Hollow Rock

In this supernatural horror story, your name is Alison Wood. Your dad found work as a Doctor in Hollow Rock, Tennessee, so your entire family just moved. But after just one day in the new house, you start to experience weird things. Strange noices in the attic, things moving by them selves. You even have a disturbing dream about your littlesister, Anna. Things get worse and worse, and the only person you confy to, is your friend Emily, who's still living in London. The only good thing about the new city, is the girl you meet in school, and her brother, who's really sweet. But how long, before things ends? When will you reach 'point of no return'?


3. What the hell?

"Hey, London!" Madison yells from across the hall. She's walking with Mason, who's waving at me. I wave back and smile.
"Hey, Maddy. Hey, Mason," I say.

English class is too boring today, but Miss Hailey makes it a little easier to not fall asleep. The two hours passes quicker than I expect. We got our first homework assignment. -Write an essay about the Russian revolution. We have one week. It shouldn't be too hard. Next class is math.

"Alison!" Mason comes running up to me in the hallway after school.
"Hey," I say, as I turn around.
"I was thinking, that maybe you would want to study together? Maybe at your place?" He asks, with the cutest smile smeared across his face. I use the next minute to just look at him while I smile, but then wake up from my trance.
""Oh, sure. You wanna go now? We have to take the bus," I answer him.
"Cool, let's go." We walk together out to the bus.

"Hi, honey! How was your day?" my mom yells from the kitchen.
"Fine! We have guests," I yell back, and Mason and I walk in to the kitchen, where my mom stands by the door and stares at us, with a big smile.
"Mom, this is Mason from school. We are studying together today," I introduce him. My mom walks straight to Mason and shakes his hand.
"So nice to meet you, Mason. I'm Mrs. Wood, Alison's mom," she says.
"He knows you're my mom," I whisper. I knew that I couldn't be spared from the embaressment, if I took a boy home.
"Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Wood," Mason says with a smile. My mom let's go of Mason's hand, and watches us walk up the stairs. We walk in to my room and sits down, next to each other, on the bed.
"I'm sorry about my mom," I say and blush a little. Mason let's out a little laugh.
"It's fine. My mom would have been alot worse." I'm sure that he only said that to make me feel better, but it only makes me blush more.
"So are you ready to study?" Mason asks. I fall into my Mason trance again, but quickly fall out and nod.
"Yes! Of course." I start to find my books in my backpack, but when I look at Mason again, he just stares at me and smiles. We both lowly lean in against each other. We get closer and closer, but then I see something in the corner of my eye. The girl is sitting in the chair! I quickly move away from Mason, who looks weird at me. I take another look at the chair. She's gone.
"Is something wrong?" Mason asks. I look back at him and smile a little.
"No! I'm sorry. I just thought I saw something. Do you... Want to try that again?" I laugh a little nervously. Mason smiles and then lean towards me again. I lean in toward him, close my eyes and I feel a soft kiss on my lips. I open my eyes again and I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. Mason laughs a little.
"Ready to study?"


3 hours later

We have been studying for three hours straight, and it has been a little awkward since we kissed. Not bad awkward though. It has been nice to have Mason next to me.
"I should probably get home," Mason says and starts to pack his things.
"Okay. Thanks for coming over, it was nice."
"It sure was." Mason gives me a short but soft kiss and then walks down the stairs.
"Bye, Mrs. Wood!" He yells and then disappears out the front door. Not much time passes by, before I go to sleep.


August 8th 2013, 3am.

I slowly get out of bed. I feel happier than I usually do. It feels like I'm not in control of my own body, but it doesn't matter. I feel safe. I slowly walk through the long hall and down the stairs. It's still dark outside. I walk in to the kitchen, where my mom is sitting and reading a cook book.
"Hello, mother," I say and smile.
"Hi, honey. Shouldn't you be in bed?"
"Yes, mother. I just wanted to do something first."
My mom keeps reading. I stare at her and smile for a while, before I move over to the drawer, open it and grab a knife. I slowly move upstairs again and walk inside my littlesisters room. I stand beside her bed and stare at her. She opens her eyes and looks at me.
"What are you doing?" She says, with a tired voice. I lean my head to the side. I lift up the knife and use all of my power, to force it through my sisters chest.

I wake up, gaspig for air, kind of panicking.
"What the hell?" I whisper to myself, still gasping. I slowly calm down.
"Relax. It was just a dream." I close my eyes and fall asleep.

I wake up again, when my alarm clock goes off at 7am. I really don't want to get out of bed today. I roll out and walk over to my closet, where I try to find some clothes. I look through every bit of it, but it's hard to find something when you're half asleep. I sigh and look down, with my eyes half closed, but they quickly open up again. The dollhouse is in my closet.  What the hell is it doing in my closet? My mom said that she didn't move it. She hasn't even been in the attic yet. I lift up the dollhouse, walks up to the attic and puts in on the floor, where I found it the first time. A girl starts to laugh. It sounds like it's coming from the corner.
"Anna?" I ask, but no one answers. I walk down to my room and try to find some clothes again. I pack my backpack, put on my hoodie and runs down to the kitchen.
"Goodmorning, honey. Have some breakfast," she says.
"Thanks, mom." I sit down by the black table and get some cereal.
"I'm not going to be home, when you get here. I got the job at the resturant and I'm starting today."
"Cool, mom. Congratulations!"
"Thanks, honey. I'll see you later."
"Bye, mom." I finish my cereal in a second, grab my backpack and disappears out the front door.


At school

I walk directly to room 803, to have my first french class. As usual, I find a seat by the window, and without even noticing, a seat right next to Mason.
"Hey, Ali," he says. I turn my eyes at him and the blood rushes to my cheeks in a second.
"Hi, Mason. Thanks for studying with me yesterday."
"No probem. It was nice. Maybe we could do it again sometime." I nod.
"Sounds good," I say and in comes our french teacher.

Oh well, that didn't go too bad. At least I'm not dead yet. I walk down the hall, on my way to the bathroom.
"Alison!" Mason yells from behind me. I turn around.
"Hi. I wanted to ask you something, but you left so quickly." He laughs a little.
"It's okay. I can ask you now. I was wondering if you would want to go on a date with me sometime?" He asks and this time, Mason is the one who blushes. I smile, but try to save my 'happy-dance' for when I get home.
"Sure," I answer, cool and not too desperate.
"Great! Saturday?"
"Sounds good." I smile, then turn my back at Mason and start to walk toward the bathroom.
I shortly look at myself in the mirror, then look down to wash my hands. A second later, I look at the Mirror again. I thought I saw that girl again, instead of me. The girl that no one else sees. I guess I was wrong.

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