Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


31. Spring Break

*A Month Later*

“Where are you guys going?” Ashlyn asks.

I fold a t-shirt and place it in my suitcase. “Las Angeles, it’s like a class trip.”

“Karen, Ruby, and I are going to Denver with some other classmates. You guys are lucky. Some place warm and interesting.”

“Denver will be fine,” I place a swimsuit into my suitcase. “L.A. would be too crazy for you guys. Is Ike going on the trip?”

“No, he’s going to Canada, that’s where he’s originally from. He’ll be visiting family.”

“Oh, too bad for you. Your crush is on hold.”

“Shut up and pack.”

“Could you actually help me with my art stuff?”

She stands up from the beanbag, “Sure. If you continue to talk about your trip and not Ike.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll quit teasing you.”

*The Next Day*

“Spring Break!” I exclaim when I see the ‘You have now left South Park’ sign.

“Have you ever been on a class trip for Spring Break?” Kenny asks from the driver seat of my car.

“We do this every year to a different place,” Butters adds in from the backseat.

“No, well,” I shift around in the passenger seat. “We went to Disney once. That’s it.”

“Well, since it’s so boring in South Park,” Kyle says from the backseat. “This is our chance to escape and have fun.”

“South Park isn’t that boring, you’ve got so many interesting people,” I giggle.

“That’s true, I won’t disagree with you there,” Kenny replies. “But, we’re used to it. South Park isn’t growing or building new things. “

“It’s just a cute little mountain town. I understand.”

*The Next Afternoon*

“Are we there yet?” I bite my bottom lip as I wait to see if I’ve caught the Pokémon on my Gameboy screen.

“Still have five hours,” Kenny chuckles as I fist pump after catching the Snorlax.

“How’s Pokémon Fire Red going for you Rosa?” Kyle asks.

“I just caught a Snorlax, and now I’m onto the bike trail thing,” I smile. “I have three badges left and some Pokémon to catch in the Safari Zone. Ugh, and then the Elite Four.”

“You gonna beat if before Spring Break ends?” Butters asks.

“I’ll try my hardest.”

“I find it funny you have it charging while you play so you don’t have to stop,” Kenny pats my shoulder.

“I can’t stop. There’s nothing else to do. How about I commentate how I’m doing?”

“Go for it, it’ll be better than silence,” Kyles says.

“Just be serious, don’t fuck with us,” Kenny laughs.

*The Next Day*

“That’s amazing Rosa,” Krystal comments.

“Thanks,” I smile and take another look out the window. Our hotel has a perfect view of the city, so I’ve decided to draw it.

“All us girls are in one room, so Rosa draws and the rest talk,” Wendy laughs.

“That’s just how she chills,” Nicole says.

“IT’s a little weird,” Bebe adds.

“Thanks,” I speak up for myself. “Drawing is what I love to do and calms me down. Don’t bash my passions.”

“Girls, don’t even start,” Wendy says. “No fighting on Spring Break. So Bebe, don’t start shit.”

“Excuse me?” Bebe sounds slightly pissed.

“Rosa has been nothing but nice to us. Being different is okay. Her drawings are also hella awesome. So, let her be.”

“Thank you,” I smile and focus in on my drawing again.

“Don’t mind Bebe,” Krystal whispers to me. “She’s just jealous you can draw and have an amazing boyfriend.”

I hold in a laugh. “Really? Never would have guessed that.”

*Late The Next Morning*

“Should I get a small or big sketchpad?” I turn to face Tweek.

“Do you want to draw landscapes or people?” Tweek counters.

“Hm, the little means I could focus on detail more.”

“Can’t you get both?”

“I could.”

“Then do it. And then get that package of cool colored pencils. Oh, and the felt tip pens with those adult coloring books. I’m getting one with the pens.”

I laugh, “Okay. Glad I brought you in here. You helped an hour trip turn into a twenty minute one.”

He shrugs, “Just helping out a good friend.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Tweekers,” I lean in and kiss his cheek.

“I try,” he smiles. “Now let’s get our items and check out.”

*The Next Evening*

“We are so sneaky and bad,” I giggle as Kenny flings me shirt somewhere.

“Sneaky, yes,” Kenny kisses my cheek. “Bad, no,” he kisses my neck. “People do this on Spring Break all the time. All the other couple are doing it, since we just won our first baseball game of the season.”

“Really?” I wiggle beneath my boyfriend. “That was an impressive win.”

“Really,” Kenny tosses his shirt off into the darkness. “Good thing we won, or else this wouldn’t be happening.”

“That’s true,” I sigh. “I’ve kind of missed you.” I run a hand through his hair. “The car ride here was really the only time I’ve been with you.”

“That’s good. You have to spend tie with your friends. And, it makes this time even more special,” he connects our lips.

I smile as he pulls away, “I guess so. The second time should be pretty special anyways.”

“All the times should be special. So, let’s get started.”

*The Next Day*

“One last day here, in the sun, by the pool,” I adjust my sunglasses and get off of the pool chair.

“My tan is perfect,” Wendy smiles.

“Too bad I was just told that South Park just got a foot of snow,” Krystal grimaces.

“Princess, join us,” Kenny whines.

“I’m coming,” I glance over at all the boys in the pool.

“Did all the couple have fun last night?” Bebe teases.

“Don’t even, girl,” Nicole says.

“You like gossip, and I’m not here for that,” I spin on my heel and walk to the pool steps.

The water feels so nice on my hot body that I instantly go all in before swimming over to the boys.

“You got your hair wet,” Craig says.

“I was hot, and my hair was crazy,” I reply. “Why am I here?”

“To save you from Bebe,” Stan answers. “She always asks about the couples’ sex lives after the night after our baseball game. She’s so nosey.”

“Ha, agree,” I climb onto Kenny’s back. “I’ll always prefer your guys’ company over the girls. They are great, but gossip too much. So, enough of that. What’s up?”

*The Next Afternoon*

“Progress report,” Butters asks.

I yawn, “One badge left. I’ve been training my Pokémon to be super strong. The Elite Four are going to be so tough.”

“I believe in you, Pokémon Master,” Kenny chuckles.

“Who did you pick as your starter?” Kyle asks.

“Bulbasaur. He’s so cute, and grass type rules. No matter what anyone says.”

“I like to pick the water type starter,” Butters says.

“I always go for the fire starter,” Kyle says.

“I never keep consistent with which type I choose,” I sigh as one of my Pokémon faints. “If it’s cute, I’ll pick it.”

“That’s very you,” Kenny says. “Do you always name your player after yourself?”

“Why, of course. I have to immerse myself as much as possible. These games are my childhood and I’m not letting them go. I want to feel ten again.”

*The Next Day*

“Tell me all about L.A. if you’d please,” Ashlyn bounds into my room.

“I’m tired,” I yawn and look at her from my spot on my beanbag. “My sketchpad is over on my desk, it’s got a lot of drawings of the city.” My eyes flutter close.

“Was it fun?”

“It was the best Spring Break I’ve even been on. Wish I was still there.”

“You have a nice tan.”


“Damn, the city looks amazing. This looks like a photograph.”


“Did you get enough time for everything you wanted to do?”

“I didn’t beat Pokémon Fire Red, so that sucks. Other than that, I did all I wanted.”

“You spent time playing video games?”

“Only when we were driving there and coming back.”

“Oh, well, you don’t mind if I just stay in here and look at all you drawings?”

“Go for it. I’m gonna just sit here and rest.”

*The Next Evening*

“This is just like what we did for my birthday,” I smile as Kenny and I look out at Stark’s Pond.

“It’s nice out here, even if we are all bundled up,” Kenny pulls me into a hug.

“It’s warmer than it has been, so that’s good. Spring is here, it’s just taking a few days to really warm up.”

“No more snow on the forecast, so that’s good.”

“Is there an Easter service at church?”


“Sorry, that was so random.”

“It’s fine.”

“I’m cold Kenneth, can we get back in your truck?”

“Sure Princess. Let’s head back to the truck, and I’ll warm you up.”

We look at each other and Kenny sends a wink my way.

“Nope, you perverted bastard,” I giggle. “The heat can warm me up just fine.”


I know, it seems as if everything is rushing by. Sorry about that. Hope you are still liking it! :D

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