Hollow Rock

In this supernatural horror story, your name is Alison Wood. Your dad found work as a Doctor in Hollow Rock, Tennessee, so your entire family just moved. But after just one day in the new house, you start to experience weird things. Strange noices in the attic, things moving by them selves. You even have a disturbing dream about your littlesister, Anna. Things get worse and worse, and the only person you confy to, is your friend Emily, who's still living in London. The only good thing about the new city, is the girl you meet in school, and her brother, who's really sweet. But how long, before things ends? When will you reach 'point of no return'?


4. The first date

August 10th, Saturday

I've been in school for 5 days, and yet I have already gotten used to waking up at 7 am, cause I just woke up at 7:30am on a saturday. It sucks. At least I have plenty of time to get ready for my date with Mason. I'm meeting him around 6 o'clock. I put on a sweater and walk downstairs, in to the kitchen. My mom has already made breakfast for all of us, although she knows that everybody is going to sleep in. My mom is sitting by the black table, eating.
"Morning, mom," I say, while I get a plate, and take some pancakes and fruit.
"Goodmorning, honey," my mom says, with her nose burried in a cooking book. I sit down at the table, across from where my mom is sitting.
"Why are you reading all those? You already got the job at the resturant. Didn't you get that because they like your food?"
"Yes, but I can always learn something new to add to the menu." I nod a little, then keep eating.
"I'm gonna eat in my bedroom. I have an essay to write." I get up and start walking up the stairs with my plate in my hand.
"Okay, honey. Good luck!" My mom yells.
I find the book I borrowed from the school library, on the Russian Revolution, paper and a pen. I write the first two words, 'Alison Wood', then stop. I don't know what to write. But I guess I have to get started. It's due Monday. I find my headset and put on some music.


4 hours later

I have written two pages. It's really not alot in four hours, but I'm gonna take a break anyway. I lookup for a second, sigh and then look down. Wait... The girl. I slowly turn my eyes at the light blue chair in the corner. I can't breath. The girl is sitting in my chair! I look down for a second, to make sure that I don't fall, when I get out of my bed. I immediately look at the chair again. She's gone. I swear that she was there. She was smiling. What does she want? I go downstairs, just to not be alone. I look in to the kitchen, and a little scream comes out. My mom is gone, and all of the cabinets are open. My mom comes running down the stairs.
"What happened?" She asks, after seeing the cabinets.
"I don't know! It was like this when I got here," I answer. All of this is getting too much. I help my mom closing the cabinets, then walks upstairs again. I take a deep breath, before walking up the attic stairs. I stop at the end and look at the dollhouse.
"Mary?" If that's the girl I keep seeing, she will do something to answer, right? I look all around the attic, then at the dollhouse again. She's there. She's sitting on the floor, next to the dollhouse, smiling.
"What... What do you want? I ask.
Mary starts to laugh, and keeps laughing. I stare at her for a while, but then run down to my room. The laughing stops. I can hear her walking across the attic floor for a few seconds, but that quickly stops. I grab my laptop, log on to Skype and call Emily. She answers fast.
"Hey, Ali," she says, with her normal 'happy-voice'. I am still breathing faster than usual.
"Em! I have to talk to you about this!" I'm practicly screaming at her.
"Ali, calm down! What happened?" I try to breath normally, and it almost works.
"It was her. The girl that murdered her own family. She's in my house! She sat in my chair, I saw her in the attic just a few minutes ago. I talked to her."
"You talked to her? What did she say?"
"Nothing. She didn't say anything. I asked her what she wants, and she started laughing."
"Have you told someone about all of this?"
"Who could I tell? My mom would never believe me. Neither would my dad, but he's always working anyways, so he's never here."
"You have to tell your mom. Maybe she'll believe you."
"I'll think about it. I just don't want her to think that I'm crazy. And I really don't want to sleep in my room tonight."
"I get that. But you're her daughter. She loves you. Do you really think that she will shut you down, without even listening to you first?" I sigh.
"I guess not. But I still have to think about it."
"Okay. Just don't go crazy on me yet. There has to be an explanation to all of this."
"I guess you're right." I sit and stare at the bed sheet for a second.
"I have a date with Mason in four hours," I mumble. Emily screams.
"You have a date with the cute guy!? You have to get ready!" She yells.
"Relax, Em, I have four hours. It's going to take me thirty minutes tops, to get ready."
You're right. You don't even have to do anything. With your long, wavey light brown hair, big boobs and big brown doll eyes, you just have to say 'hi', and he's yours." Emily laughs. I shake my head and smile.
"Yeah, right," I say. Talking to Emily has actually helped.
"Thanks for talking to me, Em." I can hear Emily's mom calling for her.
"You're welcome. I have to go." Emily smiles.
"Say hi to your mom from me. Bye." Emily waves, then hangs up. I log off Skype and shut down my laptop. Maybe I should tell my mom. But for now, I have to get ready for my date. I get out of my bed and walk over to the closet to find some clothes. I look down on the floor. There's that stupid dollhouse again. After what happened the last time in the attic, I really don't want to take it up there again. I'll just let it stay here. Besides... It's not the dollhouse that is haunted and scary. It's the creepy girl that it belongs to. I go through my clothes, find my leggings, a black shirt that covers the butt, and a white tank top with the word 'Hope' written across the chest, with silver glitter. I keep using my converse shoes. They're comfortable, and if Mason wants to cancel the date, because I'm not slutty enough, screw him. The clothes is on, my hair is almost perfect, so I'm going to write on my paper, untill I have to go.


5:30 pm

I sigh. One more page is done. I walk downstairs, in to the kitchen, where my mom is cooking dinner.
"Dinner is almost ready," my mom says, with her back turned at me.
"No thanks. I have a date," I say. My mom drops everything in her hands and looks at me.
"You have a date and you didn't tell me? I thought you hated everything and everyone in this country." My mom lifts her eyebrow and smiles a little.
"There may be something good here," I answer. I sit at the black table, pull out my phone and just look at it. Twenty minutes later I get up.
"I'm gonna go." I turn my back at my mom and move toward the door.
"Dinner's done. Can I drive you?" My mom asks. I stop and look at her.
"Are you sure? You can have dinner with dad and Anna. I can just take the bus," I say. My mom smiles.
"You're right. Have a good night, sweety. Be safe." I nod.
"Bye, mom." I turn my back at her again and walk out the door.

I get off the bus ten minutes later. It's pretty dark, and there's not alot of people in Hollow Rock. It's kind of creepy. I look around, just to make sure that psyco girl did not follow me out of the house, but instead I see Mason. half running, coming towards me.
"Hi, Ali! Sorry I'm late," he says and smiles.
"It's okay. I was actually a little late myself."
"Well, there's a cafe five minutes from here. It's not the most expensive place, but the food is great." I smile and nod a little.
"Sounds good. Let's go." We start to walk down the street.
"You look good," Mason says. I look at him and blush a little.
"Thank you." We are barely talking on this walk, and yet it's not awkward. It's nice. We arrive at the cafe. I look at their sign. 'Whistle Stop Cafe'. It looks like a shed. We walk inside, and find a little table in the corner. Everything in here is made of wood. It looks old, but thats okay. It feels really cozy. There are small tables placed against all the walls, two long tables in the middle, and in the wall behind Mason and I, a fireplace. A waiter comes down to our table.
"Can I take your order?" She says and smiles. Mason looks at her.
"Can we get two chickens and two cokes?" He says. Our waiter writes it down on her little pad, while she nods a little. She looks at me and Mason and smiles.
"Coming right up!" She says, then walks away. Mason and I look at eachother.
"Thanks for ordering. I don't really know anything about this place. Or any other place in this country," I say and laugh.
"You're welcome. And don't worry. I can be your personal guide," he says and laughs back. We chat for ten minutes, before the waiter arrives with our food.
"Enjoy!" She says and dissapears in to the kitchen. I take a zip of the coke, then cut a piece off the chicken and taste it.
"You were right. The food is great," I say, after I chewed the chicken.
"I'm glad you like it," Mason says, with his mouth full of food. I laugh. A girl wouldn't normally like when a guy is talking with his mouth full, but apparently I'm not a normal girl. Mason swallows his food and looks at me.
"So Ali... Everyone at school says, that you seem so mysterious. Are you?" He asks.
"Not really. I just don't tell alot about myself, if people don't ask," I answer.
"Can I ask?" He smiles.
"Sure. What do you want to know?"
"What did you do before you came here?"
"I spent alot of time at my friends house. At school, we spent alot of time talking, in the girls bathroom."
"So how can you be so smart in all of the classes, if you spent so much time in the bathroom?" I laugh a little.
"We studied at her house. Even though we were goofying around alot, we always did our homework."
"So you're beutiful and smart. I like you more and more."
"I'm not that smart or beutiful. I'm just me. I don't care what other people think of me. But what about you? Have you lived in Hollow Rock your whole life?" Mason nods.
"Yeah. I've never been out of this town. But some day, I'll take that bus out of here, and I'm not planning on coming back. Hollow Rock is a great place to grow up, but it gets boring when you get older."
"What about your parents? Do they know that you want to leave?"
"Yeah, they do. They don't like it. They want to stay here. They want to die here."
"Sounds like they want you to die here."
"Maybe they're planning my funeral already," he says and laughs.
"What do you do when you're not at school?" I ask.
"I go on dates with you. But mostly I study at home. I've went to a few parties at Brad's house, but they kind of only involve drinking and kissing a lot of girls."
"Sounds fun," I say, ironic meant, of course. "Why do you study so much?"
"My parents may be planning my funeral, but they want me to do great things first. Become a Doctor or a scientist or something like that. I study, so I can get straight A's every year."
"And do you?"
"Of course. I got a B once, and my mom almost kicked me out of the house. I had to promise to clean the house for a month, and to never get anything less than an A again."
"Wow. My parents nearly throws a party if I get a C."
"Imagine their reaction if you ever got an A."
"It won't happen. I'm okay smart, but not that smart."
"I'll teach you. That would also give us a chance to hang out more." Mason smiles in that cute way he always does.
"That would be great! Thanks!"
"No problem."

We grab our coats, and walk outside.
"Can I walk you to the bus?" Mason asks.
"Sure," I answer. We walk all the way to the bus.
"Thanks for dinner. And for tonight. I had a really great time," I say and look at Mason. He smiles at me.
"Me too. It was fun." We stop and he leans in to kiss me. I feel a little hot, but I lean toward him and returns the kiss. My bus pulls up beside us and the doors open.
"Get home safe," Mason says. I smile at him, then get on the bus. I wave at him while the bus drives away, and he waves back. What a perfect night. On my way home, I get a text from Mason: 'Thanks for a great night. Sleep tight, Princess.'

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