Milkshakes And Penguins

You and I go like Milkshakes and Penguins.


1. One Girl, One Milkshake {Chapter One}

Alex's P.O.V 

The first thing I always do on a Saturday afternoon is go and order a milkshake. It's something I can relate to. Yep, I relate to a milkshake, milkshakes go away really quickly just like myself, I always leave too soon. It's something that bothers a lot of people too, like if someone is talking to me and they wander off into their own story I tend to just leave right in the middle. I can't stand up for too long without feeling light headed. 

I'm Alex, I'm Seventeen. And I hate high school, I tried to kill myself last year, and turns out I realised it was really selfish. I used to self-harm too, not anymore. I regret it. My mum died when I was ten, I wasn't very close with her though. I lived with my Aunty and Uncle because my Mum wasn't able to handle the pressure of having a child. She died of lung cancer, and she didn't even smoke. Her boyfriend smoked, a lot too. I hated him, crazy psycho. He dragged my along to my first concert when I was ten. And it was awesome, and so you should know it was Fightstar. I've loved them ever since. 

I have only one friend, his name is Oli. I see him every weekend, he quit school because of this one chick. His. Biggest. Mistake. I'm not going to share one detail about her apart from the fact she cheated on him with her secret boyfriend. And turns out her secret boyfriend decided to kill himself too, and it made the whole thing even worse. The chick got into fights and even tried to set Oli on fire. And the last time I heard about her was the time when I found out she was in a mental hospital. I told Oli and he threw a rock at me, he missed though, if it was a hit crazy shit would have happened. 

My Aunty is forcing me to go to school for as long as possible. I swear she wants me to kill myself. My uncle on the other hand takes me to concerts, fairs and to the movies. And he also bought me over 20 CDs when he came back from New York. Ones I never thought I would even find. He also found this really cool collage he wants me to go to when I finish off my last year. I looked at the school's website, it has a massive field, nice teachers, really cool learning programs and has the best campus ever. I then looked at the price, I was shocked. I knew collage wasn't cheap, but this hit the next level. I can't even say the number. I think it was over $100,000 for just Autumn and Winter terms. But if it does happen, it will be all worth it, and I kiss goodbye this lame old city. And the school is all the way in Seattle, not a problem, it's only on the other side of the country. 

I was born in Canada, but I live in Grand Rapids. Yep, this is the life. Oli is from England and he still makes all the girls go crazy over his accent. Yesterday he picked me up from High school and all the girls stared at him, is it the fact that he is better looking than all the guys at my school. Maybe I'm being over the top, I mean there a lot of hot guys at my school, and most of the ones I'm referring to have tattoos. Like there is one guy who has a beautiful tattoo on his neck (Much like Oli) and everybody thinks it's insane while I'm drooling. 

Now that's all that is really in my life. I got off the chair I was sitting on and wandered off home. As I was walking home I came across a bin and it was blocking half the path, so being the "smart" person I am I walked around it not into it. As I was walking around the bin a skater was right behind me and he couldn't pass, so he ran straight into the bin and landed down at my feet. I looked down at him. He rubbed his head. 

This guy had dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and was wearing a Blessthefall shirt. They're one of my favourite bands, I thought I'd never find anyone else in the area who likes them too. I stared down at him. 

"What are you looking?" He growled and sat up. 

"Nothing you jerk." 

He didn't reply, he just frowned at me. 

"So, what's your name?" He asked. 

"Alex, yours?" 


He stood up and put out his hand for me to shake it, so I shook it. Ashton and I stood there a while asking each other about random things, like our favourite bands and songs. 

"Hey, I was heading down to the skate park, wanna come with?" Ashton smiled. 

"Sure, how far is it?" 

"Not far." 

"Thank goodness, I'm so lazy." 

I followed Ashton downtown to the skate park, which I may say so myself was a really cool place. It had a massive half pipe and so many spots to ollie off. This was like a whole new heaven. Everybody there got along and when someone failed a trick the others would act like nothing happened. Ashton led me through the big gates and onto a seat on the other side of the park. As I was walking through (And out of the way of skaters) they all stared at me. 

"Ashton, everyone is staring at me." I whispered. 

"Oh yeah, girls don't come here very often, so it's new to most of us." 

"What do you mean girls are new to here?" Ashton paused. "I'm surprised any of the guys here don't have girls swarming around them." Ashton frowned at me. 

"You think they'll all hot don't you?" Ashton laughed. 

"Well yeah, I've never seen so many guys get along." 

"Yeah, this city has a really big skating culture." I went and sat down next to Ashton, but just as I asked him another question he skated off. 

"Ashton, wait! Where are you going?" He didn't reply, rude much. As I sat there by myself one of his friends came and sat next to me. I awkwardly smiled at him. 

"Hey, how you doing?" He smirked. I frowned at him. 

"I'm fine, do I know you?" 

"I'm Ben, and you are?" 

"Alex." He shook my hand. 

"I'll tell you about the park here, everybody who enters should know something about it." Before I could comment Ben told me all this shit about the park. 

"Most of the time it's all the same people here every day, like Denis, Luke, Michael, Andy, Kevin, Oli, Ashton, Caleb and Andrew." 

"Wait, did you say Oli?" 

"Uh, yeah. He comes here a lot." I looked over to the group of guys and Oli was laughing and skating with them. He never told me he skated. 

I spent the rest of the day at the skate park with Ashton. All the guys were super funny and were amazing at skating. My personal favourite was Caleb, he always had a smart-ass comment to whatever Denis said. Denis was the most serious, Luke was just damn cute, Michael had amazing hair, Andy was really really tall, Kevin was quiet and a really good singer, Andrew had some character (And he was hot), Ashton seemed like the leader and Ben seemed like he was drunk the whole time. 

I think I'm going to get along with all these guys. 

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