We want out

A short story about a group of teens trying to escape their horrible lives with those families


1. leaving

"Meiko!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs. here it comes another lecture about something I did wrong...great. "Meiko!" I remain silent like if she can't Hera me she might give up. I look up from my guitar that I have been strumming into my mirror above my black dresser. I look into my deep blue eyes and run my hand through my short brown hair. All the sudden I'm taken out of my trance by my mom banging my door down. She barges in and starts to yell, this is when I check out and think about how I'm seeing my friends tonight. Seeing them is the highlight of my friday. I start to smile which is an instant mistake and makes my mom even more angry. I just look at her messy brown hair, now like my brown hair mine is a better shade of brown. She finally leaves I realise I'm running late I jump off my old basketball sheets from back when I was into sports I grab a pair of black skinny jeans from the floor and the first band shirt I come across Green day, that works. Right before I leave my room I stuff my hair under my signature beanie. I start to drive to Ren's house the normal hangout house for us Ren loves to host, I'm not really sure why. I get to her house and I'm the first one there as usual except I'm not there is another car there. I quickly come to the conclusion that it's Ryker's car Ren's new boyfriend they are still in the hot always want to be with each other phase. I walk towards the blue house with the red door I have always loved that about her house. I walk in and notice Ren and Ryker making out so I decide to make a big fuss coming in so they stop making out and I don't have to feel totally awkward walking in on them. They hear me fighting around and I hear Ren shout. "Okay Meiko you can come in now, it's safe!" I walk in with my hands in my butt pockets my normal stance. "Hey Ren. what's up Ryker?" I say still feeling a bit awkward. Ren responds with a very sarcastic. "I'm glad you came so early Meiko." "Yeah me too!" I say as slump down into a chair, across from the blue tattered couch Ren and Ryker are sitting on. We sat like that for a while just chatting until more of our friends started pouring into Ren's tiny living room, sitting anywhere there was free space. First Peanut come she's the quiet sweet one, if you don't like Peanut you are probably an ass. Then Kyle and Jem came Kyle is our funny one who's like crazy hot and we all pale in comparison to him. And Jem is the one doesn't take any crap tough one. I looked around the room at all my friends and realized how much I love them and how I don't want to go back to my classes where they aren't or to my home with my parents who just yell. All I want is to travel the country with my friends in a 1970s VW van. I have suggested this idea to my friends before and they told me I was crazy but I could see the desire in their eyes for my crazy idea. So I said it again, "Let's travel in a VW van!" They all look at me. Ten chimed in "Meiko that's crazy we can't just leave."

"Why not?" I snap back, they all just look at me then Peanut says, "I mean we do all hate our lives but we love each other, maybe we should do it!"

Everyone started to look more interested after Peanut said that. "Thanks Pea." I say, smiling the biggest smile ever. "Where on earth would we even get money for this?" Jem questions, bringing us all back to reality.

"We can sell our stuff pull all our savings and steal from out parents who have never been there for us anyway." I say confidently, everyone seemed to be considering my suggestion. "Let's just do it!" Kyle said, he looked confident which was good because everyone usually followed his instinct. "Okay! why not?" Ren said, I became super exited my heart was beating so fast drum lines were jealous. The next day we get together and realize leaving won't be easy. "How are we supposed to get out with our parents breathing down our necks?" Kyle pondered, this was a good point. I honestly have no idea what we should do about that. "We could just sneak out." Jem said, sounding annoyed at our stupidity. So our plan get money together and sneak out. A week later we met up again to see what money we had collected. "510.50 That's it?!" Ren shouted being very disappointed in our attempt. "Sorry Ren I guess we just have anything of value, and the stuff that is worth money is too suspicious to sell." Peanut said, almost whispering the words. "It's true" Ryker added,

"Well we need to do better!" Ren seemed very angry she was probably counting on this to get away from her broken family. I wasn't about to let her down. "Okay we will try something else don't give up yet."

The next week I spent time in classes not paying attention but coming up with ways to get the hell out of here. It wasn't until I got a handout about a school fundraiser, that I came up with the idea for a fake fundraiser to make money. I told the group about it, they loved it! On Saturday we had a car wash for "sick animals" but it wasn't. At the end of the day we made 1000 dollars but still not enough. "Aw dang I really thought we had it." Peanut said, with a heavy sigh. My dissatisfaction was clear on my face with a frown. "I can't except this!" I shout, I'm not ready to give up. "Okay then Genius what's the plan?!" Jem snapped, I didn't know what to do. "I dunno." "I sigh lets just give up." Ryker said, hopelessly. "No we can't!" I say. "Then what do we do?" Ren questioned. "Let's just step the damn bus!" Jem said, it was genius we would save so much money just to steal the bus and live off the money we had and go day by day. "Hey I mean why not?" Kyle said, optimistic about the plan. Okay I'm down. Ryker and Ren chimed in, then instantly looked at each other as if that was adorable or something. I roll my eyes and look over at Peanut who looked concerned. "Pea are you okay with this?" She looks at the ground I know she hates her home life and how much people at school push her around because of her size and kindness, but I knew she wouldn't be prone to steal. She was silent then looked up pushed her orange hair out of her face and said, "Okay let's do it." We all smile and surround her with a big group hug. The next day was the last day I wound ever attend my school also known as hell. When I got home I packed a few of my belongings like clothes and my guitar then I left, never to come back. We all met up at Ren's house as always but this was the last time we ever would. We all brought our cars because Kyle knows a guy who will give us some money for them. That's what we do first, except we keep my car to get to where our van is waiting. Everyone put their stuff in my car. Peanut seemed quiet, I just pulled her into one of my bear hugs to reassure her it's okay. We got to the lot where Jem and Kyle scouted out for our perfect van. It was a light blue and white 1970s VW van, Jem described it as perfectly hippie. Kyle and I decide we would be the ones to get the van while the rest of our friends empty out my car, I say goodbye to Sebastian I pat his blue hood and don't look back. I feel I bit sad as Kyle and I start to climb the flimsy metal fence between us and the car lot. "Kyle?" "Yeah Meiko?"

" Are we sure about this?" I ask second guessing out choice.

"Yeah we need to do this its the right thing."

This reassured me and I know I'm ready for this. We drop down on the other side of the fence I feel adrenaline start to pump through me. We crouch down and run towards the car.

"Score it's open!" Kyle says excitedly this made our job twice as easy then we thought it would be. I jump into the passenger seat.

"The keys are in the sunblock thing!"

I say, pulling them down and tossing them to Kyle who jumps in the drivers seat.

"Let's do this thing." Kyle says with a grin ear to ear. He starts the car and a classic rock station is playing on the radio I turn the music up and we drive out knocking the fence down. The sirens start to go off, our friends start movie 100 miles per hour. Throwing all our luggage and stuff in the car. We see people coming out of the building shouting and running. "Let's get the hell out of here!" Jem shouts throwing the last bit of luggage in the back. We are all in the van and Kyle slams on the gas and we take off. We all cheer and hug each other we are finally free and can go anywhere we want to go and do whatever we want.

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