Lost Without You

A teenage girl named Jade moves from here home town (Colorado) to San Antonio, Texas. While she is there she only has 2 weeks of school before she graduates school. Her next door neighbors are a group of teenage boys who live together. Once they move into the house her brother becomes best friends with them, so its kind of hard when all her brothers friends flirt with her but she has a secret crush on one the boys. Will her brother disapprove? Will it end there relationship?


1. Introduction

Mia's P.O.V


I was just sitting there in my empty room, remembering all my memories I had in this lovely house. Its really hard leaving this place. I can't believe I have to leave everything here, The thing that scares me the most, Is how am I going to make new friends. Almost everyone in my hometown knows I'm shy. How can I make new friends when I am  always the quiet one? My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my bedroom door. I knew it was my brother because he has a weird knock.

"yea what's up?" I said
"Are you ready to go? our plane leaves in an hour, don't want to be late." Jacob said

" Yeah hold on let me say bye to the old place."

" Oh. ok. well hurry up"

"Ok I will" 


Once I said goodbye to our "old house" I got in the car and we drove off to the airport. I was so nervous because I have never been on an airplane, My thought s were once again interrupted when a lady on the intercom said " Flight 456 to San Antonio, Texas, please board the plane."  


I sat by the window because no one wanted to sit by the window. It took four and a half hours to get to Texas. Before I passed out immediately or 30 minutes after we boarded the plane, I woke up by someone shaking me. I opened my eyes realizing that it was my brother, I was so mad at him because you know I need my beauty sleep. We got a taxi to our "new house". the truck already got to there, so all  you seen were guys putting our things into the house as I examined the neighborhood a blue house caught my eye, it had six boys standing on there porch just watching the movers put in all our stuff. Once the car stopped, I just felt a whole bunch of eyes glare at me, it kind of felt uncomfortable but I shrugged it off. What scared me the most was that, my phone buzzed which made me jump. It said *New Message From Pickles<3*.

I opened up the chat it had 6 boys in it then my best friend.

Pickles~ Hey girl hey did u land yet?

Me~ Yes I did, I cant wait to finally see you in person!!!

Pickles~ I know right!

Jc~ who is this chick?

Kian~ Yea who is she????

Pickles~ She is my best friend, do u gotta problem???

Kian~ Dang Bri calm down we were just asking a question. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

Jc~ yeah calm down dude.

Me~ umm, My name is Mia by the way, I just moved from Colorado.

Jc~ not to sound creepy or anything but are you standing against a white jeep in a drive way?

( just to clarify our two cars were already at the house)

Me~ um yea how did you know?

Jc~ look at the blue house

I look over and see a guy with curly hair waving his hand. I automatically fell in love. Then all 6 boys start walking towards me. Once they got closer and closer my stomach filled with butterflies, my hands were getting sweaty, I began to panic, and the worst thing, I started to blush. I knew I started to blush because I could feel my ears heat up. I snapped out of my thoughts when some guy with short brown hair said " Are you Mia?"

" Uh yeah sorry about that"

" What do you mean sorry you did nothing wrong" Jc said

" Oh well I kind of got lost into my thoughts" I blushed again

" your cute when you blush" Kian said

" Um thanks"

I guess my brother saw because he came over to me, he stood by my side.

" Who are these guys Mia?" Jacob said

"I don't know I barely met them not even like 5 minutes ago."

" Sorry for not introducing ourselves, my name is Kian" the one with the short brown hair.

"Jc" the one with curly hair with blond in it.

"Connor" The one with light brown hair that kind of had his hair to the left ( my left his right).

"Ricky" with his hair sticking up, and had brown hair with bond in it, kind of like that guy Jc.

"Sam" with blonde hair

"And last but not least, I am Trevor the pretty one" the one with short light brown hair.

"Well as you know I am Mia and this is my brother Jacob"

"Hi nice to meet you guys. Mia come on mom wants us to go put or stuff in our rooms. Would you guys like to come in?" Jacob said

At the same time all of the guys said "Yea, sure."

We walked into my house, but Jc pulled me to the back of the group with him. When his skin touched my skin, it felt amazing. To be honest I have never had a boyfriend just a guy best friend. We acted like if we dated but I'm pretty sure he didn't feel the same way, the way I did. Its been about a year since me and him talked. I really do miss him. He was my human diary, he knew everything about me, he was like a dream come true or an angel sent from heaven. But then one day some girl came into the picture and destroyed everything. Me and her were friends but then best friends then I introduced them and they liked each other when they first saw each other. I help them get into a relationship but they never thanked me. Yes I kept asking about him, I kept talking about him but once school started she changed. Then we stopped talking. She was hanging around the wrong crowd and try to make me hang out with those people but I just told her to stay away from me. Now in school since I moved, I have one friend. I have never met her before but we would talk all the time on social media, and that was Bri. She was like Anthony (my guy best Friend) but she only lived in another state which was Texas. But to tell you how our friendship ended between me and Anthony,

* Flash back*

~~he kept on finding all these guys on his girlfriends posts and she would flirt back then he asked me else has she done to him, so I told him I told him everything. He messages her and asks her if it was true or not, and of course she would say no, and he believed her. I couldn't help it anymore I told him "f you are not going to take my advice don't come to me anymore. I am so sick and tired of helping people with there problems and try to make them happy, when I am not even happy. And you want to take her back after all she did to you plush she lied about what she did. I thought you were smart then that, I thought you wouldn't let these "hoes" mess with your mind but I guess you are to blind to see what she is doing." when I said that to him he immediately messaged back saying "Ok fine I wont bother you anymore." I just ignored his message and deleted his number.

* End of flash back*

I didn't realized I was crying until I felt a thumb wipe a tear off my cheek, and someone asking if I was okay and why was I crying. My vision when clear and saw that all six boys were looking at me with worried looks even my brother. I quickly ran to my brother and just hugged him and cried into his chest. He just kept rubbing my back and saying in my ear "its going to be okay". I step back and tell him " NO! No its not going to be okay I miss him so much I cant get over him. He was my best friends my everything and just because I was mad and jealous it ruined everything. He's gone and I cant change that anymore. All I do is make mistakes, and it makes me loose those who I love! So don't tell me 'its going to be okay' when its not!" I storm off down the street. I pull out my phone for the nearest park so I can think in peace without any stupid people thinking everything is going to be okay. Luckily the park was only 5 minutes away. I walked slowly but not to slow. Then all of a sudden I heard a whole bunch of foot steps behind me. I turned around and see Jc, Kian, Ricky, Connor, Sam, and Trevor, they were all running towards me.


So I hoped you guys liked my FIRST fan fiction. If you guys want to you can follow me on my social media down below if you really liked my first fan fiction.

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