Pitty Me!

'523 Is out of prison again'
'don't we all feel safe.'
He was in for grievous bodily harm this time.'
'Do we know how long we have got till he hits the streets again and slips under the radar.'
About three hours why?'
'Leave him to me, hes mine.'


1. Introduction

Pitty me, why not, everybody else does. I have had two prison stays in twelve years. I know more about living in prison than living outside. That is the biggest challenge for me, living outside I mean. my name is Griff and I am prisoner 523. Or I was until  my release today. Now I am just straight old Griff Farrow. The door unlocked and re locked and the prison doors opened and there I was again on the cold hard streets of London with the rain poring down my face. i had a scrunched up peace of paper that read job center today meat social worker Karen to start claim and arrange housing. that was not the best of starts to my day. I would rather be wandering up to the study group right now to continue my B.A in Philosophy. That.s what I did in prison on a Monday. but right now I had to get my bum over to the job center because I only had two pounds in my pocket and I was dying for a big mac.

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