Summer of Anubis (HOA fan fic) (Nina)

(Disclaimer : this is all based of what I have watched (season one and a bit of two) so If I get anything wrong please don't hate me. Happy reading!)

Its summer after Nina's first year in Anubis house and she loved it and cant wait to go back but has to wait the hole summer but she has to make plans and thoughts to sort out so she seizes her chance to sort it all out and as a bonus she has Fabian's phone number so she can consult stuff with her!

(this is a work in progress and hopefully there will be at least and Fabian story)


1. The Morning

Nina woke up expecting to see amber fast asleep but to her disappointment she was in her own room in America... but suddenly she realized she was in America and she could see her friends. but her mood dropped when she saw her clock as it said 2:00 am... So she turned over and went back to sleep till 6:00 and her phone vibrated she checked to see if one of her American friends had got up early but it was Fabian wonder why she hadn't texted him yet she replied with ,"sorry Fabian I woke up hours ago and went back to sleep and its still only 6:00am over here...". while waiting for him to answer she got up and got dressed and had breakfast. she heard her grandmother upstairs and a couple of minutes later her phone vibrated a couple of times and her grandmother walked into the room and welcomed her back. Nina picked up her phone and saw a message from Fabian and lily (one of her American friends) she welcomed her back in her message and Fabian apologized if he had woken Nina up and asked her what she doing today. Nina replied with "I am going to meet up with old friends and go out maybe see movie and have dinner but I cant talk now as I have to go". Fabian didn't reply as he thought it would be rude but Nina still sent him one last message. it said. "talk to you soon. love you xxx" this time Fabian did reply saying he loved her too and said bye and went out. As Nina was walking to her friends house she saw some strange graffiti of what looked like the eye of Horus. She pulled it out and looked at the picture of a young Sarah and remembered the adventure from the previous school year. she suddenly realized she had passed lily's house so she ran back to find lily laughing her head off.

"You've been away to long". says lily through tears of laughter

Nina starts to laugh "yeah I think that two" she chuckles 

Lily decides to wise up and asks, "so how you been" they start to walk to the cinema

Nina talks about the school year and about the cup of ankh then she comes to Fabian, "and there's a boy" the thought of him made her blush.

"Who who?!", lily begged Nina

"He's called Fabian", Nina said dreamily 

They were at the cinema and they walked in and forgot about Fabian chose a film they finally decided on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

They bought some popcorn and a coke each and went in to see the movie.      

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