the two of us and our love"

he intertwines your fingers with his ad you notice he is wearing one too.

you look up at him as you peck his lips softly and say thank you

he than moves his head towards your neck *knowing that's your weak spot* and kisses it softly only to whisper "happy anniversary babe."

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