Pitty Me!

'523 Is out of prison again'
'don't we all feel safe.'
He was in for grievous bodily harm this time.'
'Do we know how long we have got till he hits the streets again and slips under the radar.'
About three hours why?'
'Leave him to me, hes mine.'


2. Free And Easy

Hello my little jail bird, I see you have nearly finished this one. once your done go to the store room and get another coffin. The boss said.

Griff had been working at an undertakers for about a week. his social worker at the job center had arranged it for him. He new how hard it was to get a job when you were an ex con, so he was pleased to have it. Karen had warned him if he lost this one it would be along wait for another. so far so good, to date he had prepared five dead people for burial. This one was the hardest though because she reminded him of his Nan. His Nan had had a wicked sense of humuor and smoked like a chimney. Griff had fond memories of her. he lit up another cigarette and opened the back door. he then pushed a fresh one between her lips.

'Have one on me.' he said as he stepped out side for a bit of clean air. Five minutes later he went back inside but the corpse had gone.

He ran into reception wearing his overalls and shouted,

'Where's the dead lady.'

Everybody in there turned and started at him in disbelief

'If you mean Mavis Adams.' the receptionist said nonchalantly

'She is on the way to the church.'

'God, no.' Griff said.

'Ive got to get her back.'

He shouted as he ran out of the door and down the road towards the church. this one was only two streets away thank god he thought to himself. he hoped he would get there in time. as he entered the church he could here crying and a angry voice shouting over the church organ.

'How could you, she died of lung cancer from smoking. the last thing we want to see is a cigarette in her mouth.'

Griff stopped dead he realized the damage had already been done. just then his boss from 'Death And Life The Undertakers For You' walked past and said 

'You are fired!'

'No, no wait.' Griff said 'it wont happen again honest.'

'To right.' he said 'YOU ARE FIRED and that's the end of it and don't expect a pay cheque because there wont be one.'

Griff headed home after a steaming conversation with Karen on the phone. there was no other job in the pipe line for him or the chance of any money for four weeks. he opened his door and sat on the floor in the living room. the council had given him a flat but he had no furniture which meant he had been sleeping on the floor for a week.

suddenly there was a knock at the door and he got up and opened it. to his surprise Kevin was standing there. Kevin was one of Griff's mates from prison if you could call him a mate Griff thought. he had known him for three years straight but he was not what you would call a good friend. he was a prison mate that was all.'

'Alright bro, Griff says. 'what brings you here?'

'Karen gave me your address, shes a stupid girl, you need to get away from her mate, I could have been anybody. she should not be giving out your stuff like that, I would sack her mate, seriously.'

'Dont talk about sacking, not after the day I have had.'

'No kidding, what you been at?'Kevin says as he looks around the room and resigned himself to sitting on the floor.

'You don't need to know, but I am skint as f......k.'

'Whats up, you lost your job?'Kevin says

'Yes you lost yours?'Griff says fully expecting the answer to be yes since Kevin was a bit of a jack the lad if he remembered rightly.

'Man!!, yes weeks ago, I did not want that rubbish. No I am on to bigger and better things, come with me, man, let me show you.

Griff looked away and rolled his eyes and thinking there was nothing better to do he said.'OK bro, you lead the way.'He threw his coat on and they left. They walk into a dark alley way about a mile away from Griff's flat and Kevin opens up a large garage.

'Step in man make yourself at home.'Kevin said as he switched on the light.

Griff walked in and noticed there was a fridge a make shift bed and a coffee machine.

Your not living here are you?'Griff says as he switches on the coffee machine.

'No bro what you think? of course I am anyway, look at this.'

All over the walls in the garage were drawings of cash machines and banks in and around the city. We are going to raid cash machines in London. We have selected the best areas and we have a solid plan. You can meet the boys later. there is Tiddler the driver and Gunner the bouncer, for protection you now. hes not very bright but he does what you ask if your polite.

'What you think, you in or what?' Of course if you say no I will have to kill you because you know to much, but your chose any way its a free country.

'Your robbing cash machines Kevin, I thought you were straight now.'

'Don't bore me Griff, I was never straight I was just bidding my time until the state could pay for the miss-justice they did to me.'

'Your still not on about that are you?'

'You bet and I am going to stick it up there a....ses when I get loads of Wonga, you see if I don't,.............. you in or not?'

'Kevin it is the most stupid idea I have ever heard and I have heard a few in my time in the clinker.'

'Are you kidding me?' Kevin said with sadness in his voice.

'No, you need to launder the money and do you now how many cameras are on those machines., its not going to work mate, give it up.'

He taped Kevin on the shoulder, 'Kevin my lad you never change do you, give me a ring when you get your next bright idea and I will be sure to leave the country. .'You idiot.' Griff whispered as he walked out of the garage and back to his flat. The roads were very wet now and it was getting blustery, Griff felt cold and hungry. As he approached his flat he could see the door was ajar and there seemed to be bullet holes in it. he sheepishly opened the door and put on the light. Right in front of him was a message written in, he sniffed it and got closer.

'I do believe it is jam.' he said as he licked the first letter, the most food he had had all day. the message read,

'You must dye.'

'Inventive.' he said as he licked it completely off the wall and closed the door behind him. The street were very cold now and the darkness seemed to last forever at night. he walked around the many shop fronts in London looking for some where warm to settle for the night. he was stiff wet and grumpy. At last he found a dry door way and he crouched down to get warm. in the morning Griff went back to the job center to see Karen.

'I am glad you came today I have got a new job for you. Its come from the top so ask no questions just take it.'

'What is it?' Griff said as he tried to stop himself shacking from the cold of the night he had spent outside.

'Its a chauffeurs job in Michem. Will you take it or shall I give it to somebody else.'She said with a smile playing on her face

'No,no ill take it.' he shouted, 'when do I start?'

'Now.' she said 'Its cash in hand a week in advance so I would leg it if I were you. The address is here, take it and go,'

Griff took the address and ran out of the job center and stopped. the journey would take all day on foot and he needed money. He ran back in.

Karen stared at him suspiciously,

'Have you changed your mind.' she said

'No I have no money, how do I get there?'he asked.

'Oh I did not think of that, she opened her purse and gave him a tenner, pay me back when you can, NOW GO!!'she said.

Griff gave her a kiss on the cheek and ran from the center again. This time he found a taxi and left for his new job. The taxi turned a corner after a ten minute drive from the job center and took him down a leafy lane that went one for about a mile. All around him was farm land and fields, he opened the window to smell the fresh air and his mouth nearly dropped open as they approached a stately home. The building was massive. There was five floors that Griff could see and three balconies. at the front door was a lady dressed in a uniform. Griff payed the taxi driver and stepped out to meet her.

Hi I am Thelma and I believe you are the new chauffeur. Yes, follow me. She said as Griff nodded his head and followed. This house is called Furthest Meadow House and the lady and lord of the house like to be called Mr and Mrs Collins. there son Ben is seven now and you will see him tomorrow for the school run. These are your clothes, they are a standard uniform of a suit and tie combination. I believe lady Collins wants to go shopping tomorrow so you will be busy. Now I will show you to your room. It on the lower floor next to the garage, breakfast is at six and dinner if you are here at twelve sharp. I will leave you now to settle in, if you need anything just ring me on this internal phone line. when you get your jobs tomorrow the lady and lord will ring you on this phone. See you in the kitchen in ten minutes, it is down the corridor and to the left. see you then. Thelma left and Griff flopped onto the bed, he could not believe his luck. how could this be. he quickly threw on the clothes and headed to the kitchen. Thelma was sat at the table drinking coffee.

'Help yourself.' she said as she pointed at the coffee machine.

Thank you Griff said as he pored himself a cup and sat down opposite her.

'Its a nice day, outside I mean.' Griff said to try and break the ice.

'Is it i had not noticed.' she said

'Forgive me but you seem a little down.'

'Do I' she said with out looking up.

'Well that's my job Mr farrow and that's how I like to keep it.' She got up from the table and left. Griff sat in the quiet kitchen listening the clock ticking for about an hour before he got up and went to his room. He looked at the phone as if waiting for a call, but it did not come so he lay on the bed like he had done in his cell in prison and meditated for the rest of the day.





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