Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


6. Kenny's House

I reach the front door and knock a few times. Feeling my heart pace quicken as I realize I’ll be seeing Kenny again.
The door opens and my smile is replaced with a frown.
Kenny isn’t the one on the other side; it is some older women who I’m assuming is Kenny’s mother. “Who are you?”
“Um, hi,” I give a small wave. “I’m here for Kenny. Is he still asleep or something?”
“Oh, are you a one night stand come back?” her southern accent is very thick.
“Uh, no. I’m his friend. That’s all. We met yesterday. I’m new to South Park.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry then,” she waves me in. “Kenny doesn’t have many girl friends over that aren’t there for his pleasure. Well, actually, you’re the only one.”
“It’s fine,” I step into the house and shut the door behind me. “I’d understand why you’d think that way. Kenny is such a perverted bastard.”
She smiles, “He is. Maybe you can fix him.”
“That’s what Karen said,” I smile and look at my feet. “I’ll try.”
“That’s all you can do,” she sighs. “Well, he’s up in his room. Up the stairs, first door on the right.”
“Thank you,” I look up and smile at the women.
“No problem, um, did you say your name?”
“I didn’t, I’m Rosalynn, Mrs. McCormick.”
“No problem then, Rosalynn,” she smiles back.
I nod and then head up to Kenny’s room. His door is cracked, so I peak in to see.
Kenny is sprawled out in his bed, with boxers his only article of clothing, and I see his whole face. He’s so attractive it is not fair.
My cheeks heat up, my stomach flips, and my brain seems to turn to mush.
A small snore is escaping his lips, and his amazing blond hair is perfectly messy. I can’t believe I’m just staring at him as he sleeps.
As soon as I get control of myself again, I take a look around Kenny’s room.
It’s nothing special, I mean, his family is quite poor. His bed is on the far wall in between two windows. A simple desk with an old computer is on the right. A small TV with an Xbox is also on the right. On the left is a dresser and a bookshelf.
One thing is off-putting about his room, though. All the Playboy stuff. Posters crowd the walls, magazines line his bookshelf with some video game stuff in it. He really is a perverted bastard.
I sigh and walk over to the boy.
Kenny’s back, arm, and leg muscles becoming clearer to my eyes. This is the boy I seem to be falling for. I really don’t mind it one bit.
I reach Kenny and gently run my hand through his hair. Then I lean through his hair. Then I lean down and whisper in his ear, “Wake up, Kenneth. We’ve got things to do today.”
Kenny moves around and groans, but shows no effort of waking up.
“Kenneth McCormick, wake up right now,” I almost growl.
His eyes blink open and a smile creeps onto his face, “Good morning Rosa.”
I smile back, “It is a good morning, Kenny.”
It takes a few seconds for Kenny to actually realize that I am in his room. “Wait, why are you in my room?” He starts scrambling around and ends up falling out of his bed.
I burst into laughter. Having to take deep breaths and doubling over.
“Fuck you,” he groans. “Who let you in?”
I have to force the laughs to stop, and take many deep breaths before I can talk. “Your lovely mother.”
“I can’t believe it,” he groans again. “Can you turn around so I can change? I know we have to get to Stan’s.”
“Yeah, yeah,” I slightly smile and turn around. Even closing my eyes to be silly. “So, do you always sleep in late?”
“Most of the times, yeah,” he must open a dresser drawer because I hear the creaking of one. “The boys know that too well, I guess.”
“Well, I’m glad I was told to come over and get you.”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Nice Playboy stuff, by the way.”
“Ha, ha, you were never supposed to see any of it.”
“The pervert in his natural habitat is so interesting,” I giggle.
“I can pin you down, you know? Just because you’re pretty don’t think I won’t do it.”
“I know. You’d like to pin me down one day, wouldn’t you?” My cheeks are now superhot.
“Hm, that does sound nice.” The dresser drawer is closed and then something is zipper up. “I am supposed to try and have a relationship with someone, no more one night stands. So, we can try something.”
I giggle, “Not so fast Kenny. Slow down. I’m not dating a boy I’ve known for about, twenty-four hours. Wait, it’s more like twelve hours.”
Kenny laughs and then arms wrap around my middle. “Hey, I’ve gotten with girls and only known them a few hours.”
“Those were one night stands,” I open my eyes and place my hands on top of his. “I’m not looking for a one night stand. I’m looking for a loving partner.”
“I can do that. I can be that person,” he rests his chin on my shoulder. “The worst that can happen is we breakup.”
“How about this, we stay friends for the whole summer, and if you still want to date me when school starts this fall, I’ll accept.”
He picks me up and twirls me around. “That’s a deal.”
I chuckle, “Glad we could make it. Now put me down.”
He stops spinning and sets me back down on the ground. “You’ll be mine the first day of school.”
I turn around to look at him. He’s wearing the same thing as yesterday, and I’m not going to question it. His parka hood is down, though, and it’s nice to see his whole face. “Go brush your teeth and whatever else you do in the morning so we can get going.”
He smirks, “Fine. I’ve got some question about our deal as we walk to Stan’s.”
“That’s great, just go,” I give him a shove towards his bathroom.
“Okay, okay, I’m going,” he laughs as he walks into his bathroom.
I grin and walk over to his bed. Something in me just wants me to make it.
Just as I finish making it, Kenny walks out of his bathroom.
“Rosa, you didn’t have to make me bed,” Kenny walks over to me and grabs my hand. “Thanks, though.”
“No problem,” I smile and grip his hand back. “Now let’s head out.”
We walk out of his room and then down the stairs. As he opens the front door, he calls out to his mom.
“I’m heading out, Ma!” Kenny smiles down at me.
“Okay, don’t do anything stupid!” Mrs. McCormick shouts back.
I snicker, “Listen to her, Kenny.”
He rolls his eyes and pulls me out of his house. Slamming the front door shut. “You are so very lucky you are cute.”
“So I’ve been told a lot by you guys.”
We start walking to Stan’s house in silence. Not much to talk about until I remember Kenny’s request.
“So, Kenny, you had questions about the deal,” I finally realizing after a few minutes that we do have something we can talk about.
“Oh, I do, but first, I’m sorry,” he says. “For grabbing your hand without asking. I remember what you told me in the photo booth, and I’m willing to change for you.”
I giggle, “That’s very sweet of you, Kenny. You don’t have to ask to hold my hand, though. You can if you want. It’s really sweet.”
“I will if I can remember.”
“Enough of this, your questions.”
“Oh yeah, one night stands.”
“Those are done with. If you truly want to get with me, then you’ll have to prove it.”
“Hm, okay. I can do that. Um, are we best friends until school?”
“Uh, yeah. With all of you guys so far, I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. You guys make me feel so welcome in the group. I’m so comfortable around you all.”
“I’m glad you feel that way.”
“I have a question now.”
“Ask away.”
“You said I was your crush. Am I really?”
“I don’t lie to pretty girls. You are my crush. And, I don’t get crushes. As I think you heard me tell Karen.”
“I’m honored to be your crush then,” I smile.
“Do you have a crush?”
“Um, ah, yeah.”
“Want to tell me?”
“Not really.”
“Is it Kyle?”
My face heats up, “I mean, he’s very sweet.”
“It is me?”
My face heats up even more, “I mean you are attractive. And sweet. And really compliment me.”
“So, it’s me then Kyle?”
“I don’t want to talk about this anymore,” I pout. “So, please, drop it.”
“Sorry,” he gives my hand a small squeeze.
“Say, how come you said sorry for holding my hand, but not wrapping your arms around me?”
He laughs, “I don’t know. Just me being stupid, I guess. Do I need to say sorry?”
“Hm, no. Not this time. You only really need to ask to touch my butt and stuff like that.”
“And soon enough, asking for kisses and such. Right?”
“Uh, yeah,” I slightly smile. “I guess you’re learning.”
“I actually remember the stuff you tell me. I actually listen to you.”
“Okay, enough of this, McCormick.”
“Did you just call me by my last name?”
“Hell yeah I did,” I laugh.
We walk the rest of the way to Stan’s house in silence. Kenny’s hand in mine is all I need right now.
When we do reach Stan’s house, Kenny pulls me into his backyard. Cartman, Kyle, and Stan are standing by the ladder that leads up to a massive tree house.
“Hey guys!” I pull my hand out of Kenny’s and wave to the boys.
They look over at me and smile. Well, Cartman just waves back.
“You’re just in time Rosa,” Stan says when Kenny and I step up next to them.
“Good, I thought I was going to be late,” I say.
“Well, the other boys can head up, and I’ll stay here with you so we can greet everyone.”
I fist bump Cartman before he heads up. Then I give Kyle a hug, and even a kiss on his cheek. He heads up with a big smile on his face.
I turn to look at Kenny with a sad look in his eyes and a small pout on his lips. “Do you want a kiss too?”
Kenny’s face instantly lights up and he nods a few times. “Please.”
I wrap my arms around him, and push up onto my toes. “Oh Kenneth,” I whisper to him. “You are such a dork.” I peck his cheek a few times.
Then I release him and push him towards the tree house. He climbs up the ladder with the biggest smile on his face.
“You and Kenny are really cute together,” Stan slings his arm around my shoulders.
“Really?” I smile. “He’s been so sweet to me. I mean, you all have, but Kenny. He just, I can’t explain it.”
“Someone has a big crush it seems.”
“Shut the hell up,” I roll my eyes.
“Despite Kenny being a pervert and having a lot of one night stands, he can be sweet and loving.”
“His mother and sister are hoping I can change him.”
“Well, Rosa, maybe that’s just what you’ll have to do.”
I shrug, “I told them I’d try.”
“That’s all you can do.”

Sorry if it's been a couple days since the last post. Been a bit busy, but I am finally free for the rest of the week. At least I think. Anyways, hope you liked it! :D

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