Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


5. Texting

I reach into my pocket and pull my phone out. Seeing I have four texts from four unknown numbers.
"The boys," I smile.
I head over and plop down on my bed. Pulling my new Hello Kitty into my lap.
I click the first message and smile a little bigger.
"Hey Rosa, it's Stan. Just wanted to send this so you can put me in your phone. I'll text you what is happening tomorrow as soon as possible," Stan's text reads.
I quickly put his number in my phone, setting his contact name as Red Poof Ball. Then I respond.
"Hey Stan. Thanks for sending this. You're safely in my phone as Red Poof Ball. Hope that makes you chuckle. Anyways, can't wait to know what you have in store for tomorrow."
With a big smile on my face, I go to the next message.
"Rosa! It's Kyle. Do not put me in your phone as Jew Boy."
I laugh, and put him in my phone as just that.
"Sorry boy, but it's too late. You can put me in your phone as Skater Girl." I push send, and before I can get to the next boy, Kyle texts back.
"I hate you. That's not even bad for you!"
"Haha. Calm down. You don't hate me, dorky."
"You are so lucky you're cute."
"That's what I've been told."
Kyle doesn't text back after that, so I head onto the next message.
"Rosa, it's Cartman."
I slightly smile and put him in my phone as Fatass. It's kind of mean, but I feel he knows it's all in good fun.
"Hey Cartman! No hard feelings after all that happened today?"
"Yeah, sure."
I sigh, "One day we'll be good friends."
I click the last message and feel my heart pace quicken as I read it.
"Hello beautiful. It's your sort of crush Kenny. Hope you're doing okay without me there. I can't wait to see you tomorrow." With a winking smiley face at the face.
My face is hot as I put him in my phone. It takes me a few minutes to figure out what to put him as. I decide on Kenneth for no real reason other than I like his real name.
"Hi Kenny. You're such a sweetheart. I'm excited to see you tomorrow."
"Excited, eh? Kind of wish I was there. Well, really wish I was there."
"I can't believe you! You are such a perverted bastard!"
"Is that what I am in your phone?"
"Actually, it's Kenneth. But I might change it to that."
"No, don't change it. I like it being Kenneth. Only you can call me that."
My stomach flips and I lie down on my bed. The single word, Kenneth, slipping through my lips.
First day in my new town and I'm falling hard for a boy.
"All right then, Kenneth, I'll call you that tomorrow. Whisper it to you."
"You're such a tease. I won't be able to control myself if you do. So, please don't. I'd so totally ruin my underwear."
"You are so gross!"
"Sorry. It's true though."
"Still gross."
"Doesn't change the fact."
"Well, I have to get ready for bed. Shower and all that. So, bye Kenneth."
"You have to end with that! Ugh, bye!"
I giggle and slide my phone away.
*An Hour Later*
I emerge from my bathroom all clean with a pair of girl boxers on and an oversized t-shirt. I stop the music coming from my phone; it was Fall Out Boy's first album. It's not the greatest thing ever produced, but it's all I could get right before we moved.
"Man, those guys are good," I smile as I plug my phone in and place it on the small table beside my bed.
Then I get my bed ready and climb inside. The day's events playing like a movie trough my head.
Of course, it seems cut short with the vibration of my phone.
I groan and flip over to look at it.
'Text Message form Red Poof Ball' flashes across the screen.
I giggle and pick it up. Unlocking my phone and going to my messages.
"The plan for tomorrow is coming to my house and hanging in my tree-house doing whatever. There will be a few guys there you don't know. Oh, and grab Kenny before you come over."
"Sounds like a great plan! I'll be sure to grab Kenny. See you tomorrow."
I set my phone back down and flip back over. Pulling my Hello Kitty into my chest. Instantly feeling happier. Feeling like I'm closer to Kenny.
This move is no doubt going to be a very great thing.
*The Next Morning*
I wake up to my phone buzzing and it lighting up my room.
I groan and throw my blanket over my head. It's got to be like seven in the morning. Who needs me this early?
Right before I fall back to sleep, I realize it must be Stan trying to wake me up so I can get up and get ready. So then I can go get Kenny and then go to his house.
I scramble around my bed. Trying to flip over and grab my phone to see the messages. I just end up falling out of bed.
"Ugh, damn it," I slowly stand up and try to check that I'm not bleeding or anything. "I'm such a fucking idiot." I rub my head and grab my phone off the small table and unhook if rom the charger. Quickly going to my messages and confirming what I assumed.
"Rosa! Get your ass out of bed and get ready. Then get Kenny and head over to my house. Everything starts at nine. Be here a little before then!" Stan has sent multiple times.
The time on my phone glares 7:45am and I realize that I need to get ready. Fast.
First I head to my closet and pick out my day's outfit. I decide on slightly shorter jean shorts than yesterday, a t-shirt that says 'I Am Not A Morning Person' in white with a blue high-top Chuck Taylor's. I grab a nude bra and tie-dye underwear and head to my bathroom.
Second, I dive right into my morning routine. Cleaning my face, combing my hair, styling my hair, applying the tiniest bit of makeup, brush my teeth, and then change into my clothes. Having to quickly head back to my closet to grab a pair of socks.
Once I'm all ready, I review myself in my full body mirror on the back of my bathroom. My outfit looks perfect, and my hair is curled so you can see a ton of blue. My makeup is so subtle you can't really see it.
Satisfied, I head back out into my room and grab my phone.
Only twenty minutes have passed. Plenty of time to go get Kenny and get to Stan's house before nine.
I place my phone in my jean pocket and head out. Making sure to be super quiet opening my bedroom door and walking down the stairs.
When I reach the front door, I look around for some paper and a pen. I may be a rebel of some sorts, but I wouldn't just walk out without telling my parents where I am.
After a minute or so of searching, I find a pen and something I can write on. I quickly sprawl out a note, and then quietly exit my house.
It's a little chilly out, and I wish I'd grabbed a jacket. Next time I will.
My walk to Kenny's house is a lovely time. Everything is coming to life in the morning. All the birds and other small animals are waking up. There's dew on the grass that sparkles as I walk by. A new day in South Park is beginning and it is beautiful.
Once I cross the train tracks, a huge smile takes over my face. Just a few more steps and I'll be getting Kenny and we will have a long walk alone.

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. Hope you liked it! :D

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