Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


9. The Mall

When we reach the mall, Karen and Ashlyn walk ahead of us. Kenny has my hand engulfed in his as we follow behind.

“You have such big hands Kenny,” I giggle. “Really just long fingers.”

“Yeah, they are long, but they have good uses,” Kenny smirks.

“Always have to say something perverted, don’t you?”

“That’s me a perverted bastard.”

We enter the mall, and I spot Stan and the others right away. I pull Kenny ahead of Karen and Ashlyn and get us to the group in no time.

“Rosa, Kenny,” Stan smiles.

“Though you were gonna skip out on us,” Cartman teases.

I roll my eyes, “Yeah, no.”

“Can we go shopping now?” Ashlyn sighs.

“In a second, Stan is going to introduce us to some awesome people.”

“Oh yeah,” Stan says. “Well, this is Wendy, my girlfriend.”

Stan is pointing at a girl with straight black hair under a pink beret; blue-purple eyes; a light purple button up jacket not buttoned up so I can see her heart t-shirt underneath; a black skirt with yellow leggings; cute black boots with a little heel.

“Hello Wendy,” I smile and give her a small wave.

“Hi Rosa,” Wendy smiles back. “Stan has been telling me a lot about you, skater girl. I think we can become great friends.”

“Wendy is almost seventeen and her last name is Testaburger,” Stan whispers to me. “Then that’s Bebe.”

Stan is now pointing to a girl with super curly, almost frizzy, pure blonde hair; bright green eyes; wearing a bright red button up jacket that is not buttoned up so her black, lacey shirt is showing; black skirt with socks pulled up past her knees; cute black flats. She and Wendy seem to be around my height.

“Hello,” I give Bebe a small wave.

“She’s almost seventeen as well, and her last name Stevens,” Stan once again whispers to me. “And that’s Ruby, Craig’s little sister.”

The girl Stan is pointing at is over chatting away with Karen and Ashlyn. She has light auburn hair pulled into pigtails; light brown eyes; wearing a light blue dress that goes to her knees with short sleeves; cute bright red shoes with a small heel. She is just a tad taller than Karen and Ashlyn.

“Ruby is fourteen,” Stan doesn’t really whisper this time. “Lastly, that’s Krystal.”

The last girl Stan points to has wavy, light brown hair; bright blue-brown eyes; wearing a grey zip-up jacket that isn’t zipped up exposing a pink New York City t-shirt; jean shorts; pink low-tops.

“Hey,” I wave at Krystal.

“Nice to meet you,” Krystal smiles. She seems to be around my height as well.

“She moved here a couple of years ago,” Stan is back to really whispering. “She’s almost seventeen, and her last name is Brewer.”

“I’m glad to be a part of this awesome group,” I grin.

“Well, now that introductions are over, you can all head out and get your costumes and such.”

Everyone heads off but Stan, Wendy, and of course, Kenny.

“Give me your phone,” Stan holds out his hand.

“God Stan,” Wendy gives him a playful shove. “He just wants to put some numbers in.”

“Oh, okay,” I get my phone out of my pocket and hand it over to Stan.

“So guys, I’ve been wondering,” Wendy glances down at Kenny’s hand that’s encasing mine.

“Um, no,” I say. “Kenny and I aren’t together.”

“Aw, well, you two are super cute.”

“Oh, thanks. You and Stan seem perfect for each other.”

“Thanks,” Wendy flashes a smile. “We’ve had a lot of rough times, but we are finally good.”

“Yeah. Can you be elementary school sweethearts?” Stan asks.

“You guys weren’t serious until middle school though,” Kenny points out.

“That’s true,” Wendy nods.

“I’d put in my opinion, but I have no clue what the whole story is.”

“No worries, I’ll have a slumber party soon and we can catch you up on everything you need to know.”

“That sounds nice,” I wiggle my hand in Kenny’s grasp.

“Okay Rosa, here you go,” Stan hands my phone back to me. “Have fun out there getting your dresses.”

“We will,” Kenny starts dragging me away.

“Ah, see you later guys,” I look back and wave at Stan and Wendy.

A few seconds later we are deep in the mall and heading towards the cosplay store.

“Geez Kenny,” I laugh. “Are you in a hurry or something?”

“I mean, I really want to get my dress,” Kenny answers. “And spend some alone time with you. I can’t tell you how irritating it was waiting for Stan to finish with the damn phone numbers.”

“I can’t wait to see you in a dress,” I pull my hand out of his and wrap my arms around his middle. “And I can’t wait to be Princess Kenny’s girlfriend.”

“Is that why you are trying to get super close to me?” He runs his hand gently over my hair.

“Well, I know I shouldn’t be, and I am not rushing into a relationship.”

“But you feel a connection?”

“Huh? How did you know?”

“I’m kind of smart.”

“Well, I didn’t think you were stupid,” I sigh. “But, I can’t date you so soon after meeting. You have to understand. No matter how much I feel we should be together.”

“I understand. We made that deal, and I’m not one to break deals.”

“So, I want to add to that deal.”

“Um, all right.”

“After today, only the Princess’ can act like I’m acting right now.”

“I can live with that. School will be here before we know it anyways.”

“Not gonna ask to kiss a part of my face?”

“Hm, maybe later. Or not until we get back into the Stick of Truth.”

“Great self-control,” I let go of Kenny. “That was kind of a test.”

“And I passed?”

“Well, yeah you did. You truly are learning from what I tell you.”

“You are so against rushing into a relationship, aren’t you?”

“It’s not really that, but yeah. It is nothing against you, either. I just, feel should take it slow and all. Make sure we actually like each other. That this is more than a schoolyard crush. I don’t want to waste time in a destructive relationship.”

“It’s okay Rosa. I’ll whatever you want me to do.”

“Okay. Then we are going to be friends and take it slow then.”

*An Hour Later*

“You are so pretty, Kenny,” I chuckle as he does a twirl for me. “All you need is to put a wig on.”

Kenny looks back at me and smiles, “Thanks. But you look way better than me. You just need to style your hair right and you are perfect.”

“Thank you. Can I take a picture of you?”

“If I can take a picture of you for my phone.”

“Hm, sounds fair. Then I’ll need a picture of you normal, will, in your parka, for my phone.”

We quickly take our pictures, and then head back into our changing rooms. I’m just happy to be able to get my dress on and off by myself.

When we are both changed, I take a quick picture of Kenny, and then we head to the checkout.

“You two heading to a convention soon?” The male cashier asks.

“Maybe,” Kenny answers.

I hand the man my debit card, “Or someone is kinky.”

The man laughs, “I do have people who come in here all the time and that’s the reason.”

“Rosa, I can pay for my own dress,” Kenny whispers to me.

“This is my gift to you,” I reply.

The man hands me my debit card and Kenny grabs the two bags containing the dresses and wig.

I place my card back in my small wallet and place that back in my back pocket.

“Have a nice day you two,” the cashier smiles.

Kenny and I nod before heading out.

“Kinky, eh?” Kenny laughs.

“Shut up,” I give him a shove. Then I take my phone out and text Ashlyn to find out where she is. “I know you are.”

“You’ll have to find out for yourself.”

“Ashlyn and the two other girls are in Victoria Secrets.”

“Hm, okay. You need anything in there?”

“I do not,” I slap his upper arm. “Ash says they’ve been to three other stores already and might have to leave soon.”

Kenny laughs, “Girls. Those girls. This is why we don’t come to the mall that often.”

“It’s fine, let’s just get to them.”

It takes us longer than we’d like to find the store, but when we do, Karen drags me off into the middle.

“Whoa, what’s up Karen?” I chuckle.

“I just needed to tell you something about my brother,” Karen says.

“Okay, talk away then.”

“He was in love before, years ago. I’m not gonna go in too much detail, he’ll tell you when he’s ready. But, she broke him. That’s why he’s such a whore now.”

“I wondered.”

“Now, he’s falling for you. It’s beautiful, really. Just, I want you guys to take it slow.”

“We made a deal to slow down, I promise you, we won’t rush in and screw around.”

“Thank you. He rushed into the one I was just talking about. If you guys become friends, I think it’ll be so much better for him this time.”

I nod, “I’ll do it then. I’ll make sure we act and stay as friends from now on.”

“You really are the best Rosa,” Karen smiles. “I really believe you can help him.”

“I’ll try my very hardest.”


This is the first chapter of the day, and the second one will come in about, five hours. Hope you liked it! :D

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