Pitty Me!

'523 Is out of prison again'
'don't we all feel safe.'
He was in for grievous bodily harm this time.'
'Do we know how long we have got till he hits the streets again and slips under the radar.'
About three hours why?'
'Leave him to me, hes mine.'


4. On The Run

The dead body in the boot was staring at him he did not now what to do. His breath was caught in his lungs, he panicked and ran to the front of the house but the door was locked. Then he tried to go back through to the kitchen but the internal door was locked too.

'Thelma let me in.' Griff shouted but there was no reply. The radio was on in the kitchen and Griff could hear the news.

'Police are investigating a murder at Furthest Meadow House. It appears that one Griff farrow a recently released prisoner has killed an MP. the body was found in the early hours of this morning in the boot of a car by Mr Collins. he is very distressed and does not wish to talk about it.'

'What!' Griff says as he runs back into the garage. he takes the keys from the Bentley and drives off out of the lane away from the house. he heads for the themes. he hales the body out of the boot and dumps it in the river

'Ill get him for this.' he says as he takes the car for a valeting service and pays for them to deliver it back to the house after.

He then goes back to Karen in the job center.

'You are no the news Griff, you better hand yourself in. I can not help you now.'She said.

'You can tell me who hired me for this job, you told me not to ask why?'

'I can not Griff they will have my job for that.'

'Tell me now quickly, I have got to go, they are going to put me back in prison for something I did not do.' Here Griff hands her ten pounds. 'We are straight now, for all that is good tell me!'

'OK it was Mr Pickering from MI5, it was confidential information.'

'I bet it was.' Griff said. 'Thank you.' he says as he kisses her on the cheek. he quickly made his way to the other side of the city to find Stem. Stem was an underground group of ex cons known to be without remorse. they destroyed and terrorized at will. Griff walked in unannounced and approached Malachi the leader of stem.

'Mal it's me Griff, prisoner 523 I want to join.'

'Ar Griff farrow I wondered when you were going to show up. I see you have been busy.'

'I have been framed, I did not Kill him.'

'Now, now Griff you know we don't judge here, were free to do our hearts desire, who's to say what your desire is.'

'I did not kill him, I wish I had to be honest I would rather go to prison for something I did do.

'If you did not do it who did?'

'It was Mr Collins my boss he left me a note.'

'Well,well,well Griff it looks like you are in a bit of a pickle but as it happens so am I, I have got to sort out one Kevin Thomas for blaming Stem for his stupid crimes.'

'Oh no.' Griff laughed out loud 'Not Kevin and his cash machine heist.'

'Yes I am afraid it is why do you now him, now him I went to prison with him, he's such an idiot.'

'Stay there Griff I will get back to you in a minute.'

Griff made himself comfortable on a sofa overlooking a fish tank. It was true Stem was a criminal organization responsible for fifty percent of the crime in the UK, but it was organized crime not the sort of bundled effort of the likes of Kevin. Five minutes later Malachi was back.

'Yes Griff we will hide you.' he said. follow me, I will take you to the second floor outside your room are two security guards for yours and our protection, stay in your room and enjoy room service if you wish. but don't leave. I will look into your case. OK.'

'OK thank you Malachi.'

'No worries Griff were all brothers yes, see you soon.'

Griff entered the room and perused the room service menu, he was getting hungry. he ordered the stake and chips and sat down on the bed to watch a bit of T.V. The weather report finished then he heard that there had been a fight at one of the prisons in the UK and Kevin Thomas had been killed.

'Stem.' he said to himself. 'Poor idiot.'

He then turned over and watched a comedy instead before dropping to sleep for the night.

the next day Malachi called for him and he went down to see him. at the breakfast table he was buttering some toast.

'Sit down Griff help yourself to anything.'

Malachi sat down opposite him and said. 'Did you hear the news last night.'

'Yes.' Griff said 'Kevin is dead.'

'Yes, yes that will quieten them down a bit don't you think.'

'Defiantly.' Griff said as he eyed up an especially tasty looking bacon butty. he grabbed it and sat munching away as Malachi filled him in.

'Well Griff we have been doing a bit of research and as it happens Mr Collins has vast assets in the Iranian oil fields. he is trying to pass a bill that says he can sell his oil any where in the UK.'

'Where do I come into all this?' Griff said as he took another bite.

'Well it appears that that MP you found was getting in his way and he needed a scapegoat to take the rap for his murder. He hired you to frame you.'

'But what about that man that shot at me.'

'Are, yes we know about that one. hes called Jack Frasier. he works for the local vigilantes group. They take out criminals that are let out of prison. he did not like your track record so you were up for annihilation. They like to cleanse the streets of filth like you and me. dont worry about him Mr Collins did you a favor. now we only have to get you acquitted for murder and we are done. the police can not find any evidence of a body in the car because it is clean and the body has vanished so you should be a free man soon.'

'What about MI5.'

'They dont want anything to do with it. we have our contacts and they have backed down.'






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