Pitty Me!

'523 Is out of prison again'
'don't we all feel safe.'
He was in for grievous bodily harm this time.'
'Do we know how long we have got till he hits the streets again and slips under the radar.'
About three hours why?'
'Leave him to me, hes mine.'


3. The Job

The phone rang loudly in Griff's ear. he rolled over in the bed and picked up the receaver.

'It's Mr Collins here, can you fetch the car from the garage and meet me out the front. I have an important meeting at ten and you need to drop Matt off at school first.'

Griff jumped off the bed and raced outside to locate the garage. He found two cars in there. The first one was an Bentley Mulsanne speed and second one was a BMW 218I Sport Convertible. he tries the door on the Bentley and it opens and the key was on the seat. He got in and brought the car around to the front of the house.

Mr Collins was on his phone at the front door and Matt his son was struggling with his school bags.

Griff took his bags and puts them in the car, he guesses the boy was about seven years old. Matt gets in the car and Griff opens the door for his father. Mr Collins puts his phone down and settles himself into the seat.

'Griff.' he says 'May I call you Griff?'

'Yes.' Griff says as he starts the car and drives off down the leafy lane away from the house.

'Good, I need you to take Matt to his school in Paddington way and then you need to drop me off at the houses of parliament. I have an official meeting with an important MP there. Do you think you can do that?'

the sat nav looked promising to him. he punched in the street for Matt's school and they were off. he dropped Matt off and headed for the houses of parliament. Just then the internal phone rang.

'That's for you.' Mr Collins said as he lifted his head from his newspaper. Griff pressed the intercom button and Mrs Collins was on the other line.

'I need you back straight away to take me to Oxford Street thank you.' Then the phone went dead

'You better get a move on, she does not like to wait.' Mr Collins said.

the day went quickly after he dropped Mrs Collins off. he was back at the houses of parliament to take Mr Collins home, then it was time to pick up Matt. he had never been so busy. it was better than preparing dead bodies he thought to himself as he headed home for the last time that day.

the days slipped into weeks and Griff settled in nicely, even Thelma seemed to be coming around to Griff's happy moods. he could not believe his luck, this was his best job ever.

The next day Griff stopped at a corner shop to get a sausage role when he spied the news in a t.v shop next door. The picture was of Kevin, Gunner and Tiddler being put into a police car and taken away, for a long time Griff thought.

'Idiots.' he said as he laughed to himself.

He drove the car back chomping on his sausage role happily as he turned a bend. In front of him in the middle of the road was a man wearing a suit and pointing a gun at the car. Griff slowed right down and dropped his sausage role under the chair. just then the man opened fire and smashed the windscreen. Griff put the car in reverse and drove out of there as fast as he could. when he got back he informed Mr Collins of the incident and he seemed very interested in what he had to say. that night Griff could not sleep ,something was troubling him about the attack. why me he thought. when he go up the next day he headed for the car ready to start his job he was confronted with a dead man on his bonnet and the windscreen replaced. he ran up to Mr Collins and told him what he had seen. Mr Collins walked back to the car with him and there was no body there and a clean bonnet.

'There was a dead body there it was the man that shot at me yesterday. I know what I saw.' he said.

'Don't worry.' Mr Collins said 'just take me to work and you can take the rest of the day off. ill get a taxi home.'

Griff could not understand it, he was feeling like everything was imploding in his head. everything seemed so nice and now this had happened. was he just deluding himself. could this job not be as good as it seemed. he was starting to feel scared, his gut was telling him something. he needed to lessen to his body, something did not add up. he had plenty of money he thought to himself now would be a good time to leave the job. he convinced himself to give in his resignation in the morning and work one more week. then he felt he needed to go for his own sanity. it was another sleepless night as he had nightmares about dead bodies and gunshot sounds. he woke to the sound of the phone, he picked it up. it was Mr collins

have a day off Griff no questions asked just wash and clean the cars when you get the chance. after dinner maybe. the Bentley needs a good clean inside. i will leave that with you.

he put the phone down and Griff for some reason felt worse. what was going on. he headed down the the garage to inspect the cars. everything seemed normal. but what was that goo on the floor was the car leaking oil. it seemed to be coming from  the back not the front. Griff walked towards the boot and checked to see if it was open. it was and as he opened it his fears were realized. there was a dead blood covered body in the boot. on top of it was a message. Griff read it

I scratched your back and now you scratched mine goodbye Griff, enjoy your new sentence in prison.



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