Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


21. Thunderstorm

*Five Days Later*

“Back to school shopping,” I almost groan. “Anything we’re looking for?”

“A jacket for you,” Stan says. “You are the only one who doesn’t have a jacket. In our grade, anyways.”

“Hm, one jacket?”

“You can get two if you want,” Kenny says. “You can get a parka like me.”

I smile, “Like a bright blue one?”


“And then a pink, blue, and yellow jacket,” Kyle says.

“You know the pansexual colors?” I look at Kyle.

He smiles and rods, “I’m very smart. I know a lot.”

“Can we just get to the store?” Cartman groans.

“Yes,” Stan laughs. “Calm down, fatass.”

“Fuck you, I’m not fat.”

“Just a little tubby,” I look over at Cartman. “Food is good, I understand.”

“You’re skinny, what do you know about food?”

“I’m not skinny. I have stretch marks, and a belly. I’m not super fit by any means. God, you are stupid.”

“You’re perfect, though, Princess,” Kenny pulls me close.

“To you,” I sigh.

“He’s right, Rosa,” Cartman says. “You’re pretty perfect. That’s why I let you into the group.”

I smile, “I feel honored then.” I lean into Kenny, “Thanks Cartman. For that. You truly can be a nice guy.”

Cartman shrugs, “We made a deal at the beginning of this summer. I intend to keep it.”

*A Few Hours Later*

“You are too cute,” Kenny ruffles my hair.

“Stop,” I pout, swatting at his hand. “It’s comfy.”

“Parkas are,” Kenny grabs my hand.

“That’s a bright blue,” Stan says.

“The jacket you go is actually really cool,” Cartman says.

“The pansexual colors really do go together,” I nod. “The Pan Jacket is what I’ll call it.”

“You’re a dork,” Kyle laughs.

I giggle, “Yeah. I know I am.”

“A cute dork,” Kenny grins.

“Agreed,” Stan, Kyle, and Cartman say at once.

My face quickly heats up, “Thanks, you are such sweet boys. Fuck though, I’m blushing.”

“It’s cute when you blush,” Kenny pulls my hood up onto my head. “I’ll hide it for you, though.”

“Just a few weeks or so until school starts,” Stan chuckles.

“Don’t talk about it,” Cartman grumbles. “School fucking sucks and I don’t want summer to end.”

“What are we going to do to end summer with a bang?” I adjust my hood a bit.

“Let’s go camping,” Kyle says. “Invite a few more guys. Go out into the woods for a few days.”

“That doesn’t sound horrible,” Cartman says.

“I like that plan,” I smile.

“We’re doing it then,” Kenny says.

*The Next Evening*

“Mmm, you’re so comfy, Tweekers,” I smile as I wrap my arms around Tweek’s middle and snuggle into him.

“Um, ah, t-thanks,” Tweek puts his arm around me, running a hand shakily through my hair.

“You two are cute,” Kenny chuckles.

“I can’t believe you’re okay with that, Kenny,” Craig says.

“Oh, I trust Rosa,” Kenny ruffles my hair.

“So, who’s up for a scary movie?” Stan is going through his movies. He wanted the movie night at his house because his parents are out of town for a few days. He said it would be perfect since we would be able to do whatever we want.

“I’ll watch anything,” Butters starts handing out popcorn.

“I will if I have to,” I reply. “Tweek and Kenny will protect me.”

Kenny scoots closer to me, “You know damn well that I’ll protect you. From anything.”

“So, is Saw okay?” Stan asks.

“That’s not even scary,” Cartman scoffs.

“Then what scary movie should we watch, fatass?” Kyle asks.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is pretty scary,” Clyde says.

“Hm, oh, we have it,” Stan pulls a DVD off the shelf. “Everyone good with this?”

“I guess,” Tweek runs my hair through my hair again.

“It’ll be okay, Tweekers,” I give him a small squeeze.

“Someone turn all the lights off,” Cartman orders.

“On it,” Butters rushes off.

“I better not be scared to the point I can’t sleep,” I sigh.

“No worries, Princess,” Kenny whispers to me. “I can always sleep with you to fight the nightmares away.”

I smile, “You’re too sweet.”

The room goes dark and Stan puts the movie in.

Tweek tenses up a bit and I snuggle closer to him.

“It’s just a movie, Tweek. There’s no need to worry,” I glance up at Tweek. “If you get too scared we can leave the room. Okay?”

“Yeah. I’ll be fine. I’m w-worried about y-you.”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you. I think I’ll be fine. You’ll know if I’m not.”

“So, is everyone ready?” Stan questions. “Everyone have enough snacks? Drinks? Is everyone comfortable?”

A few boys get up and move around, and then we all tell Stan to start the movie. Stan presses play and I take a deep breath. I wonder if I’ll make it through this first movie.

*Late That Night*

I’ve lasted through all the scary movies, and only ran out once because of some gore. After five scary movies, we decided to change to anime movies. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one still awake and watching and watching. I can hear the snores of the guys, and I’m now snuggled into Kenny.

I yawn as I try to figure how much longer Spirited Away has left.

“Mm,” Kenny sits up and pulls me closer. “Love…Rosa.”

I smile, “That’s so sweet. Ah, I love Kenny.”

Kenny moves a bit more and then yawns. “Fuck, did I fall asleep?”

“Yeah,” I look up at him. “It’s fine. Your voice is so attractive right now.”

He looks down at me and smiles, “I guess so.”

“Why did you wake up? It wasn’t me, was it?”

“No, it wasn’t you, silly,” he runs a hand over my hair. “I’m not sure why I woke up.”

“Okay, so, what now?”

“I guess we’ll just sit here, you all snuggled into me. Chatting, if you’d like. I just like being with you. Real close to you.”

“Aw, I love being with you, too. I love you holding me and touching me in some way. I just love you. A whole bunch.”

He kisses my forehead, “I love you too. So fucking much.”

“I can’t believe that I’ll be spending forever with you.”

“It sounds wonderful. You’re the only girl I can see myself with. I mean, other thank Karen.”

I close my eyes and nuzzle my head into his chest. “You’re such a dork. I’m the only girl you can see marrying, right?”

“Yeah, the only one. From now, you’re the only girl I’ll be doing anything with.”

“And I’m so glad.”

*Five Days Later*

“Damn, it got dark fast,” I change the channel to the local news station.

“A storm must be blowing in, good thing Karen and I came over,” Kenny completely unzips his parka. “It’s rained a good amount this summer, but a storm is something I’ve been looking forward to.”

“I’m not too big on thunderstorms,” I pout.

A radar pops up on the TV and a big storm is headed right for South Park. It’s about twenty minutes away, and will last quite some time.

A crash of thunder from far off fills my ears.

“Aw, my Princess is gonna be scared soon?” Kenny grabs my hand.

“Shut up,” I flip the channel to another news station. “But, yeah.”

The storm rolls in as we switch between news stations to catch all the info on the storm. It’s gonna bring high winds and a lot of rain, and it starts right on time.

“If you just sit on my lap, I’ll hold you close and protect you,” Kenny smiles.

“I’m not scared,” I sigh.

The house shakes with a big crash of thunder followed by a bright flash of lightning.

I jump, right into Kenny’s lap, as a whimper escapes my lips.

“As, is someone scared now?” Kenny wraps his arms around me. “Don’t worry Princess. I’ll protect you.”

“I’m such a wimp,” I groan.

“No you’re not. I know plenty of people afraid of storms. Besides, it’s cute, and I like when you sit on my lap and snuggle into me. It’s no problem that you don’t like thunderstorms and they scare you.”

“Ugh, you are so sweet. I guess, it’s not too wimpy.”

“It’s not wimpy at all,” Kenny kisses the top of my head.

Another crash of thunder makes me whimper again and snuggle even more into Kenny.

“Sshh, it’s gonna be okay. I’m right here,” Kenny starts running his hands up and down my back.

“That feels so nice,” I almost purr.

“Damn, you’re too beautiful. I’m trying so hard to stay composed.”

“Soon, that really won’t matter.”

“I can’t wait for that day.”

“Me either.”


Hope you liked it! One or two more today. :D

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