Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


7. Tree House Fun

At that moment a boy walks into the yard. He has blond hair with it being longer right in the front than anywhere else, and he has it styled perfectly so it isn’t in his eyes. He’s wearing a green-blue button up shirt, dark green pants, and nice black tennis shoes. As he gets closer, I see he has light green with a hint of blue eyes.

“Hey Butters,” Stan says.

“Hey Stan,” the boy smiles. “Um, hello to you too,” he looks over at me.

“Hi, I’m Rosalynn. Call me, Rosa,” I smile back.

“She’s part of our group now,” Stan says.

“A girl?” Butters questions. “Sweet.”

I giggle, “I’m glad to be so welcomed by you guys.”

“You can head up Butters,” Stan nods to the tree house. “Some of the guys are up there already.”

“Okay,” Butters bounds up the ladder.

“His real name is Leopold Stotch. We call him Butters. Always have,” Stan chuckles. “He’s always so happy. He’s turning seventeen this fall.”

“Interesting. I like him a lot already,” I smile. “How many more guys do I have to meet?”

“Only five more today. We hope to plan a party to get all the kids together in one place and you can mingle with everyone.”

I giggle, “We really aren’t kids, Stan.”

“I’d like to believe we still are.”

Two boys round the corner and enter the yard. The one on the left has shaggy blond hair; a few strands keep drifting past his eyes. His golden eyes keep twitching and he hold of coffee in his hands. He’s wearing a green shirt not buttoned up right, jeans, and blue tennis shoes. The boy on the right is wearing a blue chullo hat with a yellow poof ball on top that’s covering his black hair, but just like every other boy wearing a hat, some hair is sticking out. His red-brown eyes show no emotion. He has a blue jacket on, blue jeans, and black boots.

“Tweek, Craig,” Stan points to said boy.

“Hi,” Craig looks over to me. “Who are you?”

“Rosalynn,” I answer. “Just call me Rosa.”

“Hi Rosa,” Tweek blurts out.

“Hello Tweek,” I smile.

“Hm, Cartman agreed on letting a girl into the group?” Craig asks.

“Yeah,” Stan nods. “She’s not prissy or anything.”

“I like your yellow poof ball, Craig,” I bat my eyelashes at the chullo wearing boy.

“Not prissy, eh?” Craig flips me off for a few seconds.

“Fuck off,” I laugh. “I was kidding.”

“Hm, come on Tweek. You’re cool for now, Rosa.”

“Don’t be mean to her Craig,” Tweek sputters out.

“I like you Tweek,” I smile right at the coffee holding boy.

Then Craig and Tweek head up the ladder into the tree house.

“So Tweek is addicted to coffee?” I ask.

“Pretty much,” Stan answers. “His dad owns a coffee shop too, so he’s been drinking it for who knows how long. Helps him with his anxiety. That’s what he says.”

“How old is he?”

“Tweek Tweak is almost seventeen and Craig Tucker is seventeen.”

“Hm, okay. Craig is kind of an ass. Cartman seems better than him.”

“Yeah, but he’s not that bad once you get to know him.”

I shrug, “We’ll see.”

After a few minutes of silence, three more boys enter the yard.

The one on the left has slightly shaggy brown hair; brown eyes; blue collared, red button up jacket; red pants; red high-tops. The one on the right has short black hair; looks like purple eyes; red collared, button up blue jacket; black pants; red low-tops. Then the boy in the middle is the first black kid I’ve seen in South Park. He has short dark brown, super curly hair; dark brown eyes; purple sweater with a golden ‘T’ in the middle’ black skinny jeans; nice brown shoes.

“Clyde, Kevin, Token,” Stan points from left to right.

“Hey Stan,” Token nods.

“Who are you?” Clyde smirks at me.

“Oh, I’m Rosalynn,” I smile back. “Rosa is what I go by.”

“Well Rosa,” Kevin says. “I’m glad a girl has decided to hang with us.”

“New girls deserve friends,” Stan says. “Head on up guys, we’ll follow.”

The three boys nod and head up the ladder into the tree house.

“Full names and ages please,” I giggle.

“Token Black is almost seventeen, Clyde Donovan is seventeen, and Kevin Stoley is almost seventeen.”

I nod, “Everyone has been really close in height. Besides Token, he looked taller than Kenny.”

“He is, by a few inchers. He’s the star of the basketball team.”

“Of course he is.”

“Let’s head up. I’m betting a certain someone has missed you a little too much.”

I roll my eyes, “Whatever. Let’s head up.”

“Ladies first,” Stan motions to the ladder.

The tree house is filled with laughter and talking. It makes me smile knowing these are the people I’m going to become friends with.

In the middle of all the boys is a big board game of some sort, and they are all getting ready to play.

I spot Kenny on the other side of the room, sitting crisscross, and smiling at me. He motions me over with his index finger.

I smile and head over to him, sitting down next to him as close as possible.

“Took you long enough,” Kenny chuckles.

“Oh shut up,” I lean into him. “What are we playing?”

“A board game version of a game we used to play as kids.” Kenny carefully puts his arm around my shoulder.

“Oh, like, you guys would dress up and play?”

“Yeah,” he holds up the card in his hand for me to see. “That’s really me dressed up.”

I have to squint to see it properly, since I didn’t bring my glasses. “Aw, you look like Princess Zelda. Princess Kenny is so pretty. Did the boys force you to dress up or did you want to?”

“Well, we needed a princess and I didn’t have a problem with it. Wearing a dress was so much fun.”

“Okay guys, let’s get playing!” Stan shouts out and everyone shuts up.

“Rosa, you can just watch this time,” Kyle says. “Next time we will put you in.”

“Fine by me,” I smile.

Then the boys dive right into the game. Never once really stopping. They fly through the game as if they’ve done it a million times before. It seems to start coming to an end in a few hours or so.

I get to know all the boys better and they get to know me.

It’s when Kenny wants me to read something where it kind of ruins it all.

“I can’t,” I look away from everyone.

“You can’t read?” Craig scoffs.

“I can read. I can’t see it, that’s all. I didn’t bring my reading glasses.”

“You have glasses?” Kyle asks.

I look up and slightly smile, “Yeah. I don’t bring them with me unless I know I need them.”

“Kenny has glasses,” Cartman says. “I bet you look like such a nerd when you wear them. Just like he does.”

“A cute nerd,” Kenny whispers to me.

“What’s wrong with your eyes, Kenny?” I ask.

“Distance,” he answers.

“Can we just get back to the game?” Cartman groans.

“Okay,” Kenny sighs and then reads what I could not.

*A Few Hours Later*

After finishing the game, we headed down into Stan’s house to have lunch. His mom ordered a few pizzas and breadsticks. We ate our fill, and drank a lot of pop.

Now some of the guys are playing video games and the rest of us are just chilling.

It’s gone kind of quiet, and now it’s my perfect chance to ask something that’s been on my mind since I watched them play the board game.

“Why don’t you guys live play that board game anymore?” I speak up. “I mean, you guys were having so much fun up in the tree house. Why’d you guys just give it all up?”

“I guess, we just grew out of it,” Stan shrugs. “And, we grew out of our costumes.”

“That’s so easy to fix,” I giggle. “We can go buy new things for it tomorrow or something.”

“You just want to play with us,” Craig slightly smirks. “But it would be fun to play again.”

“Who’s up to shop tomorrow?” Butters asks.

Most of us say yes; I can’t tell anyone’s voices apart so I’m not sure who says no.

“Okay, but Rosa, what will you be?” Kyle asks.

“She can be a princess with me,” Kenny says.

“Two princesses?” Butters asks.

“I’m cool with being a princess,” I smile.

“You guys can be lesbians,” Cartman snickers.

“That actually sounds like a nice twist,” Stan says.

“Sounds wonderful,” Kenny pulls me closer to him.

I roll my eyes, “Not a bad idea. I like it.”

“What princess are you going to dress up like?” Kyle asks.

“Rosalina,” I giggle. “She’s super pretty and the only other video game princess I know with blonde hair.”

“So, we’re going to the mall tomorrow?” Cartman asks.

“Yes, and I’m inviting the girls,” Stan says. “Someone has to help pick out the dresses and everything else. It’ll be perfect.”

“I can’t wait.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* This is out later than I wanted, but I'm glad I got it out! Hope you liked it, and more coming out tomorrow. :D  
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