The Island

A short story about a group of people who crashed on an island that might have more secrets than they expect


1. Days

Day 15

It's been 2 weeks since we crashed on this deserted island, everyone is getting anxious except me I don't know what's wrong with me. The island is beautiful the plants and wildlife are like nothing you have ever seen before and will ever see again, stuff changes daily here. Sometimes the plants will be able to glow in the dark and look like stars other times they just fill the jungle with vibrant color. Everyone is afraid of how different the island is from everything we have ever seen but I love the difference this island has from everything else in the whole world.

"Valko!" I look up from my journal to see Maeve running towards me, her long brown hair blowing in the wind she is still far off but I can see her amazing green eyes piercing my soul like daggers. We met the day of the crash and I haven't stopped thinking about her since. I saved her from a broken wing she was stuck under and I guess she just trusts me now.

"Hey Maeve!" I notice she looks distressed.

"Is everything okay?" I ask.

"No we have a problem." She says, still trying to catch her breath.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Joey, he went into the jungle!"

My eyes widen and my heart starts to race, we have one rule don't go into the jungle without me.

"How long has he been gone!"

I ask, trying to hide the urgency in my voice.

"No one knows." Maeve says looking at the sand.

I run towards the jungle someone needs to find Joey before the creator does!

"Valko wait!" Maeve yells from behind me, I don't stop there is no time. Before I know it I'm in the jungle and the sounds from the beach are gone as if there was a wall separating the two worlds.

My breathing pattern is quick I can't seem to get enough air.

The jungle is dark, even during the day. I look around its so beautiful in here. I have to push through the thick fiery red branches and vines that look as if they are made of stars. I'm in awe of this place when the growl of a creature in the jungle brought me out of my deep trance. I look around and see nothing I decide to run.

I need to find Joey before this creature does!


I get no response I continue to yell but my voice begins to be drowned out by the howling.

Next thing I know I'm on the beach my clothes or what's left of them, are torn and Joey is lying next to me unconscious. I sit up and pretty soon after I do, Joey shoots up and starts to scream I try to calm him down but it doesn't stop his shrilling voice. Our group hears his cries and rushes over a bunch of people surround him and start to relax him Maeve is one of them, she has the perfect touch which could relax an angry lion. After Joey is calm Maeve runs over to me.


She wraps her soft arms around my bruised body

"I'm so happy you are okay!" She says, with relief in her voice.

"Thanks Maeve."

Joey is finally back to sorts and I start to ask him questions I need answers to.

"What happened?"

"All I remember is howling and being terrified, I saw this monster and red eyes." I can see the horror in his face I know this isn't something he wants to relive, so I leave him alone.

"I blacked out pretty quick after I saw it." He adds, I think back I blacked out too maybe this creature has more power than we thought.

I look up at Maeve.

"We have gotta get out of here!"

I have instructed everyone to start coming up with ways to get us out of here and making fires to signal boats and planes. Except Maeve, Joey and I we are in charge of hunting the creature down and gathering food. We don't let anyone come with us no one else needs to be exposed to the horrors that are beyond this sandy light beach.

The next day one of the members of the crash told me we are out of food.

I go to find Joey and Maeve, I start walking to Maeve's tent when I notice she is changing. I turn away which she notices.

"It's okay Valko I'm done now."

She says, along with a little giggle.

I hope that giggle means she thinks I'm cute for turning away.

"The food is out, we need to find more."


"Where's Joey?"

"Umm I heard he was helping with the fire."

This makes me smile.

"Oh I guess it will just be me and you!"

"Yeah!" She says with an amazing smile on her face, she's so beautiful I don't understand how she can stay so positive and gorgeous even after all that has happened.

As we walk through the dark jungle I see new plants I have never seen before in colors I didn't believed existed on plants. It's as if the landscape has a mind of its own.

We are walking Maeve puts her hair up this makes my heart beat fast, she could blink and my heart rate would increase.

All of the sudden Maeve spins around and looks at me he green eyes wide with fear.

"What's wrong?" I ask, she is still fixed on me

"Why did you just growl?"

"Maeve, what are you talking about?"

"Valko that's really not funny!" She snaps, the growling is getting louder and closer and the vibrant jungle turns black as f hiding from the horrible sound. Maeve looks at me turns and runs.

"Maeve!" I yell her name but my voice is drowned out by howling as usual.

I wake up in a hut I have never seen before, I must have blacked out again. A little brown mat separates me from the mud floor. I jump up realizing Maeve is probably still out in the jungle with that thing! I look around the room for her maybe she was taken here too. All I see is door beads and a little record player playing some song I don't recognize. I don't know where I am and I have to get back!

"Oh my god you're awake!"

I spin around a girl in her 20s is standing in the beaded doorway.

She has full crimped blonde hair, her blue eyes are outlined by black eyeliner like little picture frames around them. She wears a little pair of black boots and a green dress. I got the hippie vibe from her from first glance. She smiles and start waking towards me, I back up to the wall feeling uncomfortable. She puts her hand on my cheek and says,

"I'm Trula!" I notice she has a slight southern twain.

Trula ran her finger down my jawline, which made me trust her and feel safe I couldn't tell you why.

"I'm Valko" I say, feeling more comfortable.

Trula lets out a little giggle and looks down.

"I fixed you!"

She says grabbing my wrapped injury, which hurts more than when I got it.

I cringe "Thanks." I say smiling through the pain.

We started to talk, I told her about the crash and what we had experienced in the jungle. Trula told me how she got here, she said her anger towards the human race and their selfishness lead her here. Now she takes care of this island and protects it from the humans, I discovered she can control the islands appearance depending on her mood and emotions, she also told me the island draws emotions from people on it and will change according to them.

"What makes you think I'm not here to exploit it?" I ask her. she gets way to close to my face and says,

"I trust you Valko and I think you need my help just like the island." She pauses and looks down.

"I know why you have been black'n out."

I jump and my eyes widen, my whole body is tense.

"Why?" I ask, with an urgent tone.

Trula laughs,

"Why isn't is obvious? Valko you're a werewolf!"

I stare at her I wanna say she's crazy and run out but I don't in fact I believe her, as if everything Trula says is the truth and she can't tell a lie.

"But how?" I ask, wanting more answers.

The island chose you I don't know why but I think it knows your heart to save people like you saved your friends. This is crazy island's can't pick people they don't think, but she sounds so sincere and I feel a connection between us.

"So the island admired my bravery?" I ask. She nods slowly. My mind in racing I can't form a coherent thought, then my mind drifts to Maeve.

"Oh my god!" I jump up

"Valko what's wrong?"

"I left Maeve!" I run out the hut as fast as I can.

"Valko come back!" Trula yells from behind me.

"I can't I need to help Maeve!"

Trula catches up to me.

"Oh honey don't you know you already did, she's safe."

"Well I need to go see her."

"Valko you can't she's gone, they all are." I look up with a shocked expression on my face.

"A boat came and took them away after you got Maeve out of the jungle. I'm sorry I thou you knew but as the wolf you did your job, you kept them safe from the jungle." Her eyes ache as if she feels my pain.

I don't know what to say I have never felt this kind of pain, Maeve is gone and so is my life.

"I know you are sad but you belong here." Trula says, interrupting my thoughts.

Once again her words comfort me and I know she's right. She holds her hand out towards me and I take it, knowing there is no home for me anywhere else.

Day 1115

Over the past few years I have learned so much about this beautiful island, but this island's beauty does not compare to the beauty of the person who taught me everything I know. I love Trula with all my heart, she has shown me how to control my powers and the island itself. I can't wait to see our child and for us to adore him as much as we adore each other.

Name significance

Valko means wolf.

Trula means to be honest or true.

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