Hollow Rock

In this supernatural horror story, your name is Alison Wood. Your dad found work as a Doctor in Hollow Rock, Tennessee, so your entire family just moved. But after just one day in the new house, you start to experience weird things. Strange noices in the attic, things moving by them selves. You even have a disturbing dream about your littlesister, Anna. Things get worse and worse, and the only person you confy to, is your friend Emily, who's still living in London. The only good thing about the new city, is the girl you meet in school, and her brother, who's really sweet. But how long, before things ends? When will you reach 'point of no return'?


6. Mary's Time

We pull up outside the hospital. I am half running inside, to the front desk.
"We're here to see Elizabeth Wood. We're family," my dad says to the lady behind the desk. She checks her computer.
"Mrs. Wood is in room 214," she says.
"Thank you," my dad says, and we both starts to half run towards the room. I walk in first, and there my mom lies. In the hospital bed, hooked up to all of these machines, making so many different sounds. The tears are dripping down my face like a waterfall. I sit down on the bed beside my mom.
"Please, be okay. Please, wake up," I cry. My dad puts his hand on my back.
"She's going to be okay," he says. He only said it to make me feel better. But it's nice to know that he's here for me.

I have been sitting beside my mom for just over an hour, wiping tears away from my cheeks, but there kept coming more. My dad has been sitting in a chair, next to the bed. It's 10pm and both my dad and I are really tired.
"We should go home. I'll come back here in the morning," my dad says.
"Okay." We both get up and get our coats. I look at my mom. Please, get better, I think. I walk out the door with my dad.


October 2.

I wake up. It's 7 am. I have school today, but after what happened yesterday, I really don't want to go. My dad comes up to my room.
"Goodmorning. I'm going to the hospital. I have arranged for Anna to stay at a friends house, for the next couple of days. That will give your mom a chance to wake up, and us a chance to think about what to tell her, if she doesn't," he says. I nod a little.
"Okay, dad. Is it okay if I stay home today?" I ask. My dad smiles.
"Of course," he answers and walks out the door. I fall alseep again.

I'm standing beside my sisters bed. I look down and there I see my sisters body, and in my hand, the knife I used to kill her. I giggle, then walk out of her bedroom, through the hall, and in to my parents bedroom, where my dad lies in his bed, sleeping. I look at the bloody knife, then at my dad. Once again, I use all of my power, to plunge the knife through his chest. He immediately opens his eyes, gasping for air.

I quickly open my eyes and sit up. I feel like I've just taken a shower in sweat. My heart is pounding like crazy.
"Not again. I can't handle these dreams," I whisper. It's 10 am. My dad is still at the hospital. I get out of bed and walk out of the hall and in to the bathroom. I find a towell, take all of my clothes off and step in to the shower. I turn on the water and get under it. I close my eyes and just stand there for a bit. A few minutes later, I open my eyes and find the shampoo, which is standing on a shelf under the sink. I grab the bottle, but drops it a second later. I look down. The tears are coming and I scream. There's blood on the floor of the shower. I begin to check myself everywhere and I scream again. There's blood all over me! I try to find out where the blood is coming from, but there's no wound. I close my eyes for a second and when I open them again, the blood is gone. I'm breathing really heavy.
"What?" I whisper to myself. I'm still crying a bit, and I'm still kind of in shock about what just happened. I turn off the water, grab the towell and get out. I wrap the towell around myself, and run in to my room. I find my Linkin Park pyjamas, put it on and lie back in to bed. What the hell just happened?


2 hours later

I've been lying here for quite some time. I finally deside to get some food, so once again, I get up. I go downstairs to the kitchen and open the fridge. There's not really anything I want to eat. The doorbell rings. I close the fridge, go out to the front door and open it. There is Mason, with a little smile across his face.
"Hey. They said you were sick. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay," he says. I open the door a little more, and Mason walks in.
"Uhm.. I'm not really sick. My mom was in a car accident and... She's in the hospital, in a coma." Just talking about it, makes the tears come out. Mason's smile is gone, and he looks at me with sympathy. He closes the door and puts his arms around me, which only makes me cry more.
"I'm so sorry, Ali," he says. I sniff the snot back in to my nose.
"Thanks." Why did that idiot have to drive in to my mom, right when I finally decided to tell her everything. I don't want to tell my dad. He's going to think that I'm crazy, for sure. Maybe I should tell Mason. Madison believed me, why shouldn't Mason? I let go of him.
"Can we sit down? I have to tell you something." Mason nods. We sit down on the couch next to each other.
"You're going to think that I'm insane when I tell you, but... A long time ago, a girl, named Mary Blackwood, killed her littlesister. She got admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Ridgeview and when she got home, nine years later, she killed her parent."
"What happened to her?" Mason asks.
"The police shot her. In the attic. And all of these things happened in this house. I found her dollhouse and I've seen her many times. Both here and in school. Weird things happened at night, when I slept over at your place with Madison. And about three hours ago, when I was in the shower, there was blood everywhere." I see Mason's expression.
"You think I'm completely mental," I say. Mason shakes his head a bit.
"No, I don't. Madison told me what happened that night. I thought she was joking, because I knew that you had seen horror movies all night," he says.
"She wasn't. Everything she told you is true. And I don't know what to do. I just felt like I had to tell someone."
"I get it. And no matter what happens, I'm here for you. I... I love you." I immediately blush. My whole face is red as a tomato. Mason smiles a little.
"I love you too," I say. Mason blushes a little too now. With everything that has been going on, Mason is the only one that can make me smile. He kisses me shortly on the cheek.
"I should get back to school. I just wanted to see how you were," he says. I nod a little.
"Okay, talk to you later," I say. We get up and goes to the front door.
"Bye," I say, when Mason is on his way across the driveway. I close the door and turn around. This is weird. Everything looks completely new. But I know that everything looked rotten. I complained about it! What the hell is going on? I walk upstairs and in to my room. I look around. This is not my room. I walk around a little, and in comes the creepy girl, from behind me. I scream shortly, and move out of her way, but I quickly realize that she doesn't notice me.
"What?" I whisper. I follow Mary. She's walking over to her bed and tries to find something under her pillow. A few seconds later, she pulls out a knife. Is Mary showing me what happened back then? She starts to walk through the hall and I follow. She walks in to the room beside the master bedroom. The same room that Anna sleeps in. She walks over to the bed and looks down at the little girl sleeping in it. She has an empty look in her eyes. She's just standing there, staring at the little girl. I can clearly feel my heart pounding. I know what is about to happen, but I don't know if I can handle to see it. She's been standing there for two minutes, but it feels like much longer. She lifts up the knife and plunges it in to the little girls chest. I gasp, and the tears are already running down my cheeks. Two seconds later, Mary starts to laugh uncontrollably. In comes her parents. Her dad is forcing the knife from her, while her mother is standing in the doorway screaming. I close my eyes, and when I open them again, everyone is gone, and everything looks different. I'm still standing in the same room, but all of the furniture is gone. I turn around, and there Mary comes walking. She's the same age as when I saw her in school. She's walking right past me and in to the master bedroom. The same room as my parents are sleeping in. I don't see a knife in her hand. She walks over to the bed and does the same as the last time. She just stares at them. She lifts up her shirt. She was hiding the knife in her pants. She takes it out, and in a second, her dads throat is cut open. He opens his eyes, and tries to scream, but no sound is coming out. Mary looks at him and giggles, then does the exact same thing to her mom. I'm in shock. I want to scream, but I can't. The bed is getting more and more red from all of the blood, rushing out of both of their throats. Mary turns her back to them. I look in her eyes. It's not an empty look anymore. She looks... Satisfied, and she's smiling. She's still holding on to the knife. She starts to walk through the long hallway, up the attic stairs and sits down in front of the dollhouse. She puts the knife on the floor beside her. It doesn't take long for the blood on Mary's dress, to find its way to the dollhouse. It was blood I found on it. She's just sitting there and laughing. After some time, three officers comes running in, with their guns out. Mary grabs the knife, stands up and turns around. She starts to scream loudly, then charges at one of the officers. The man panickes and puts a bullet right in Mary's forehead. She hits the ground with a bump, and in that second, I'm back in my own attic, the officers are gone and so is Mary. Holy shit. I'm not sure that I believe everything I just saw. My heart is pounding like crazy, I'm sweating and I'm crying. I sigh, try to get myself pulled a little bit together, before I go downstairs to my room.  I lay down in bed, pulls the blanket over my head and close my eyes. I open them again three seconds later and there stands Mary beside my bed. She's staring at me.
"It wasn't my fault!" She screams and then she dissapears. I quickly sit up. I feel like I'm frozen. I'm too scared to move, and I can barely breath.

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