Hollow Rock

In this supernatural horror story, your name is Alison Wood. Your dad found work as a Doctor in Hollow Rock, Tennessee, so your entire family just moved. But after just one day in the new house, you start to experience weird things. Strange noices in the attic, things moving by them selves. You even have a disturbing dream about your littlesister, Anna. Things get worse and worse, and the only person you confy to, is your friend Emily, who's still living in London. The only good thing about the new city, is the girl you meet in school, and her brother, who's really sweet. But how long, before things ends? When will you reach 'point of no return'?


2. Who is she?

My alarm clock starts to ring. It's 5:30 am, and way to early to be awake. First day of my new school is here, and my mom is making me go. It isn't long, 'till I hear my mom comes in to my room.
"Goodmorning!" She sings as always.
"Do I have to go?" I ask.
"Yes, honey, you do. Now go get ready, and breakfast will be ready when you get down. Chop chop!" She yells, when she walks out again. Why is she so happy?
I sit up in my bed and take a short look around. Even though it is my room, it still doesn't feel like it. It feels weird.
I get out of bed and start to search my closet through for some comfy, but nice clothes. I find my black baggy pants, a white tank top and my red converse shoes. To make my look complete, I put on my ACDC hoodie.After a quick visit to the bathroom, I run downstairs and in to the kitchen, where my mom has put pancakes, bread, jam, juice and about a thousand other things on the table. I sit down by the table and start with some cereal.
"Eat some pancakes, honey. First day of school, make sure to be full, when you leave," my mom says, with a big smile smeared across her face.
"No thanks. Save them for Anna and dad. They both have the day off, I'm sure they will want some. Can we go now?"
"You wanna go now? It's only 7 am, you don't have to be there untill 8."
"I know, but I want to have time to look at the school, so I don't get lost."
"Okay. We can leave in 10 minutes."
Ten minutes later, we both get our coats and get in to the car. I put on my headphones and listen to music for the twenty minutes it takes, to drive to the school. My mom stops the car outside the school.
"Here you go, honey. Take those things off your head and go inside and sociolize."
I pull off my headphones and look outside.
"This place looks... old," is my only comment.
"It is old, but get out and get to know the place. You never know, it could be fun."
"Yeah, right." I open the car door, get out and close it again.
"Have a nice day!" my mom yells from inside the car. I wave at her shortly, then start to walk toward the schools big front doors. When I get in, I look around, and use the next thirty minutes to walk around and look inside different classrooms. This school looks like the house. Old and rotten. Only this place doesn't just look rotten on the outside, but also on the inside. At least it doesn't look like it's falling apart. Yet. All the other kids are starting to arrive, and I'm kind of surprised. They all look normal. I was expecting hills billies, with some teeth missing, overalls and goofy looking hair. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I'm not happy about this whole moving thing.
First the entire school has to meet in the big hall, so the headmaster can tell us all the boring rules, which is taking way longer than it should, and then he just keeps rambling on about how great a school this is, and how much the new students are going to like it. It's only 8:30 am, and I already want to kill myself.
Ten minutes later, we all get up in line, to get our schedule for the year, and as soon as I get mine, I start to walk around the halls with the map we also got, to find my first class, English. The halls are filled with people, one more screaming and yelling than the other. I finally reach classroom 108, where I have to spent the next to hours. I find a seat near the window, and put my headphones away in my red backpack. The teacher comes in, and of course starts to ramble on about all the things, that the headmaster just said in the big hall.
"Goodmorning, everybody. My name is Miss Hailey, and I am going to be your English teacher for the next year. First we are all going to say our names, and where we are from, okay? Let's start with you," she says and points to a boy sitting in the front row.
"My name is Jackson, and I'm from here, Hollow Rock," he answers, and then we move on to the next person. Miss Hailey lokks like one of those women who's happy all the time. She's pretty young, about 25 I think. She's beautiful too. Miss Hailey points at me and smiles.
"Your turn. You're the last," she says.
"My name is Alison. I'm from London, England." I look around and realize, that one girl, sitting in the opposite corner of me, hasn't told her name. She has long, wavey, dark brown hair and her clothes look kind of old, compared to everyone elses. She looks at me and starts to smile and wave. I'm not waving back. Why hasn't she told her name? Why has Miss Hailey missed her?

Time has passed by and I am following all the other kids to the cafetieria. I get in line to get some food, and walk around to find a seat.
"Okay if I sit here?" I ask a girl, sitting by a round table, with two other girls. She looks at me and smiles.
"Sure. I'm Madison. This is Emma and Olivia," she says and points at the two girls. I sit down beside Madison.
"Hi, I'm Alison," I say and smile back.
"Right. Alison. You're in my English class. I saw you this morning. Welcome to Hollow Rock, London." I think the name 'London' for me, is going to stick.
"Thanks." I look around the cafeteria, and by the table in the corner, is that girl again. She's sitting next to a blond girl, but the blond seems to ignore her completely. Just like Miss Hailey did.
"Who is that girl over there?" I ask Madison. She looks at the blond.
"That's Harper. She doesn't talk much, but she's really sweet," she answers.
"Not the blond. The other one. The brunette sitting next to her." Madison looks at me.
"There's no brunette sitting next to her. Harper always sits alone."
Is she kidding? It's the second time I see her today, and no one else does.


Later that day

I open the front door, and walk in.
"How was your day?" my mom yells from the kitchen.
"It was weird!" I yell back, before I walk upstairs to my room. I throw my backpack and hoodie on the floor, find my laptop and lean back on the bed. First things first. I have to talk to Emily. I log on to Skype and click 'call'.
"So you actually have time for me, and not hanging out with your new best friend?" Emily sounds mad.
"Emily, it wasn't even like that. There was no one here, and my computer shut down."
"Yeah, right! You just didn't want to talk to me."
"I swear, that's not true. I looked around and no one was here- It freaked me out! Emily, you have to tell me what the girl looked like."
"I'm not sure I believe you, but okay. She had long dark brown hair and she kept smiling. A little creepy. It looked like she had an old school uniform on."
"I've seen her." This is starting to creep me out even more, than it did yesterday.
"Of course you've seen her, she was sitting right next to you last night!"
"No, she wasn't! Think about it. The first time I've left my house, was this morning, to go to school. I've been home since we got here, how could I have met her?"
"I guess you're right. But it sounds crazy."
"I know, but Emily, I saw that same girl at school today. She was smiling and waving at me. Remember you said, that something could have happened here? I think you were right."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes! I have to find out."
"Okay, call me back, when you do."
"Okay, bye-" I click on the red phone on the screen, to hang up and go on Google. I type in 'Pleasant Hill Rd, Hollow Rock TN' and click search. All I see is sales adds, real estate pages and so on. Wait... '8-year old girl kills 3-year old sister - Admitted to Ridgeview Psychiatric Hospital.' Did that girl use to live here? There's a picture of the girl. I can't believe she could do something so evil. She looks so sweet. I keep reading. '17-year old girl comes home after 9 years in Ridgeview.' That could be the same girl. I read a little of the article. '17-year old, Mary Blackwood, spent the last 9 years in Psychiatric Hospital, Ridgeview, for murdering her 3-year old sister, when she was 8. 6 months after she got home, Mary murdered her mother and father. Mary was found on the attic of her childhood home, Pleasant Hill Rd, TN, covered in blood, and with a knife in her hand. When the police walked in on her, she charged at one of the officers, who shot her.' That is the same girl, but there's no picture of her this time. The article explains how Mary always sung the same creepy childrens song after she got home from Ridgeview. It's called 'Hypno's Lullaby'.

'Come little children, come with me.
Safe and happy, you will be.
Away from home, now let us run.
With Hypno, you'll have so much fun.

Oh, little children, please don't cry.
Hypno wouldn't hurt a fly.
Be free to frolic, be free to play.
Come with me, to my cave to stay.

Oh, little children, please don't squirm.
These ropes, I know, will hold you firm.
Now look at me, the pendant calls.
Back and forth, your eyelids fall.

Oh, little children, you cannot leave.
For you, your families with grieve.
Minds unravelling at the seams.
Allowing me to haunt their dreams.

Do not wail, and do not weep.
It's time for you to go to sleep.
Little children, you were not clever.
Now you'll stay with me forever.'

That is seriously creepy. I really hope that isn't the girl, both me and Emily saw. It can't be. She's dead. No, it's not her. Of course it's not her!


The next day at school

"Hey. London!" Madison yells from across the school yard. I wave at her shortly and walk over to her.
"Hey, Madison."
"You know, you can just call me Maddy." She laughs a little and I smile back.
"Okay. By the way... I'm sorry about yesterday. You know, about the girl who wasn't there. I guess I was pretty tired."
"You must have been. It was so weird."
"Yeah, I'm sorry."
We start to walk through the school yard and inside the school, to get to math class. I look around on everyone on the way. A boy, standing by the lockers, catches my eye and smiles. I smile back.
"Who's he?" I ask Madison, who looks at the boy.
"Oh, that's Mason. He's my brother," she answers and gives me a little push.
"Do you like him?" She smiles at me and I look at her.
"No! No, of course not. He just smiled at me, I don't... I don't like him." I'm pretty sure that Madison can tell, that most of that sentence wasn't true.
"It's okay if you do," she says.
"Yeah, but I don't. Come on, we have to get to class."

I've spent the last two hours in math class, with Mr. Holt, who spits when he talks. Fortunately Madison and I found a seat in the back. Next class is chemistry. I walk through the hall, to room 808 and find a seat, of course, close to the window. A few minutes later, Mason walks in to the room, and the only seat left, is the one next to me. Mason looks at me and smiles. Then walks over to sit next to me.
"Hi, I'm Mason. Madison told me about you. London, is it?" He laughs, in the cutes way, and I laugh too.
"Madison calls me London. My real name is Alison. Nice to meet you."
The teacher walks in and throws his bag on the desk.
"I am Mr. Temple, and I'll be your chemistry teacher. Your lab partner for the next year, will be the person sitting next to you, so please, try not to hate each other too much. You can get a chemistry book from the desk, come get it yourself." He yells everything.
"Looks like we're lab partners. You okay with that?" Mason asks. I look at him and smiles.
"Sure," I answer.
"Cool. I'll get you a book." He gets up.
"Thanks," I say, before Mason walks up to the desk and gets two books.


2 hours later

"Do you want to have lunch with me?" Mason asks, while putting the book in his backpack.
"I think I'm having lunch with Madison. But you can join us if you want to?" I smile, and so does Mason.
"Cool," he says.
We walk together to the cafeteria, gets some food and then sits at a round table, where Madison is already sitting.
"Hey, lovebirds!" Madison says.
"Come on, Maddy, we don't even know each other yet," I say. Mason is nice, but I don't want to start anything with a person I've only known for two hours.
"Yeah, relax, sis. Wait untill we have known each other for another two hours, then we'll see." Mason laughs and looks at me.

I get home around 3 o'clock. The first thing I do, is run up to my room, throw my backpack on the floor and throw myself on the bed. I have to tell Emily what I found out about Mary Blackwood.
"Hey, Ali, what's up?"
"Emily! You have to hear what I found out about this place. It turns out, that a girl named Mary Blackwood, killed her littlesister when she was 8. She spent 9 years in a mental hospital before she came home. Six months after, she killed her parents, then the police shot her in the attic." Right after that sentence, I see a shadow running past my bedroom door. It feels like my heart just jumped up my throat, and I immediately look toward the door.
"What's wrong?" Emily asks.
"I just saw someone. Someone ran past my door." I'm scared and Emily can tell. I keep staring at the door and suddenly I hear footsteps running up the stairs.
"Did you hear that?" I whisper. Emily nods.
"Are you sure it wasn't your parents or sister?" She whispers back.
"The only one home, is my mom. The shadow wan't big enough to be her. I'll be right back." I put my laptop on my bed, with the cam turned against the door.
"Ali, don't!" Emily whispers from the screen, but I keep walking. I walk around the corner and peeks up the stairs, but no one is there. My heart is still sitting in my throat. I slowly move up the stairs. I try to get taller and taller, to look in the attic, but of course it doesn't work. I reach the end and look around. My heart is pounding like crazy. I look all over the attic, but it's the same as last time. There's nothing up here, except the dollhouse. Wait... The dollhouse is gone. Where is it?! I run downstairs and in to my room, where Emily is still waiting on the screen.
"What happened?" She's still whispering.
"You don't have to whisper anymore. As expected, there was no one up there." I sit down on the bed and put the laptop on my lap.
"What the hell? But we both heard the footsteps, there has to be someone up there!"
"There isn't! But the dollhouse is gone. You know, the bloody dollhouse."
"What? Maybe your mom moved it."
"Maybe. I'll ask her later. Can we talk about something else? This is creeping me out now."
"Sure. How's school?"
"It's okay. I miss you though. By the way, I met this boy..."
"Oh my god, is he cute?! What's his name?" Emily says, before I got a chance to finish my sentence.
"Would you relax? I don't even know him that well yet."
"Yet! What's his name?"
"Mason. And yes, he's cute." I smile and blush a little.
"Look at you blushing! You totally like him," she  laughs.
"Maybe a little. I'm gonna go ask my mom about the dollhouse. Talk to you later."
"Okay, bye."
I shut down my laptop and then walks downstairs.
"Mom!" I yell on my way down.
"Don't yell! Come in here instead!" She yells back. I walk in to the kitchen.
"Sorry... Did you move the dollhouse from the attic?" She looks at me like I'm crazy.
"What dollhouse? Honey, I haven't had time to clean the attic yet. If you found a dollhouse and you want to keep it, then fine, but I have to get back to my food. A guy from the resturant is coming to taste it, and if everything goes well, I get a job." She sounds stressed.
"Okay. Good luck." I go upstairs again and log on to Facebook.

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