Falling for a nerd

"I think I love him.." I said.

"YOU WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!" she screamed.

"I don't know..I just.."

"He's a nerd and you are popular. It shouldn't be this way"


1. 1

Another day in school.. I felt like shit today. Yesterday my boyfriend cheated on me and we broke up.

"Hey, Chris" my best friend run up to me. She smiled, but when she saw, my shitty mood, she frowned. "What happened babe?"

"Don't ask" I rolled my eyes. "Jack cheated on me.. again."

"Oh well.." she giggled. She knew that I finally broke up with him. She always thought he was no good for me. And of course I didn't believed her, but now I guess I do. We walked into hell. Whoops, I mean - school.

Maybe I should introduce myself. Hi, my name is Crystal Monroe. People call me Chris. I'm quite popular in school. Just because they think I'm beautiful and other shit, they try to make friends with me. And yeah, I have a lot of friends in school. I'm 17 and I'm in 11'th grade. I love dogs and I love my best friend, Hannah. She's the best. We have been best friends for 10 years now.

"Cris?" my thoughts were interrupted by Hannah's hand.

"Uh..what?" I looked at her.

"What were you thinking about?" she questioned.

"Everything. Especially, how awesome you are" I hugged her. She laughed.

"Okay. Look I have to go. Meet me at lunch time?" she said.

"Yeah. Sure. Bye" I waved to her and she walked away. I put my books at my locker and picked my history book. When I was walking to the history cabinet, I saw Jack and his other assholes friends shouting at someone. I saw a boy, who was around my age, laying on the ground and mumbling something. Then I saw how Jack picked him by the collar and punched him in the face. I opened my mouth to scream at Jack and run to him.

"JACK! What the hell are you doing?!" he looked at me and creepy smiled. He let go of the boy and turned to me.

"Well well well... Who I see here? Hello Cryssy.." He looked at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Get away from him!" I pushed Jack away, to see a boy laying conscious on the ground.

"Ugh.. Just this time.. And you.." He looked at the boy and paused. "You'll regret this." Jack walked away with his stupid friends and left me and the boy alone. Just when Jack left my eyes, I helped the boy. He stood up and then I finally looked at him. He was way higher than me. I could see that he was blue eyed. His hair was blonde and styled perfectly. He had glasses on and I could tell that he was, the nerd type.

"Are you okay?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled.

"Yeah. Thanks." he looked me straight in the eyes and I felt slightly uncomfortable.

"Good. Just try to stay away from him, I mean Jack. You never know what can happen. I'm Crystal by the way"

"Luke" he said. "Thanks really. You literally saved my life there" he laughed.

"No problem." I smirked. "I really should go now. See you around Luke"

"Bye" he waved at me, when I was already walking away from him.

Lunch Time

I walked through lunch doors and turned around searching for Hannah. She was already sitting at one of the benches with other popular kids. I started walking to them.

"Hello guys!" I said when I could finally see my friends eating their lunch. By friends I mean Laura, Amber and Nicole. They were my besties too.

"Oh hi Chris!" Laura looked at me. She patted a free spot, next to her, to sit. I sat there and ate my lunch with them.

"You won't believed what happened to me today!" Nicole said.

"What happened?" Laura looked at her.

"Well, you know that boy, that I was crushing on for a long time?" we all nodded. "Well, he asked me on date.."

"And you said??" Amber smirked.

"Well I said I would think about it" Nicole flipped her hair in the sassy mode. We laughed, except for me. I stayed silent. My mind was on that boy that I met today.

"Hey Crystal? You seem a little zoomed out.. Is everything okay?" Hannah asked.

"Why wouldn't you say yes if you were crushing on him?" I finally spoke up. Nicole looked at me and furrowed her eyebrows. "Maybe he was waiting for it so long and you say 'I would think about it'..?"

"What's the deal with you Crystal? I was just being the popular I am. I don't wanna rush anything." Nicole said with no point in her sentence.

"Anyways.."Hannah interrupted us. I guess she didn't want to see us fighting like that.

"Yeah. Just stop. Crystal you really are zoned out. Tell us what happened?" Amber finished eating her sandwich.

"Um. It isn't that kinda of a big deal.. Well when I was walking to my history class, I saw Jack and his friends beat up a boy. Somehow I managed to get Jack away from the boy. I helped him and when I finally could see him fully, I felt something.. I don't what it is, but is like butterflies started in my belly. His name is Luke" I took a deep breath.

"Well that's a new thing. You never felt this around Jack, right?" Laura asked. I nodded.

"Wait.. You mean Luke Hemmings? The one with the glasses?" Nicole giggled. "He's a nerd, Crystal. Populars don't like nerds, remember? The only thing we like about them is that they could write us homework and nothing else."

"Yeah, I saw him today. He was giving Ashely and her crew some papers. I guess he did her homework" Amber mumbled. Just Amber's sentence about Ashley and her crew, made us wanting vomit.

"Why did you mentioned that slut? It makes me want to vomit!" Nicole grossed out.

"Sorry, Nicole, if you don't want your sandwich anymore" Amber muttered.

Ashely and her crew, were also the popular girls, but more awful then us. When I first walked into this school, she picked on me and called me any ways possible. But then I met Nicole, Amber and Laura. They helped me get over it, and when I started speaking up to Ashley, she kinda moved away from me. Then I started to get popular. People also wanted to make friends with me, because they thought that I could protect them for being fooled around. And I guess I did help them.


"The lunch time is finally over. I guess I'll meet you guys after school?" I smiled. They all nodded and we separated different ways.


Hello! I hope you like the first part of my first English book! That's right I don't speak English, I'm from Lithuania and there I speak Lithuania. So I'm veery sorry if you found any spelling mistakes! :(( Anyways I hope you will like this! :)))


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