Hollow Rock

In this supernatural horror story, your name is Alison Wood. Your dad found work as a Doctor in Hollow Rock, Tennessee, so your entire family just moved. But after just one day in the new house, you start to experience weird things. Strange noices in the attic, things moving by them selves. You even have a disturbing dream about your littlesister, Anna. Things get worse and worse, and the only person you confy to, is your friend Emily, who's still living in London. The only good thing about the new city, is the girl you meet in school, and her brother, who's really sweet. But how long, before things ends? When will you reach 'point of no return'?


5. Please, wake up

September 24th

I hear an annoying sound. Right, it's my alarm clock. My mom comes running in to my room.
"I'm late for work. See you later, bye!" She says the first half of the sentence in my room, and yells the second half on her way down the stairs. I shut off my alarm clock, and sit up in my bed. I haven't seen or heard Mary, since the day she sat in my chair. Maybe it's all over. I have been living a normal life in about a month.
I take a short look around, before I get up. Mason and I have been on a few dates. We are not a couple. Yet. But as it seems now, it won't be long and I definitely wouldn't mind. I spent alot of time at Mason's house. Both to study with both Mason and Madison. Madison and I are starting to become really good friends, and she loves the idea of me and Mason dating.
I find my clothes, my hoodie and my backpack and go downstairs. My dad is sitting in the kitchen with Anna, and eating breakfast.
"Morning, dad." I sit at the table across from my dad, and take an apple.
"Morning. Your mom is working late tonight. There's a party or something, she has to cook for," he says, while reading the morning paper.
"Okay. Maybe I'll go over to Madison's and do some homework."
"Okay, but don't come home too late."
"I won't."
My dad gets up and gets his bag.
"I'm taking Anna to school. You okay taking the bus?" He asks. I nod.
"Come on, Anna!" My dad yells from the front door. Anna gets up and runs over to my dad. A few moments later, I hear his car driving away. Great. Now I have to be alone in this house for twenty minutes. I'll go to school early today.


At school

"Hey, Maddy!" I catch up with her in the hallway.
"What's up?" She says.
"Can I study at your place tonight?" I ask. Madison smiles and nods.
"Of course! We can make it a sleepover."
"Cool. I'll ask my dad after school." Mason comes running from behind, and stops me from walking by hugging me.
"Hey, Ali," he says. I turn around and smile. Mason kisses me shortly.
"Hi," I say.
"This is so great. My friend and my brother, it's so cool. You guys are so cute together," Madison says.
"You've said that before," Mason says and laughs.
"I know, but it just gets me every time I see you together."
"That's great, Maddy, but we really need to get to class." I decided to stop Madison from rambling on about Mason and I for the next ten minutes. She sighs.
"Fine. Let's go."
I kiss Mason goodbye and then Maddy and I head towards math class.

I walk outside, grab my phone and call my dad.
"Hey, Ali. Make it quick, I'm at work," he says.
"Okay. Can I sleep over at Madison's tonight, so we can study?"
"Well, it would be easier if I only had to cook for me and Anna. Okay, honey, go for it. Do some homework, have some fun and I'll see you tomorrow."
"Thanks, dad. Bye." Madison walks up beside me.
"What did he say?" She asks.
"He said yes. But can I borrow some clothes from you? I don't want to go all the way home first."
"Sure. Let's go get Mason and get going."
We find Mason pretty quickly and we all head home to their place.

We walk in to the driveway. Madison and Mason's house looks like a mini castle, and they have this little mailbox in the driveway that says 'Frey' on it. We walk through the front door and Mrs. Frey comes running to the door.
"Welcome home! And hello, Alison. It is so nice to see you again!" She says, while smiling.
"Hi, Mrs. Frey. It's nice to see you too."
"I'll go make some snacks andbring them up to you," she says and dissapears in to the kitchen.
"I'll go to my room and study. Have fun, girls," Mason says and goes up the stairs. Madison and I goes upstairs too and in to Madison's room, where we throw our backpacks on the floor and sits on the bed.
"So homework first? Scary movies later?" Madison asks.
"Sure," I answer and we both find our books.


4 hours later

Madison smashes the book together.
"Homework is done! Let's watch movies, that'll make us shit our pants!" She yells. I close my book and laughs a little.
"Okay, bring it on," I say. Madison gets up, walks over to the bookcase, where all of her movies is placed and chooses three movies.
"Okay! We have Silent Hill, Insidious and Dead Silence. Which one do you want to see first?" She walks over to me and hands me the movies. I look at the cover of all three and think for a bit.
"Silent Hill is okay, Dead Silence is great, but I never saw Insidious, so let's watch that."
"Great! I was hoping you would choose that one, cause I never saw it either!" Madison snatches the DVD out of my hand and puts it in the DVD player. She jumps in to the bed beside me. We both lean back.
"Oh, should we turn the lights off?" I ask. Madison nods and I get up and turn off the lights. I go back to the bed and lean back next to Madison.

We're about halfway through the movie and both Madison and I have our eyes glued to the screen. We're at the place where the two nerds are taking photos of the different rooms. One of the men are taking photos of the hallway, and right when he takes the photo where the two girls apear, we hear a bump from downstairs. Madison and I jumps out of the bed.
"What the hell was that?" Madison asks.
"Maybe your mom?" I say.
"My mom went to bed thirty minutes ago." I look scared at Madison, and she looks scared at me. I open the bedroom door and look through the hallway. Then I walk out and toward the stairs. Madison follows me. We go downstairs and look around the livingroom. Nothing. We walk in to the kitchen and right when we enters, one of the cabinets smashes shut. We both scream. We look all around the kitchen and all of the cabinets are open, except for two. The first bump we heard and the cabinet we just saw closing. I look at Madison.
"Do you think Mason is playing a prank at us?" She asks. I shake my head a little.
"I've seen this before," I whisper. Two seconds later, all of the cabinets smashes shut at once. We scream, runs upstairs in to Madison's bedroom and closes the door.
"What do you mean, you've seen this before?" Madison asks. She still have this scared look in her eyes. I sit down on the bed.
"About a month ago... These weird things were happening in my house. I heard a girl laughing, the dollhouse from the attic dissapeared and reapeared in my closet. I saw a shadow walk past my bedroom door, the cabinets in the kitchen was open."
"Are you serious?"
"Dead serious. I haven't seen or heard anything in a month, so I thought is was over. I think it's starting again."
"You don't say. I almost shit my pants down there!" Madison sits next to me.
"Do you remember the first day at school? I said, that I saw a girl?" Madison nods. "It's not the only time I've seen her. She's in my house. And I think she's following me. The only one who knows about this, is my friend Emily, from London."
"Why haven't you told your mom?"
"I thought about it. She would think I was crazy. Then it stopped, so I didn't think it was important. But I want to tell her, if it's starting again."
"I think you should. She's your mom. She won't think you're crazy."
"Emily said that too. Thanks for not getting mad, or throwing me out." I smile a little.
"No problem. At least we're not alone." Madison smiles back.


3 am

Madison screams. I open my eyes and sit up.
"What happened?" I ask. Madison looks at me. She has tears in her eyes.
"I saw her. She was standing next to my bed, smiling at me." I hug her.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to put you in the middle of all of this."
"It's okay. I know you didn't ask for this to happen," she says. She lets go of me and gets out of bed.
"Will you go with me? I wanted to get something to drink from the kitchen." I nod, and get out of bed too. I walk first, out of the bedroom door, down the stairs and in to the kitchen. Madison stands in the door to the kitchen, while I find a glass and fills it with water. I walk toward Madison, I'm about halfway there. Then a knife falls down in front of me. I immediately stop and look down. Then at Madison. I step over the knife and slowly start to walk again. Another knife comes flying pass my face and gets stuck in the wall beside me. I can feel the tears in my eyes. I can feel my heart pounding like crazy. I really don't want to die by a flying knife. Mary, stop, I think. I slowly start to walk again, and a third knife comes flying pass me. I scream a little, then start to run upstairs, with the tears falling down my face, and a glass of water in my hand. Madison follows me. After Madison comes running in to the bedroom, I shut the door. I hand the glass of water to her. I whipe the tears off my cheeks. Madison takes the glass.
"I don't understand how you handled this before," she says. I sit on the bed and lean back.
"I didn't. I was a nervewreck, but it wasn't as bad as it is now."
"Maybe it'll stop after a while."
"Maybe. Let's go back to bed." Madison lies beside me and it isn't long untill we both fall asleep.


7 am

"Why is there knifes lying everywhere down here?!" I can hear Madison's mom yell from the kitchen. Madison and I go downstairs. Mary didn't only throw three knifes. There's at least ten knifes lying on the floor and stuck in the wall.
"Oh my god," I whisper.
"We're going to school," Madison says and grabs my shirt to pull me with her, out of the door.

We are almost outside the school.
"I don't think I should sleep at your house, while all of this is going on. I don't want to pull you further in to this," I say. Madison looks at me.
"But I don't want you to be alone."
"I know, but you saw what happened last night. If it gets worse, I don't want you to die because of it."
"Okay. But keep me updated. I really don't want you to feel alone in this. You can always talk to me." Madison smiles.


Later that day

"Mom! I'm home!" I yell, but my mom doesn't answer. I walk in to the kitchen, where my dad is sitting with some paperwork.
"Your mom is working late again tonight. She'll be home around 9pm," he says.
"Okay. I'll go make homework in my room." I walk upstairs, in to my room and lie down on my bed. I hear some rattling sounds from down the hall. I sit up.
"What the hell?" I get up and follow the sound. I slowly get closer and closer. It's coming from my parents bedroom. I open the door and look inside. I don't see anything or anyone. I take a short look around. Right there. In the middle of the floor, is a knife. I look behind me, just to make sure that Mary isn't trying to kill me again. I take the knife and go downstairs.
"Dad? Why was this on the floor in your bedroom?" I show him the knife and he looks at me like I'm crazy or lying.
"Maybe your mom needed it for something?" He says. I put the knife back in the drawer and walks upstairs again. I turn on my laptop, log on to Skype and call Emily.
"Hey! We haven't talked in a long time!" She says and laughs.
"I'm sorry. I've been a little busy with school and Mason."
"I could only imagine. How is everything with the school hottie?" She lifts her eyebrows and I laugh a little.
"It's fine. It's great, actually. We've been on some dates, and we act like a couple, but I think both of us is too afraid to ask eachother."
"You should just ask him. I mean, it's not like he's goingto say no."
"I guess you're right. You are right. I will ask him. Thank you." I smile. A few seconds later, my dad comes walking in to my room. He looks at me, with tears in his eyes. I look at him, then at Emily again.
"I have to go," I say, and without letting her answer, I hang up. I look at my dad again.
"What's wrong?" I ask. My dad takes a deep breath.
"Your mom was in a car accident, on her way home from work. She's in the hospital, in a coma," he says. The tears immediately start to run down my cheeks. I get out of bed and walk over to hug my dad. He hugs me back.
"Oh my god. Is she going to be okay?" I ask and look up at him.
"They don't know. I'm so sorry, baby."
"I'm sorry too. Can we please go to the hospital?" My dad nods a little.
"Of course," he says. I wipe away my tears and we both go downstairs.

On the way to the hospital, I get a text from Emily.
'Is everything okay?' I can feel that the tears is on the way out again. I sigh, then answer back.
'I'm sorry for hanging up on you. My mom was in a car accident. I'm on my way to the hospital with my dad.'
One minute later, she answers back.
'I'm so sorry. Call me if you want to talk. I'm here for you.'
'I will. Thank you.'

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