the boys upstairs

two best friends that just graduated high school move to London to start a music career. They move into an apartment and to there surprise, guess who lives upstairs. Drama happens, romance and to find out more.


3. Intro.

lilys pov


"POTATO!!" i hear kitty call as i walk inside with a heavy box. "WHAT?!" I yell back. "GET THE LAST BOX" she asks. Rudely may i add. "A PLEASE WOULD BE NICE" she giggles in response "pleaseee" she finally says. "thank you.but no" i say with a smirk. "come onnnnnnn lilyyy." she begs. "no" i say with a straight face. "fine then you pickle" she says and walks out to get the box." 5 seconds later i see her running back through the apartment door. " forgot the box" i say looking at her. "I SAW CUTE HUMANS" she yells "cool beans" i say not caring to much. "woah" i squealed as she pushed me out the door. "um THANKS." i say sarcastically. "look at them." kitty says. "weirdo" i say while looking up. and may i say....zayum.. "i call the cute Asian." kitty says proudly. "i dont think hes Asian kitty.." i say tilting my head and squinting to get a better look since the sun was blinding my eyes. i feel emptiness beside me so i look up only to see gabby walking toward the group of guys. "gabby?gabby?!" i whisper yell as i speed walk after her. 




gabbys p.o.v

ignoring lily i look over at the two guys, without thinking twice i start walking over to them.

"hi im new to the apartment." i say awkwardly. 

"hey, i am calum" a deep voice says 

as i look up i see the tan 'asian' boy smiling at me i put out my hand for him to shake 

"nice to meet you" i say

i feel chills as his strong hands shake mine


lilys pov

i awkwardly stand a few feet away from gabbys discussion with the guys. "hello" i hear behind me scaring me. i jump turning around. "sorry i didnt mean to scare you.." i hear once again. i finally look up responding. "i-its okay." i say shyly. "im luke." the luke guy says. "hi im lily." i say trying to sound more confident. "nice to meet you lily." luke says with a smile that killed me. my eyes roamed his arms and neck which was filled with tattoos. "you like them or are you just judging" he says when he caught me staring. "n-no i like them, there great, nice arms..." i ramble on. "sorry" i say looking down again. "that was adorable." he says with a warm smile.i smile back.


gabbys pov:

"greenday!"calum playfully shouts back i giggle as i shout back"nooooo, blink is" as we carry on this very intense conversation i hear a car honk behind me as i turn around i see my brother Micheal running towards me i sequel "MIKEY" i run into his arms attacking him to the ground. he laughs as we fall.

after a few minutes of us laughing historically on the ground we help each other up 

lily runs over to give mikey a hug and tell him hi 

i see the tall blonde boy who was talking to lily walk over to calum as they both stare at us with curiosity. Micheal than walks over to them and says hi, now all four of us are exchanging looks of confusion .

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