Out in South Park

Rosalynn is not your average teenager. She loves to draw, skateboard, hang with the guys, and is quite innocent. Her dad's job requires her family to move quite often, so when he lets them know the day after school ends for the summer that they have to move. No one is really surprised. They pack up and head out of California to a small little town in Colorado called South Park. Rosalynn has no trouble getting friends, but what happens when she falls for one? Why does she feel so close to everyone right off the bat? Why is South Park such a weird town?
(The cover art I did not draw. It's from Deviant Art by the user kamaniki. I also do not own any of the South Park characters and landmarks that I will use, obviously. That credit goes to Trey and Matt.)
[Until I get time, this is unedited. So for typos and mistakes like that. I'll get around to it.]


2. Arcade

"Sorry, we took so long," Kyle says as the other three guys join us.
"Rosa, your face is all red," Stan comments.
"Oh," I bring my hands up to cover my cheeks.
"Kenny, were you being pervy?"
"What? No!" Kenny exclaims.
The three boys glare at him.
"I'm telling the truth. I can only see her ass, the shirt she's wearing leaves it all to the imagination. But, she's a cutie and new. I know how to control myself and how to act."
"Um, Kenny's fine," I choke out. "I mean, now in know why he was staring at my chest. But, I'll let it slide. This time. Let's just get going."
"Arcade good?" Stan asks.
"I didn't bring any money."
"It's okay, I'll give you some tokens when we get there," Kyle smiles.
"Aw, that's very sweet of you," I giggle and reach up and unclip my helmet, slowly taking it off so I don't mess up my hair. "Let us get going then."
"I love your hair," Stan smiles.
"The blue is perfect," Kenny adds.
"Thanks," I look down so I can kick my board up into my left hand. A blush back on my cheeks.
"Great, we have a prissy girl in our group," Cartman groans.
I slowly look up and glare at the boy, "Shut the fuck up, fatass."
"I'm not fat!"
"You catch on fast, Rosa," Stan laughs.
"Ugh, let’s just head to the arcade," Cartman grumbles as he starts walking.
Stan and Kyle follow behind Cartman, and Kenny and I follow behind them.
"So, um, Kenny," I look up at the boy. "I didn't catch your last name. Uh, mine is Heath."
"McCormick," Kenny answers. "What's a cutie like you doing here in South Park?"
"My dad had a job transfer or whatever."
"Have you moved a lot?"
"Well, I was born in New York City. Then when I turned four, we moved to some place in Florida. At age five it was Michigan. Then at six it was to Washington State. Um, so at almost eight we finally settled down in California.  We were there until sometime early this morning."
"Wow, sounds like you had an interesting childhood," Kenny laughs.
I shrug, "I'm glad this is the last move for a while."
"Hey, um, I'm sorry for back there."
"I am not that big of a pervert. I mean, I have a lot of Playboy magazines, and there's no denying I stare at girl's butts sometimes. But, you aren't like all the whores in this town. Myself included."
I giggle, "You're a whore?"
"Yeah, pretty much. Anyways, I won't look at you like how I was back there. Not unless, you want me too," he looks at me and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.
I look away as a blush appears on my cheeks for the third or fourth time today. "Ha, ha, very funny. Um, so, do you do anything else besides be a pervert?"
Kenny laughs and gives me a small shove, "You are so lucky you're cute. Um, I drink a little. My dad is an alcoholic, so I was bound to get into alcohol sooner or later."
"Oh, pervert and likes to drink. Wears an orange parka. Hm, you are interesting, Kenny."
"And you are cute," Kenny slings his arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer.
"Um, ah, you are very sweet."
"I was just stating the obvious."
"Oh, ah, um, I guess."
"You seem like such a badass, but you get flustered when complimented. That's really cute."
I nervously giggle, "Are you always this nice to girls you just met?"
"I usually just have lots of one night stands, so no. But, you are cute and have been nice to me and haven't hit on me."
"So, I'm different? Wait. One night stands?"
"I'd say unique. And I said I'm a whore."
I wiggle out of his grasp and look ahead at the three boys in front of us. The arcade actually in sight.
"Um, did you bring any money, Kenny?" I slightly smile.
"Oh, no. My money goes to Playboy magazines and other things."
"Should have guessed. Well, we can share the tokens Kyle gives me."
"That would be cool," Kenny zips his parka back up.
"Anything to gain a best friend. And, I want you to be my first best friend. You just seem like a guy that would be a great best friend."
A muffle comes from Kenny that I take as, "Really?"
"Um, yeah. Even if you are a perverted bastard, you are unique. And-"
"Hey guys! Hurry your asses up!" Cartman yells at Kenny and me.
"Coming!" I shout back.
Kenny and I pick up out pace and get to the entrance of the arcade in no time.
"God, you guys are so slow," Cartman rolls his eyes. "Kenny, what were you doing with this hoe?"
Kenny punches Cartman in the gut and angrily muffles something.
"What did he say?" I look at Stan and Kyle.
"Don't call Rosa a hoe, fatass," Kyle answers.
"I'm not fat!" Cartman exclaims.
"Oh, um, guys, please calm down," I grab Kenny's arm and hold him back from punching Cartman again.
Kenny muffles something again.
"Let me go so I can hurt this asshole," Stan answers. "No one calls the new cute girl a hoe."
"Oh, well, I mean," I can't seem to think of anything to say to that.
Kenny steps away from the chubby kid and I let go of his arm.
Cartman glares at the parka wearer before entering the arcade.
"Don't mind Cartman," Stan sighs.
"He's always like that," Kyle rolls his eyes.
"Let's just head inside and get to play some games," I shrug and smile.
Kenny opens the door and we all shuffle inside.
It's been years since I've been inside an arcade, so the dim lights, all the sounds from the games, and the junk food smells take me back. This will probably be one of my favorite spots in town.
"Come on, let’s get some tokens," Kyle grabs my hand and drags me towards the token dispenser.
"All right, I'm coming," I giggle.
Kyle puts a couple dollars in the token dispenser and then they come spilling out. He grabs them, and gives me nine or ten.
"Aw, thanks Kyle," I smile. My skateboard is now tucked between my side and left armpit, with my helmet held in that same hand.
"Well, Stan and I will be on the right side of the arcade if you need anything," Kyle smiles back before he and Stan walk off.
Kenny steps up and stands by my side.
"What first, Kenny?" I look up at the boy.
Kenny looks down at me, a slightly clear muffle fills my ears.
"Well, I have nine tokens. So, three games that take three tokens."
Kenny grabs my right wrist and pulls me towards a claw game.
"Oh, Kenny, no one ever wins at these games," I snicker.
He sighs, and grabs three tokens. Quickly putting them in the machine.
"Okay, get me that Hello Kitty then."
He nods and stares at the prize. Taking his time to get the claw into position. Then he gently pushes the button to let the claw do its thing.
It lowers and actually grabs the Hello Kitty. Then slowly raises it up. After a couple of intense seconds, it drops into the collection area.
"That's fucking amazing," I smile and reach down to collect the prize with my right hand. Even if it's full of coins. "Thanks so much, Kenny." I turn to look at him and see his cheeks are quite high on his face. His smile must be huge.
Some muffle comes from him.
"Two games left. Now what?" I fumble around with the Hello Kitty before getting it into the palm of my hand.
Kenny lets out a huff.
"I'm just gonna say whatever I feel when I don't understand you."
He unzips his parka a little, "I said, anything for you, cutie. Hopefully you'll learn to understand me with my parka all the way zipped up soon."
I nod to his parka, "That would be nice. So zip it back up, since I can't."
Kenny grabs my helmet, "Now you can."
I reach out and place my hand on his parka zipper, "I'll try my hardest them." I quickly zip the parka back up and pull my hand away. "Now, where to?"
Kenny grabs my wrist again and pulls me to another game where you can win a prize.
"Hm, interesting," I place my Hello Kitty into my helmet so I can play the game.
Kenny takes my skateboard out from under my armpit and muffles something.
"Thanks Kenny," I start looking at the prizes. "So, what do you want?"
He unzips his parka after putting my skateboard under his right armpit. "You are suck a dork for carrying all your stuff, but I can't believe how you can do it with such tiny hands."
"I don't have tiny hands," I pout.
"You do."
"Whatever. Just tell me what you want me to win. This game looks super easy."
"You don't need to win me anything."
"Pick a prize, ass."
"Okay, fine. I want the camera."
"Really? All right, hold my, wait, never mind. You have all my stuff."
"Yeah, you're welcome."
I quickly put the three tokens into the game and press start, "Don't be sassy."
The game is very simple, it's just an easy game of Tetris. All I have to do is reach a certain score range to get a certain prize.
A smile creeps onto my face as I get closer and closer to the score range for the camera.
"Damn Rosa," Kenny laughs. "All that focus for me."
"Shut up," I growl.
After another minute or so, I reach the score I need, and press the stop button.
The camera is carefully taken off the rack from the back and is placed into the collection area.
I grab my helmet with my Hello Kitty in it with my left hand, "Grab the camera."
Kenny smirks and grabs the prize.
"Three tokens left," I sigh.
"To the photo booth then," Kenny nods over to a group of photo booths.
"Oh, sounds like fun."
We head over to an empty booth. Then we set all our stuff down next to it and get inside.
"Okay, first the tokens," I put the tokens in the slot.
"Pick all the stuff, I don't care," Kenny zips his parka up once again.
"Okay. Hm, friends, in color, and five seconds to take the picture." I confirm all the options and then sit back.
Kenny slings his arm around me and I smile big for the first picture. For the second, Kenny pulls me closer and I let out a giggle.
As the third picture countdown reaches one, Kenny does something only a pervert would do. He pinches my ass. The camera snaps a picture just as I squeal. There's no doubt Kenny has a huge smile on his face.
I contain my anger for the next few seconds, so that the camera can capture the exact moment when I slap Kenny across the face.
"Please wait a few minutes as the pictures are developed," the lady of the photo booth says.
"I can't believe you," I growl at Kenny. Unzipping his parka a bit so I can hear him clearly. "You are such a perverted bastard."
Kenny laughs, "I know. I told you."
"You're lucky that I don't kick you right in the nuts. Next time, ask before you touch me."
"Ask?" Kenny furrow his eyebrows.
"Yeah, ask silly," I smirk. "I might say no, but I will teach you to respect women and consent."
He nods and has a straight face on now. "Okay, I'll try what you want."
"Good. That means we have to hang out a lot."
"That sounds perfect," Kenny grins.


I'm actually not as busy as I thought, so I might be posting a little more then just a couple times on the weekends. Hope you liked this! :D

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